4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Classroom Theme

Classroom themes are a charming way of decorating your classroom. Many teachers love decorating their classrooms to match whatever topic the class is currently studying.

4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Classroom Theme

Not to mention, some teachers will decorate their classrooms to fit a relevant holiday, such as Easter or Valentine’s Day. Lots of pupils adore seeing these classroom themes.

Yet, it can also be a good idea to get rid of these classroom themes. This guide will cover some of the reasons why you should consider taking down these decorations.

4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Classroom Theme

They Can Be Distracting

Perhaps the main argument for removing your classroom decorations is that they are a visual stimulant. Therefore, they can distract your pupils when they are attempting to learn and benefit from your teaching. 

Research has even found that over-decorated classrooms can detract from a pupil’s learning experience.

This research was conducted by Pandeirada and Rodrigues, who wanted to explore the effect of visually enriched settings on cognitive development.

If these decorations have a more detrimental effect on learning than they do have positive effects, they will be rather pointless.

It Doesn’t Match The Diversity Of The Students

One of the main approaches that teachers take when decorating the classroom is to pair the decorations with a specific holiday. Though this seems like a good idea, it can be difficult to find decorations for every holiday. 

As a result, certain holidays, such as Black History Month, tend to be underrepresented. The truth is that these decorations will rarely match the diversity of your students. 

Many of the common themes also have a feminine quality that may make male students feel uncomfortable. As a consequence, it’s best to opt for gender-neutral decorations. 

It’s Time-Consuming And Costly

Though these decorations can be fun, they can also be time-consuming to organize and put on display. Most teachers simply will not have the time in their schedule to dedicate to putting up these decorations.

Not to mention, having to purchase all of the equipment needed to give your classroom a theme can be an unnecessary cost.

This money can be put to better use than purchasing materials for decorations. If these decorations are not found in the school, some teachers will use their own finances to craft a school theme.

Why not save yourself time and money by ditching your school theme?

They Can Look Tacky

If you use bright and neon colors to construct your classroom, it can start to look super cheap and tacky.

Though these themes may appeal to younger children, you may begin to hate the sight of these decorations as an adult. 

Tips For Decorating A Classroom

If you want to create a classroom environment that is inclusive and has a more calming effect on pupils, you should follow these top tips:

  • Use neutral colors. These will be much less distracting than bright and vibrant decorations. 
  • Create a gender-neutral space for your students, such as by considering the colors.
  • Pastel colors will work especially well. They allow you to add a little bit of vibrancy without being too distracting or overwhelming. 
  • Avoid having too much clutter on the walls. If you intend to use a theme, it is best to use minimal decorations.
  • Consider displaying the work of your students. Doing so can cause your students to feel more pride in their work. Plus, they may feel more confident if you display their work.
  • Pick a timeless color scheme. Otherwise, you will feel as though you have to constantly update the design of your classroom. 
  • Visual aids, such as tables and diagrams, can be a welcome addition to your classroom. 
  • Don’t put grades on the walls of your classroom. Doing so can be detrimental to the confidence of underperforming students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Classrooms Have A Theme?

This is entirely up to the teacher. Classroom themes do not support learning and can limit concentration.

Yet, they can also be a morale booster. As a result, teachers will need to carefully consider whether or not they should use a theme.

What Are The Advantages Of Classroom Themes?

There are numerous advantages to using classroom themes, including:

-They can enhance morale.
-Themes can get students into the spirit of a holiday.
-They are fun, inviting, and welcoming.
-They allow students to develop a more positive relationship with the classroom.
-The teacher can display their personality through these decorations.
-It gives the classroom an identity. 

Final Thoughts

Though it can be enjoyable to implement a classroom theme, this is not always the best option for your classroom.

These decorations can cause your classroom to appear messy, disjointed, and over-stimulating. As a consequence, it is often better to adopt a more neutral theming for your classroom. 

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