The Best Preschool Worksheets For Spring!

Spring is finally here! And with it comes lots of fun activities for kids to enjoy. Preschoolers love to play outside and explore nature. They also love to learn new things and get excited about learning new skills.

The Best Preschool Worksheets For Spring!

This is why they love to participate in outdoor activities such as gardening or planting seeds.

Preschoolers are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. They are always eager to try something new and learn new skills.

In addition to being outdoorsy, they also love to read books and watch educational videos. So, the sky really is the limit when it comes to what type of worksheets they might like! 

With this list of the best preschool spring worksheets, you can easily plan some fun activities for your little ones. These worksheets include topics like counting numbers, colors, shapes, letters, animals, seasons, and much more.

You will find that the worksheets are easy to follow and print out, so they’re great for both parents and teachers, and are a great way to help develop skills while encouraging your students to put their thinking caps on.

So, whenever you’re ready, just read on to discover some fun and educational springtime worksheets ideal for your preschoolers! 

The Best Preschool Spring Worksheets

If spring has sprung where you are,  these worksheets are perfect for celebrating the start of the season while also providing your preschoolers with the ability to learn the basics of math, reading, writing, and much more.

You can use them at home or during a field trip (so, they’re super convenient), and these worksheets are also designed to be used by both boys and girls.

To follow on, these worksheets are also great for helping your preschool students develop a variety of different skills, including problem-solving and independent thinking.

So, let’s check them out:

1. Spring Color By Number Worksheet

The first worksheet that we have listed is this color by number worksheet! 

Perfect to celebrate the start of spring, this worksheet features a very fitting picture of a bee and a beautiful blooming flower. Your preschooler will need to match each section of the picture with its corresponding number to complete the activity. 

It’s super ideal for teaching your children how to count from one to ten, while also providing them with the opportunity to get creative and have some fun.

If you’d like to view this worksheet, click here.

2. Spring-Themed Read and Write Worksheet

This next worksheet is all about developing your preschooler’s reading and writing skills! 

Perfect for celebrating the start of the new season, this spring-themed worksheet is all about honey bees, chirping birds, and blooming flowers.

Your preschoolers will be able to use visual imagery and partly-completed sentences in order to figure out what the missing words are.

Once they are finished figuring out the words and their sentences are complete, you could even allow your preschoolers to color in the pictures with vibrant colors. 

If you’d like to view this worksheet, click here.

3. Find The Missing Letters Spring Worksheet

If you feel like giving your preschool students a bit of a challenge, then why not consider asking them to try this spring-themed missing letters worksheet? 

A great way to kick off the start of spring, this worksheet lists each letter of the alphabet inside a pretty flower. The only problem? A few flowers are missing their letter, which means that your preschoolers will need to figure out what the missing letters of the alphabet are! 

Even if they don’t get it right the first time, this is a great way for them to work on their knowledge of the alphabet, as well as their problem-solving abilities, too.

If you wanted, you could even prompt your preschooler’s knowledge of the alphabet by singing the alphabet song with them while they are completing this worksheet. 

If you’d like to view this worksheet, click here.

4. Color The Flowers Worksheet

This is another awesome spring worksheet ideal for the springtime. This colorful worksheet provides your preschoolers with an opportunity to practice their ability to pair different things together.

In this instance, your preschoolers will need to figure out the color of each word within each flower, and then color until all the flowers have been filled in! 

In addition to being a great educational worksheet, your preschoolers will be able to play around with coloring and drawing! 

If you would like to check out this worksheet, just click right here.

5. Add The Numbers Worksheet

Here’s another springtime worksheet perfect for preschool! This spring-themed worksheet features a cute little hatching chick.

Your preschoolers will need to complete some basic additional questions that are suited to preschoolers all the way up to grade one.

If you feel like this worksheet might be a bit of a challenge, then you could assist your preschool students with visual prompts across your classroom whiteboard. 

Not just that, but after your preschoolers have completed all the questions on this worksheet, they will then be able to have some fun and get creative!

The little hatching chick can be colored in to celebrate the start of spring, and will be a nice break for your preschool students once they have finished their additions.

If you would like to take a closer look at this worksheet, click right here.

6. Color The Bunny Worksheet

If you’re looking for something a little more fun and laid back for your preschool students, this adorable bunny worksheet is a great option to consider during your next class. All your preschoolers will need to do is simply color in this bunny in any color that they like. 

The Best Preschool Worksheets For Spring! (1)

Even though there aren’t any questions to work out, this is a great way for your preschoolers to work on a variety of different skills as they focus on color inside the lines, including their motor and concentration skills.

This worksheet is also a great way to allow your preschool students to get creative and have some fun, regardless of whether you’re celebrating Easter or simply the start of spring. 

If you want to print out this worksheet, just click here.

7. Left or Right? Spring Worksheet

If you’ve been a teacher for quite some time, then we’re sure that you’ll already be well acquainted with this type of worksheet! Ideal for preschoolers and even those in grade one, this worksheet is designed to get little minds thinking. 

Split into 6 sections, each box features two spring-themed drawings including flowers, bees and more.

Alongside the images, each box contains instructions of whether to color the right image or the left image and your preschool students will need to figure out which image they need to color within each box, as well as which image they need to leave blank. 

This is a great worksheet to help little ones learn their left from their right while also allowing them to tap into their creativity as they color the correct picture. 

If you’d like to take a closer look at this worksheet or print it out, just click here.

8. Spring-Themed Addition Worksheet

Next up, we have selected this springtime addition worksheet.

Unlike other addition sheets that feature numbers, this addition worksheet contains only spring-themed images – which will make it more enjoyable and easy for your preschool students to understand.

All your little ones will need to do is simply count the images to figure out the sum to the three additional questions! 

Plus, to make it more fun and engaging, this worksheet includes a variety of eye-catching visuals, including butterflies, rainbows, and ladybugs.

If you’d like to view this worksheet or print it out for your next preschool class, just click here.

9. Spring Scrambled Words Worksheet

Last but certainly not least we have selected this scrambled words worksheet! This thought-provoking worksheet contains a list of jumbled words that will need to be sorted into the correct order to form the correct spelling.

Each word is related to spring and there are a variety of spring-themed images across the worksheet, including a butterfly, tulips, yellow daffodils, a rainbow, a rabbit, and much more.

Plus, to help prompt your little ones, this worksheet also contains an image next to each scrambled word to help promote your preschool students into figuring out what the scrambled word is if they are feeling stuck.

This is a great worksheet to help your class work on their spelling and ability to link images to words! 

If you’d like to print this worksheet out to give to your preschoolers during their next class, just click here.

Wrapping Up

There we have it! We hope that this guide has been useful and provided you with some preschooler friendly worksheets that are perfect for the start of the spring! 

Before you click off, why don’t you consider giving this page a bookmark? That way, you’ll always be able to come back and re-use these worksheets next spring. 

Helena Waters