15 Best Veterans Day Projects For Middle School To Try Today

Veterans Day is a national holiday and a wonderful time to thank and respect those who have served in the military.

15 Best Veterans Day Projects For Middle School To Try Today

Whatever their grade level, students can participate in an activity to honor the courage and sacrifices made by veterans and serving members of the armed forces.

There is a large range of projects your middle school students can participate in.

However, we have collected the 15 best Veterans Day projects that are ideal for middle school students to try today.

1. Create A Poem From A Soldier

This writing prompt will be suitable for any kind of soldier, but it can be modified for a veteran. With middle school pupils, this practice is fantastic for increasing vocabulary.

Final drafts can be created digitally by students, who can then print them out to put in the corridors, give to veterans, or turn into a class book.

Middle schoolers will create a biographical poem about a soldier. This project offers direction on what should be included in each line of the poem. 

2. Veterans Poppy Wrath

Poppies are a big part of Veterans Day. Thus, you can’t go wrong with this simple poppy wreath craft that is perfect for middle schoolers.

It allows them to be creative, while also learning about the significance of the poppy and why these flowers are worn each year. 

This craft uses very simple materials such as egg boxes, paper, and pens. Thus, anyone is able to complete this project. 

3. Interview A Veteran

Allowing kids to interview an American soldier is a fantastic approach to engage them in conversation and help them learn more about Veterans Day.

Bring veterans of the armed forces to your classroom or institution, and encourage your pupils to engage with them.

This is a great opportunity to introduce middle school students to Veterans Day. This project allows them to hear from real veterans what life was like for them.

You could even ask students to go home and interview a veteran in their family. 

4. Veterans Day Art

If you hold an assembly or bring veterans to your school, this is a great opportunity to showcase this artwork.

Let kids engage in this creative art project, since all that is needed is black paper, crayons and white glue.

Everyone can choose their own shape or design and draw the national flag inside. It is a simple project that everyone is able to complete. 

5. Veteran Bulletin Board

Invite students to bring a photo of a family member who served in the military, to put onto a bulletin board or available wall space.

Put the images inside a transparent plastic sleeve to safeguard them. Please remind students not to bring photos that are valuable to them, in case something occurs to the display. 

The students can design the board themselves, and also include important quotes from the veterans. 

6. Letter To A Veteran

You may use an organization like Thanks A Million, or you can get in contact with a local charity or veteran home to send your letters to.

Then all you need to do is supply your middle schoolers with paper and pen to write a letter to a present or past veteran.

You can offer prompts for your students, such as:

  • You’re a real hero.
  • Happy Veterans Day.
  • Thank you for serving our country.

This will give the students some kind of idea on what to write in their letter. The veterans will appreciate the effort that has been made. 

7. Bake For A Veteran

If your middle school students love to bake, then baking something to give to a veteran is a great project. 

Bake and deliver cakes to a home for veterans, or create some cookies to be sent over to some current serving troops.

This is an easy project that is very enjoyable for everyone involved, but the veterans will enjoy the treat. The baked goods can be decorated with Stars and Stripes to feel even more patriotic. 

8. Create A Care Package

Get in touch with a local charity or organization to ask about how you can help out veterans near you.

The best way to do this is by creating a care package that you deliver. These packages can contain various items, but The Military Wife and Mom offers you a list of items that you may want to include in your packages.

These packages are simple to create, and contain very common objects. Each middle school student could either create their own care package.

Otherwise, they may be asked to bring in particular items for multiple boxes to be created in each class.  

9. Veterans Pins

Let students make thoughtful gifts for veterans. Students can make straightforward, patriotic pins for soldiers to wear using beads and safety pins.

Students can either wear these pins with pride or offer them as a gift to veterans they know.

There is also a veteran pin challenge that middle school students can participate in.

In this challenge, you are asked to create a wearable pin to thank our veterans. It should be an original design that hasn’t been seen before.

10. Veterans Word Search

After learning about Veterans Day, give your students a Veterans Day inspired word search to complete.

To make things more interesting, once this word search is complete, then you ask your students to create their own word search.

Highlight the importance of choosing the right words that relate to Veterans Day.

A cross word is another create project to participate in as well.

11. Learn A Song

There are a lot of songs and poems out there that your students can learn. Thus, not why teach them a song that they will then have to perform in either assembly or in front of a crowd. 

In addition to this, you could even get your students to create their own song. Or you could get them to create their own verse, which will all come together to create one song at the end.

There are a lot of possibilities, which allows your students to explore their creativity. 

12. Veterans ABC Book

Students can collaborate to make their own alphabet books, or make use of this one or another comparable alphabet book as a template.

They should focus on writing a book that explores a variety of topics related to veterans, including the theme of veterans or soldiers.

This allows the students to use the knowledge they have learned and apply it to their own ABC book. Furthermore, they can also incorporate and draw images to support each letter they are creating. 

This is a book your youngsters will cherish and be proud of. 

13. Veterans Day Timeline

Ask students to develop a timeline of Veterans Day’s history. Make sure they note significant Veterans Day facts and keep track of historical events.

The timeline could also include artistic additions by the students to make it look more interesting. 

14. Favorite Veteran Project

The favorite veteran project is similar to the interview for a veteran project. Instead, this time, middle schoolers are asked to write a couple of paragraphs about their favorite veteran.

This could be anyone from the past or present. It is encouraged for students to speak with a veteran that they know or are aware of. 

Students should conduct research and interviews if necessary. The writing should center on the veteran’s life, and what was life for them during and after their time in service.

It is another great way for students to appreciate what these veterans have gone through. 

15. Coffee Filter Poppies

We have another poppy craft that your students will enjoy completing. This time it consists of painting coffee filters red and gluing buttons to the center of the poppies.

This is a really simple craft for students of all ages to complete. Ask your students to create a large amount of these poppies to be used as decorations around the classroom or school. Or they can be given to other people as gifts.

Depending on their size, these poppies could be transformed into pins. Additionally, your students could also create stems with pipe cleaners to create a patriotic bunch of flowers to add to a vase.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Veterans Day, there are a lot of projects that are suitable for middle school students to complete. This ranges from poppy crafts, writing a letter to a veteran or even interviewing a veteran.

There are lots of projects to complete, which allows your middle school students to gain a better understanding of veterans days and the significance it has.

We have offered you 15 of the best projects for your middle school students to consider trying today.

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