The 15 Best Letter F Worksheets!

Learning to write can be difficult for kids, so it’s important to make learning fun and enjoyable for them.

The 15 Best Letter F Worksheets!

When kids relate learning to positive activity, it’s much easier for them to retain information.

The alphabet can be tricky for kids and given there are so many letters to learn, it can be daunting. 

Luckily, we’ve found the very best letter worksheets, to make learning to write fun! These are the best letter worksheets you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

In today’s article, we’re looking at the letter ‘F’. This letter can be difficult for some children, but with these great letter worksheets, they won’t have any problems.

They will enjoy learning how to write this letter, and once they master it, they’ll be able to use it in their writing.

This is an excellent resource for helping your child learn how to form the letter F. It includes a number of different activities that help teach kids how to write the letter F.

We know how frustrating it can be for a child when they are struggling with a letter. The last thing they need is the added stress of worksheets that are too difficult.

That’s why we have a range of worksheets, for a range of abilities. You can select the worksheets that are right for your child, or your students, at the stage of learning. 

This set of letter f worksheets has been designed to help kids learn how to write the letter ‘f’ correctly.

Kids will love being able to practice forming the letter ‘f’, and they’ll be able to see what they’re doing wrong.

They’ll also be able to identify mistakes they might make, and correct them before moving on to the next page.

If you want to improve your child’s handwriting, then this is the perfect resource!

The 15 Best Letter F Worksheets  

1. Circle The Uppercase Letter F’s Worksheet

This is a very easy and basic letter F worksheet. It’s great for kids who need help differentiating between lower case letter ‘f’, and capital letter ‘f’.

Instead of a plain piece of paper, this page is covered in different images that start with the letter ‘F’. This will help the paper look more interesting, and will help the children engage with the work. 

This is a fantastic resource for teaching kids how to write the capital letter ‘F’. It covers all the basics, and is a great introduction to the letter ‘f’ for young kids. 

2.  F Is For Fox Worksheet

This is a fantastic and adorable worksheet that is sure to make learning the letter ‘f’ easier.

This worksheet features a fox and has a writing section for the children to practice writing ‘F is for Fox’, with extra space for practicing the letter ‘F’. 

Using an animal like a fox is a great idea to teach children how to learn letters. The animal makes learning fun, and children can think about what other animals begin with the letter ‘f’.

It makes learning interactive, and also can test the child’s critical thinking skills, due to the discussion about other animals that begin with ‘f’. 

3. Circle The Words That Begin With F Worksheet

This is a great worksheet that can help children learn to write the letter ‘f’, as well as use their brains to think about whether the images begin with a letter ‘f’.

That means the worksheet not only improves the child’s writing skills but their critical thinking will be improved too. 

The examples of the images are very easy to understand. They include fries, fish, frogs, and flowers.

The children need to circle the images that begin with ‘F’, so it’s great for teachers and partners to identify what words the child is struggling with. 

At the bottom of the page, there are lines that will help the children write, ‘Circle the words that begin with F’. There are also extra lines for children to practice writing the letter F, or practicing writing words that begin with F. 

Plus, this worksheet can be a great activity for children because there’s the option for the kid to color in the photos once the activity is complete.

That means learning can be made much more enjoyable because the end result will be able to use crayons. 

4. F Is For Flower Worksheet 

This is a great worksheet for any child that loves flowers or loves to color in flowers. The worksheet features the letter ‘F’ in bold writing, which is great for the child to examine how the letter is written.

Plus, at the bottom of the worksheet, the child can write the words ‘F is for flower’, and has extra space to practice under the lines.

More than that, the child then gets to color three flowers, as well the letter F, which there are two of! 

This worksheet will be very popular with children who love flowers because at the end of the lesson, they will get to color on the sheet.

This means they will be more likely to engage in the activity, so they get to color in the flower. It’s great for the child’s creativity, as well as for their practicing of the letter F. 

5. Color The Animal Alphabet: F

Color The Animal Alphabet: F is a very fun and exciting worksheet. 

It features the letter F, which is shaped to look like a fox. Children will love this, and be very excited over the amazing drawing.

By coloring in the letter F, the child can examine and learn how to write the letter F, as it will help their memory of the letter. 

There’s a small section that explains that a fox is an animal that begins with the letter F. It then asks if there are any other animals that begin with F.

