15 Best Volcano School Projects To Try Today

Making a volcano is a fun science project that kids love to make. There’s just something so fascinating about the mechanics of volcanoes. Most school students love learning about the explosive elements of these ruptures. 

15 Best Volcano School Projects To Try Today

When learning about volcanoes, school students are often requested to make a craft version. This guide is sure to fill you with inspiration so that you can make the perfect volcano.

Here are the best volcano school projects, which cover different difficulty levels so that you can find the best option for you!

15 Best Volcano School Projects To Try Today

1. Look Inside Volcano

This volcano project will allow you to better understand the workings of a volcano, as it enables you to look inside the volcano. Red foam pours out of the volcano, representing the lava.

This science experiment is suitable for school students of a range of different ages 

2. DIY Volcano

Made using plaster cloth, construction paper, tape, and a plastic bottle, this DIY volcano looks amazing. This is a super simple yet effective way of making a volcano erupt. 

Baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring have been used to construct the lava of the volcano. This is a great way of getting the volcano to erupt in a way that looks quite realistic. 

3. The Explosive Truth Volcano Project

This volcano project is great if you want to make an extremely educational craft.

Packed with factors about the different parts of a volcano, including the magma, vents, lava, and crater, this project will help to educate people about the natural wonders. 

The inclusion of a diagram adds to the educational vibe of this phenomenal project. This project is sure to be a hit at science fairs for science homework projects.

Alongside this information is a striking volcano structure at the heart of this project. The addition of cotton to represent the smoke and steam coming from the volcano is ingenious.

4. Paper Mache Volcano

This paper mache volcano will be beloved by kids and parents alike. The volcano itself is quite simple and may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other volcanoes on this list.

However, this is one of the best volcano projects for highlighting the eruptive potential.

You can give this volcano an explosive element by placing a bottle of Coca-Cola at the center. When you add a small amount of vinegar and baking soda, this volcano will explode.

Just bear in mind that this can get a little messy. Not to mention, the volcano is bound to be ruined after the Coca-Cola lava erupted.

5. Volcano Diorama

This brilliant volcano diorama is ideal for school projects, as it will help students to develop a deeper understanding of the structure of a volcano.

The diorama has labels that highlight the different parts of a volcano, such as a vent, ash cloud, and magma. 

Plus, it’s cool to see the magma spewing through the volcano while the lava and ash burst out the top. This paper diagram is quite simple to make, though it looks brilliant. 

6. Easy Preschool Volcano Project

This volcano project is perhaps the easiest one on this list. As a result, it is ideal for preschoolers and other young students. It is simply made by cutting paper plates to form the structure of a volcano.

You can add to the aesthetic value of this project by painting the paper to look more like a volcano. 

If you are looking for something quick and easy, this is perhaps the best volcano school project for you.

7. Tissue Paper Volcano

This volcano is ready to erupt! This is a really inventive way of making a volcano school project primarily based around a paper cup and brown poster board.

One of the main benefits of this volcano project is that it is super aesthetically pleasing. The use of brightly-colored crepe paper adds to the look of this volcano.

The warm colors of red, orange, and yellow give this volcano a dangerous appearance. 

The addition of yarn to mirror the smoke of the volcano is creative and marks the perfect finishing touch. 

8. Volcano Painting

Not all volcano school projects have to be three-dimensional, as brilliantly highlighted by this vibrant painting.

This abstract painting perfectly captures the ferocity of a volcanic eruption. The use of color against the black background creates a super striking image. 

It’s important to remember that this painting project can get rather messy. However, it’s worth the mess to create a beautiful piece of art. 

9. Tissue Paper Volcano

Up next, this tissue paper volcano is super straightforward, making it ideal for younger students. It can be made by cutting brown paper into the shape of a volcano.

This brown paper can then be stuck against a backdrop of white paper. Finally, orange and yellow tissue paper can be stuck to the top of the volcano to mimic the lava.

Though this school project is simple, it nonetheless captures the intensity of a volcano very well. 

10. Fantastic Paper Plate Volcano

As mentioned, paper plates are a straightforward yet effective method of building a volcano for a school project.

This idea is a little more complex than other paper plate volcanoes. Yet, it still retains the simplicity of this method that makes it so attractive in the first place. 

The red lava oozing down the volcano is a great touch. The red of the lava stands out against the gray and black of the volcano.

Meanwhile, the smoke has been put on top of the paper plate in the form of cotton.

11. Volcano Coloring Page

Not all school projects have to be dioramas or three-dimensional models of volcanoes. Instead, it can be as simple as decorating a coloring page. This option is ideal for younger kids thanks to its simplicity.

One of the advantages of this volcano coloring page is that students can decorate it in whatever way they want. They can be as creative as they want with this coloring page. 

12. Detailed Volcano 

This volcano structure is incredibly detailed. It highlights both the interior and exterior of the volcano.

A great amount of work has been put into the paintwork of the volcano, as there are a wide variety of shades and colors on the exterior of the structure. 

Given the amount of detail that has been put into creating this volcano, this project is ideal for older students. Topped with a cloud of ash, this detailed volcano looks extremely realistic. 

13. Cardboard Tube Volcano

This volcano is based around a plastic bottle, which has been covered in cardboard tubes. 

This cardboard structure is not the finished product. Once covered in newspapers, this craft will start to look more like a genuine volcano. 

The plastic bottle will work brilliantly for erupting volcanoes, as it can be filled with fake lava. This lava will explode, perfectly mimicking a volcanic eruption. 

14. Cone Volcano Craft

This fantastic volcano can be made by folding a piece of brown paper into a cone. The top of the volcano is erupting with lava, made through strips of tissue paper in fiery colors. 

One of the main benefits of this volcano craft is its height. This school project is an ideal method of highlighting how tall volcanoes are.

The tissue paper adds to the height of the volcano, creating an even more imposing figure.

15. Colorful DIY Volcano

Lastly, why not make this colorful paper mache volcano? Though it may not be the most realistic-looking volcano, it is nonetheless guaranteed to grab attention.

The use of yellow, orange, pink, and purple paint trickling down the volcano gives it a unique appearance. 

The volcano itself is black, allowing these colors to be even more vibrant. Though this project may be a little messy, it’s worth doing if you want a fun school project that kids will adore. 

Final Thoughts

Volcanoes are not only fun to learn about, but they are a great source of inspiration for school projects.

If you are looking for the perfect volcano school project, hopefully, this list has filled you with inspiration.

While detailed volcano displays can be time-consuming and difficult to make, these ideas cover different skill levels. Consequently, you can find a school project that is suitable for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need To Make Fake Lava?

Often, the finishing touch to a school project volcano will be the lava.

One of the most popular methods for creating this faux lava involves combining water, baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, and red food coloring.

If you want a less messy alternative, you can simply use crepe or tissue paper in warm colors to create a lava effect. 

What Is The Simplest Way To Make A Volcano?

If you are looking for a method that is quick and easy, it’s best to make your volcano from brown paper or a paper plate.

Simply twist this paper so that it is in the shape of a cone. Add finishing touches, such as fake lava, to finish this straightforward school project. 

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