8 Best Read Aloud Books For Kindergarten To Try Today

When it comes to finding books to read to your young child, it can be difficult to know which ones are going to be worth reading out loud. If the story is too complex, the child may lose interest.

Kindergarten students are often too young to be able to read a book in its entirety, no matter how simple the words are.

This is why it is important for you, as an adult in their life, to educate them by reading the words out loud to them.

Below, we have listed 8 of our favorite children books to read to kindergarteners. Let’s jump straight into them!


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar is among the best educational read-aloud stories for kindergarteners as it's a story filled with teachings about development, and transformation that can be used throughout life.

This charming story centers on a recently hatched caterpillar wandering the wilderness who is so ravenously hungry that he seeks to devour anything in his path.

The vibrant colors are sure to touch the hearts of kindergarten students, and the message is very important for young children. 

Although the caterpillar puts on a lot of weight, the food he consumed aids in his development into a lovely, healthy adult butterfly.


  • Wonderfully imaginative and colorful illustrations that children will love.
  • Displays a meaningful message for the children to learn from.


  • Some feel that the caterpillar making the transformation from ‘fat’ to ‘beautiful’ could potentially be harmful to young children’s eating habits.


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This well-known picture book is excellent for kindergarten students, since it does a delightful job of introducing both wildlife and colors.

Children can participate in the guessing game while turning the pages of this entertaining book.

Children will start comprehending how to follow instructions as a result of the title question's repetition, which also aids in the children's acquisition of pattern recognition, color theory, and species identification.

Younger listeners can spot many details in the images that are contained in them.

We advise reading this book aloud to a group of preschoolers, since it is better to do so than to have a child read it on their own.


  • The pages are filled with colorful, vibrant illustrations.
  • Kindergarteners will easily learn animal names and colors as they interact with this book.


  • This book does not follow a story as such, which may cause older children to lose interest after a couple pages.


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With over 13.5 million copies printed globally, The Gruffalo is a best-selling and award-winning phenomenon on a global scale.

It's an excellent novel that will keep both younger and older kids engaged in the plot.

The plot follows a mouse as he discovers the Gruffalo, a seemingly mythological monster. 

Together with the mouse, the reader discovers what this beast looks like and why he is so frightening. 

In the end, the book conveys the message that everyone can be influential and powerful, regardless of stature.

It was chosen as England's favorite bedtime story, and has been adapted into an Oscar-nominated animated film, a Broadway stage musical, and more.


  • The illustrations are vividly colored and fun to look at.
  • The story portrays an important message about self-worth.


  • Some younger, more sensitive children may find the Gruffalo scary.


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Nothing can put your kids to sleep faster than a children's book with tranquil pictures and tender, soothing words.

Goodnight Moon is a great story that will send most children to sleep with little issues.

In this story, a little rabbit sleeping in his green room bids goodnight to the moon and the room itself.

Youngsters can take away from the story's repeated use of certain terms that they must say goodnight in a distraction-free environment.

Filled with lovely illustrations, this is not only a pretty book to look at, but young children will be able to relate to it – and learn from it – on a personal level.


  • A fantastic way to help a young child fall asleep.
  • Wonderful illustrations that are fun to look at.


  • The book is not overly imaginative with its content, but that is purposeful in order not to stimulate the child’s imagination too much before bedtime.


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The cutting-edge children's book, We Are in a Book, boldly breaks the fourth wall and engages the young reader in a way that most novels do not.

Piggie and Gerald, the two main characters, start addressing the reader inadvertently when they discover they are in a book.

They have a tremendous amount of fun, especially once they realize they can get the reader to read aloud amusing terms.

Younger readers are challenged to consider their knowledge and methods of acquisition as the book explores an intriguing theme.

Children will definitely be entertained by this unique wall break, and wish to read it again.


  • A humorous read that will certainly have your children giggling.
  • This book will encourage the reader to think differently to how they usually do, thanks to the fourth wall break.


  • There isn’t a particularly exciting plot to this novel, as the story simply follows the characters as they discover that the reader is reading them.


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A lighthearted tale with engaging visuals, No, David! follows the mischievous antics of a little troublemaker.

In this storybook, David does a number of naughty things, including speaking with his mouth full and picking his nose.

David engages in all the misbehavior that most kids will eventually receive reprimands for, and he also receives verbal warnings from his parents, who yell the word ‘NO’ at him.

Yet after more than ten years, youngsters continue to laugh out loud when reading this charming story, which is still a favorite.

It also emphasizes the value of a parent's love, despite how unruly their child may occasionally be.


  • A funny read with a moving message that will teach children the importance of the words ‘no’ and ‘yes’.
  • Hilarious illustrations that children will love, including a particularly funny image of David running down the street with his bottom in view.


  • The writing isn’t particularly inventive, with mostly simple, short sentences.


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The lyrical read-aloud book Green Eggs and Ham, one of Dr. Seuss's most popular stories, lists all the locations where you can eat some interestingly colored eggs and ham.

The dynamic between the two characters reflects the culture clash between those who are rooted in their ways and those who are prepared to branch out and possibly consider a different way of living.

The main character initially balks at trying this cuisine, but after taking a bite, he realizes he actually enjoys it.

The lively figures and catchy rhymes in this popular book are likely to capture the interest of kindergarten students. Also, arguably more importantly, it encourages kids to try new foods!


  • Filled with lots of rhymes and vibrant illustrations, this book will certainly capture any child’s attention.
  • The message behind the book is very important for a young child to learn.


  • While it is cleverly written, the repetitive rhymes can get a little tiring after a while.


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Lastly, we have a book that was published more recently, but has had a powerful impact on our younger generation.

I Am Enough teaches children that it is okay to be different, but everybody on this earth is here to serve a purpose.

This picture book does not follow just one character, but rather, several unnamed characters who all look different, being from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

This is particularly refreshing, as the majority of children’s book focus on Caucasian characters.

The message expressed in this book is that all children are significant, but they are also all different. Yet, despite their differences, they are all worthy, and they are all enough.


  • The illustrations portray children of all ethnicities, allowing all readers to feel included and represented.
  • The message is very clear, and indispensable for young children to understand.


  • There isn’t really a plot to follow since the book focuses more on affirmations for the child to practice.

Final Thoughts

Best Read Aloud Books for Kindergarten to Try Today

The key to entertaining a kindergartener is to read lots of funny rhymes, and to have plenty of colorful illustrations to view during the reading process.

You want to get them involved, even if they are not able to read the book themselves.

These 8 books each include lovely illustrations and powerful yet simple messages for them to soak up to mold them into strong, happy people with an interest in reading.

We hope you found this article helpful.

Happy reading!

Helena Waters

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