This is great, because it will improve the child’s critical thinking skills as they color the animal.

It can be asked at the start of the lesson, to get children thinking, before they color. The child can list different animals with the class, which will improve their cognitive abilities. 

This is a very fun worksheet that kids will love to color and write on, to practice the letter F. 

6. Alphabet Practice: F

This letter F worksheet is great for any child that likes football! 

This worksheet is a bit more advanced than other worksheets on the list. It allows children to write the letter F in capitals and allows the children to write the letter F in lowercase letters.

It’s a great way of getting children to practice writing a capital F, and lowercase F. Plus, it teaches the child the differences between capital and lowercase letters, which is vital for their learning. 

Next, there’s another section, which allows the child to draw the objects that begin with the letter F and label them. This also helps the children’s creativity, while improving their critical thinking skills. 

This is a really great and fun worksheet. Having the football as an image on the page, will also help children who love football focus on the activity, because they will be excited that it is related to football. 

7. Color The Squares With The Letter F Worksheet 

This worksheet is fun, and gets children familiar with the letter F. 

Color The Squares With The Letter F Worksheet is great for children who need help identifying the word F.

This is better suited for children who are not yet ready to start writing letters but need to learn exactly what the letter F is.

This is a fun way for them to learn what the letter F looks like. It can also show teachers and parents letters that the child is getting confused with. 

8. Color The Letter F Worksheet 

This is a fun worksheet that will teach children how to identify the letter F. 

All the child needs to do is identify which letters are the letter F, and color the letter in. This is a fun activity for the children that will help them learn what the letter F looks like.

It’s also great for teachers and parents to discover what letters the child might be getting the letter F confused with. 

9. Practice Writing The Letter F Worksheet  

This is a great worksheet for kids that allows them to trace the letter F. 

By tracing the letter F, children can learn how the shape is formed. This will teach them how to write the letter F, as they begin to memorize how the letter is written.

The worksheet features both lower and capital case F, along with a flower image that the children can color. 

10. F Is For Firefighter

This worksheet is more informative, but it has interactive elements. The F is For firefighter worksheets informs children about firefights, and lets them label the objects that belong to a firefighter.

This is a great way of getting children used to and familiar with the letter F, because they will be discussing the word firefighter, and get to write the word firefighter.

Seeing the letter F is a great way to teach children about the letter F, because it will help them memorize how the word is written.

This is a great activity for children who need to learn more about the roles that people play in the community, as well as for learning all about the letter F. 

11. Fish Starts With F Worksheet 

Fish Starts With F Worksheet is a fun worksheet that allows children to trace the letter F. It also gives them a couple of lines, so the child can write the phrase ‘Fish starts with the letter F’ without any help.

There’s an image of a friendly fish on the worksheet, which makes for a fun coloring activity after the child has finished the assignment. 

12. Fill In The Letter F Worksheet 

This is a simple worksheet that allows children to complete a word by adding the letter F.

It’s great for children who need to practice the letter F, and also allows children to learn words that begin with F.

After the child has finished the worksheet, then they get to color in the different images on the worksheet. 

13. Draw A Line To The Matching Word: Letter F 

In this worksheet, the child needs to draw a line from an image of an object or animal that begins with F, to the correct name for the image. 

It’s a good way of getting children familiar with words that begin with F, and it also identifies if the child has any problems with memorizing the name of certain images.

Afterwards, the child can color in the images, which makes it fun and easy activity. 

14. F Is For Food Worksheet 

This is a fun worksheet that allows the child to trace the words ‘F is for Food’. It also gives the child space to write the phrase without any help.

The image features the letter F that the child can color in. It also features a range of food images, which the child will be excited to color in. It’s a very simple but fun worksheet that children will enjoy. 

15. F Is For Friendly Frog Worksheet 

Lastly, this is a very happy worksheet that is all about a friendly frog! 

The child will trace the letter F, and will also trace the phrase ‘F is for friendly frog’. There’s also the option for the child to write the phrase without any help. Plus, the child can color the frog in at the end of the worksheet! 


These are some of the best worksheets for learning the letter F for children. They’re all excellent resources that are suitable for both teachers and parents.

Learning should be fun for all children, which is why we have a range of wonderful worksheets!

Helena Waters