The Best Bulletin Board Ideas For Winter

As the winter season is approaching, you are going to want to get yourself and also your class in the spirit – so now would be the perfect time to give your classroom bulletin boards a festive makeover. 

The Best Bulletin Board Ideas For Winter

Your bulletin boards in your classroom are what really help to create a happy and positive atmosphere in the classroom. And, what better way to do this than to reflect the fun changes of the seasons?!

Naturally with winter time comes the festive break, and you can use this to your decorative advantage – you can make your bulletin boards look as festive as you want, and this is an especially great way to get your class and also yourself in the festive spirit.

Here, we are going to talk you through lots of different ideas for your classroom bulletin boards that you and your class will love.

How Regularly Should You Change Up Your Classroom Bulletin Boards?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, ultimately how often you change up your classroom bulletin boards is up to you.

There is no pressure to change up your bulletin boards every month – or there might be some bulletin boards that you keep up for the whole year, and others that you change up to match the time of the year – or a particular subject that you’re doing in your classroom.

In addition to this, it is totally up to you how personal to your class you want to make your bulletin boards. You could even have them help you decorate it.

If you have younger students, they will definitely enjoy getting creative, and they will be more than happy to get painting and join in on the decoration efforts.

They can then take home their contributions to the board when the season changes. This is a fun way to give your students a piece of your classroom when the academic year is over.

Alternatively, if you have older age ranges of students then you might find that they want to make work to showcase on the bulletin board, instead of drawing a picture.

Theme Idea: Creating Your Winter Wonderland Bulletin Board

Ultimately, the best way to bring a winter vibe to your classroom is to create your own winter wonderland. It can be super fun and exciting to give your classroom a real winter and festive feel.

There are a whole lot of possibilities that can come with this bulletin board, and it is totally up to you how extreme you take this theme — it can be super fun to take this board to the next level.

For example, you can make this board have its own three-dimensional elements, helping it to stand out for the right reasons.

You can use different textures to make this board as three-dimensional as you want it to be. For instance, you can use things like cotton wool which you can just pick up in the dollar store.

This can create a much more realistic snowy look – and you could top this up with some silver glitter to add a festive feel to your classroom bulletin board.

You can make sure that your board has that winter classroom feel by incorporating a winter wonderland kind of border of snowflakes. This will look great as well as ensure that your three dimensional elements stay secure on the board.

Theme Idea: Creating Your Own Version Of Happy Feet!

A super fun and well-recognized film is ‘Happy Feet’, and you can create your own classroom bulletin board that mirrors a penguin snowy scene.

The Best Bulletin Board Ideas For Winter (1)

This is a super fun way of welcoming winter into your classroom, and it’s definitely something that your class will appreciate, who doesn’t love singing and dancing penguins?! 

A great way to get your class involved in this bulletin board would be to get them to make their own penguins to put on the board – and this can be a little memento that they can take home when you change the bulletin board.

Giving your class a nice token that they have all made at the end of term will show them how they have contributed to the class, and it will really instill a sense of togetherness and community within the classroom environment.

Ultimately, this is the perfect kind of board to incorporate fun penguins and snowmen and snowflake decorations into as this will really add a festive feel to your classroom.

Not only that, but this is not just a festive theme – this really can help you to encapsulate the theme of winter as a whole.

Theme Idea: Creating A Traditional Winter Themed Bulletin Board

A super fun theme idea for your classroom board is to create your own alpine skiing scene to celebrate the winter coming in. A traditional winter themed bulletin board is something that will be appreciated by older students.

You can get your students involved in this by using the board as a way of showcasing their work. So, you could get your class to write a descriptive writing piece about a snowy scene, and you can find ways of showcasing these on your display board.

Theme Idea: Creating Your Own Snowy Scene With The Help Of Snoopy

A fun and well-recognized set of characters that you can incorporate into your winter bulletin board is of course Snoopy and friends.

This will help you create a really sweet and endearing winter scene, and the incorporation of Snoopy and friends will keep the scene fun and suitable for a class of any age range — you don’t grow out of Snoopy!

You can incorporate some fun and interesting personalized elements from your students. These could be them making their own snowflakes for the sky, or they could make their own snowmen.

It is totally up to you how involved you want your class to be in the bulletin board creation, and this might totally depend on how old the students in your class are.

You will find that the younger students will be much more excited about getting paint out and being creative, and older students will be ‘too cool’ for this. But, if you don’t try you never know.

Deep down we all enjoy getting creative and messy now and again – and creating personal bulletin boards for your classroom will really help you all to bond.

Theme Idea: Creating Your Christmas Bulletin Board

Creating a festive scene in your classroom is a really great way to celebrate the winter time, and this is something that will really put your class in the spirit of the upcoming Christmas break.

Naturally, this board will only really be fitting in the build up to Christmas break – you won’t want your class to come back in the new year and still see a Christmas scene on the bulletin board.

So, if you are super keen to change up your classroom bulletin boards on a regular basis then this kind of board will be perfect for you.

Keeping Your Bulletin Board Season-Friendly

We just wanted to give you a friendly head’s up that you are under no obligation to constantly tweak and alter your classroom bulletin board. However, if you are wanting to keep up with the seasons then there are some straightforward ways that you can do this.

The key idea that you can follow to keep up with the changing seasons is by having a tree as the centerpiece and then you can alter the leaves on the branches to mark the changing seasons.

Of course, it is totally up to you how involved you want your class to be in this process – you can get them to make different leaves and create different decorations that correlate with the season.

There are lots of different ways that you can keep your classroom bulletin board fitting to the changing seasons.

There are a lot of fun laminated decorations that you can include as part of this board too, so it all depends on how involved you want your students to be, which will inform how you decorate your bulletin board.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is totally up to you how you decorate your classroom bulletin boards – and the way that you make them suitable for the ages of the students in the class will be through the involvement that they have in the winter theme.

There are a lot of different ways that you can get your class involved in the bulletin board creation – and naturally you can match this with the ages of your students.

If you have a younger age range of students in your classroom, then they will be more inclined to get creative and to have fun with the classroom decorations.

It is totally up to you whether you are wanting to go for a winter wonderland theme or a much more obviously festive theme. Both are perfectly achievable.

It is also super important that you take into consideration how often you like to change up your classroom bulletin boards – if this is something that you like to do pretty frequently, you can incorporate a much more obviously festive look into your bulletin board.

However, if you are not fond of changing your classroom bulletin boards super frequently, you might want to go with a more seasonal winter theme.

Helena Waters