The Best Bulletin Board Ideas For Spring

It is always really fun for your classroom bulletin boards to change with the seasons, and if you are a teacher who enjoys changing up your bulletin boards pretty frequently, it’s a great theme to follow.

The Best Bulletin Board Ideas For Spring

It’s less intensive than switching the bulletin board to suit every single month, and the distinct imagery and events of each season make decorating especially easy!

The spring time is an especially fun season to match your bulletin board to, as you can get out all the fun colors, and you can incorporate lots of flowers into your bulletin board.

Creating a bulletin board for spring will really allow you to remind your class of all the fun things in nature.

Creating a spring classroom bulletin board is something that your class will be able to get involved in, and something that you can let your class be super creative with.

The spring time is a great theme that you can really get your class to inject their own personality into too.

Here, we are going to outline some fun and exciting spring bulletin boards that you can incorporate into your classroom environment.

Should You Change Up Your Bulletin Boards That Often?

There is no rule book on how often you are expected to revamp your classroom bulletin boards. On the whole, it is up to you as to how often you feel it is necessary to change up your classroom – but we recommend changing up your bulletin boards on a termly basis.

Changing your bulletin board to mark the occasion of spring can be a really fun and exciting way to get your class to work together to produce something that they can all be proud of.

Naturally, you will have to cater to the creative involvement to suit the ages of the students in your class – but this is important just to make sure that you engage with your students in a suitable manner.

For instance, younger children will be more inclined to get involved in activities that are simple yet effective, this will involve paint or crayons and shouldn’t be something that is too intricate or detailed.

You don’t want to lose the class’ interest in the activity before you even start!

Springtime Flowers Bulletin Board Idea

If you have ever been to a flower shop or garden center during the spring time then you know how much fun it is to see all the new plants and flowers coming in.

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If you would like to create a bulletin board that incorporates this idea of springtime flowers, you could use images of different types of flowers and stick them on your bulletin board.

You could also make sure that your students write about what they love about each type of flower. This way, you will not only be creating a bulletin board that looks beautiful but one that allows your students to express themselves as well.

Springtime Colors Bulletin Board Idea

Another thing that you can do to incorporate springtime into your classroom is by using colorful springtime colors. You can go through your bulletin board supplies and find items that coordinate with these colors.

You can also look at the color wheel and try to pick colors that are close together so that you don’t end up having to mix odd colors together. This will keep the display looking fun but measured.

Springtime Plants Bulletin Board Idea

You can also incorporate springtime plants into your classroom bulletin board. You can either print pictures of plants from the internet or you can take pictures of real plants outside.

You can even ask your students to bring in photos of plants that they think are really cool. Then, you can put these pictures onto your bulletin board.

Springtime Activities Bulletin Board Idea

You can also incorporate activities related to springtime into your classroom bulletin board! You can create a bulletin board that has a list of activities that you can do outdoors during the springtime.

These could include things such as: playing with friends, taking part in sports, building a fort, etc.

Springtime Fun Facts Bulletin Board Idea

You can create a bulletin board where you can share information about springtime facts. For example, you could create a bulletin board that lists all the different kinds of trees that come in springtime.

Or, you could create a board that lists all the animals that migrate to warmer climates in the springtime.

This is something that you can decide depending on what your class finds interesting as a whole. If your class seems to enjoy science lessons about plants and animals then you can center the bulletin board around this.

Or, if your class prefers sports then you can create a bulletin board about springtime sports.

Learning And Growing Themed Spring Bulletin Board Idea

One last idea for incorporating springtime into your classroom environment is to create a learning and growing themed bulletin board.

This is an excellent idea because it allows you to teach your students about nature while simultaneously helping them learn more about their own personal growth. 

To create this kind of bulletin board, you should first choose a theme that relates to both learning and growth. You could choose themes such as: growing, learning, exploring, etc.

Next, you should select some sort of plant or animal that represents this theme. Finally, you should create a bulletin board that incorporates this plant or animal.

There are many ways that you can incorporate springtime into your classrooms. By doing so, you will help your students understand how important nature is to our world today.

In addition, you will be able to show them how much fun and exciting things can happen when we work together.

What Plants Need Spring Bulletin Board Idea

When you want to grow plants indoors, you need to know what plants need in order to thrive. There are certain types of plants that require specific conditions in order to survive.

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Some of these conditions are temperature, light, humidity, nutrients, water, air circulation, etc. When you are cultivating plants, you should consider each of these factors. It’s not enough to just have a nice looking plant; you must make sure that it survives.

In order to ensure that your students learn about these necessary components that make up the successful growth and development of plants, try having this as the central feature of your bulletin board. It can be really educational and also interesting for your students to learn about.

Bloom Where You’re Planted Spring Bulletin Board Idea

The invaluable mental health concept of bloom where you’re planted is an especially important spring-themed message to pass on to your class.

Bloom where you’re planted means that you should always try to find joy in every situation. No matter how difficult or challenging life may seem at times, there will always be moments of happiness and beauty.

So, why not take advantage of those moments? Why not look for the good in everything instead of focusing only on the negative?

This is a powerful message to share with your class – no matter how old they are. This can be a great way for your students to work together and build each other up if they are struggling with schoolwork, or this can be a great opportunity for students to boost morale amongst each other.

This bulletin board could be a great gateway for complimentary notes or cards for students to exchange amongst each other – and this could be something that is done on a weekly or monthly basis.

In Conclusion

Overall, creating fun and dynamic classroom bulletin boards for spring is a really great way to inject positivity and excitement for spring into your classroom environment.

As the teacher, it is totally up to you how you are going to get your class involved in the bulletin board creation.

You can make the bulletin board suitable for your classroom and syllabus, and the creativity that you want your students to put into it totally depends on your theme.

The examples that we have outlined give so much room for your students to be super imaginative and creative in what they do, and in how they decorate the bulletin board.

The whole purpose of creating a super fun and engaging bulletin board is to show a sense of community within your classroom and to create a positive energy within your classroom.

Your bulletin boards should help inspire the students and motivate them when they are working. They can look at the bulletin boards around the classroom as an invaluable source of inspiration, and this is super important.

You can angle your display board in whatever way is best suited to your class – be it to get them to create their own flowers for a garden themed bulletin board, or they could create their own animals to put in a forest scene.

Whatever you decide is going to be the central feature of your spring bulletin board, make sure that your class gets stuck in – and that they have fun adding to the bulletin board.

Helena Waters