14 Best Middle School Mother’s Day Projects To Try Today

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to get your middle school-aged children creative. There are many interesting projects that they can get stuck into, no matter what their creativity level is.

14 Best Middle School Mother's Day Projects To Try Today

From making paper flowers to creating a keepsake bookmark – there is something for every ability and every single mom. 

If you are looking for middle school appropriate projects, then you have come to the right place. We have gathered a list of X of the best middle school Mother’s Day projects that your kids can do today. 

Best Middle School Mother’s Day Projects

Here you will find a list of the best middle school Mother’s Day projects you can do with the kids today:

1. Mother’s Day Candle Holder

The beauty of this craft project for mom is that children can make it as unique as they want to. All you need is a clear glass tealight sized glass along with tissue paper and glue. 

Once the candle is lit the tissue paper is see-through enough that it creates a beautiful color. Get lots of different colored tissue paper ready and watch as your children have fun making their own designs. 

The tissue paper can also be overlapped to create cool textures and light effects too. 

2. Mother’s Day You Rock 

While painting a rock might seem a little simple for a middle schooler, fear not. Trying to actually create a ‘rock person’ is a lot more fun and challenging than you probably expect. This makes it a great project for the kids to do.

You can have lots of different materials for them to use too, such as a plethora of paint colors, plastic sticky eyes, felt, faux fur, and so on.

They can try and recreate their mom, or even themself. Adding the cardboard with ‘Mom, you rock!’ is also something else for them to do.

3. Mother’s Day 3D Heart Tree

This 2D to 3D heart tree is something that a child’s mom can display. It also looks really sweet too, yet is not overly Mother’s Day. 

The best thing about this craft project is that it is not very difficult to do, yet it looks effective. This means that a child can create this project within an afternoon and have it finished by the time they see mom. 

It does involve some intricate cutting of the hearts and the branches, so you will likely have to oversee this bit if the child struggles with it. 

4. Mother’s Day Felt Flower Bookmarks

If you want to make a collection of things for a book loving mom, then this is your answer. These cute paperclip bookmarks are easy to make, yet are really fun to do.

All you need is a green paperclip for the stem and different felt colors for the petals. There is also the option to add thread stitches to create a pattern on the petals too.

This can be a really fun project, though quite fiddly for bigger fingers. However, it does make something unique that a mom can use as well as cherish.

5. Mother’s Day Ceramic Plate Art

Okay, ignore the pictures that were done by younger children – because creating ceramic art can be done by anyone. All you need are plain white plates and paint or pens that can be used on ceramic. 

It is a great way for kids to bring out their artistic side. While the plates will not be used to eat off, they can be displayed. 

The children can also be very creative with what they actually put on the plates too. Some might choose to draw themself, or they might draw a random picture or their mom. 

6. Mother’s Day Button Craft Flowers

If art is their thing, then they will love creating this gorgeous bouquet display for their mom. Not only does it look impressive, but it is a really fun craft project to do as well.

However, you will need to save egg cartons for this craft project because that is what the petals are made out of. You can also use pipe cleaners for the stems, ribbon and buttons.

This is all glued onto a canvas which needs to be painted beforehand. It can then be proudly displayed!

7. Mother’s Day Flower Pot Card

This cute card is a great way for a child to show their mom how much they care. There is a lot of effort and creativity that is needed to get this card finished. However, despite how complex it looks, it is really simple to do.

All that is needed are different types of paper and ribbon. The ribbon adds that finishing touch, as does the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message. 

The great thing about this craft project is that different colors can be used. Even a mixture of colors for the flowers is a great way to add some fun to the card.

8. Mother’s Day Bookmarks

For those that have a book lovin’ mom, a bookmark will do the trick. While we did mention the paperclip bookmark earlier on in this list, this one is different. 

Either a template can be made or the child can do the whole bookmark themself. It is a fun way to add an artsy picture but also the date and a little poem.

It’ll be a fun addition to her reading every time she picks up her book.

9. Mother’s Day Superhero

This fun craft project lets a mom know that she is doing a great job, and that her child thinks that she is a superhero. Not only that, it also ‘hides’ a Hershey candy bar. 

This cute little craft project is a great way to make something unique for their mom. It also adds a fun element with the candy too. 

10. Mother’s Day DIY Card

This simple card is really fun, and can give a child inspiration to make their own. While it can be the exact same pattern as this, it might be even more interesting to make their own design. 

It is a really fun card that opens up to reveal ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

11. Mother’s Day Bouquet Card

If you are looking for something a little more crafty, then this card will do the trick. Paper and pipe cleaners are used to make it look like a bunch of flowers are being held up.

However, while you can make the template for this, it would also be fun to have different types of flowers together. 

12. Mother’s Day Cookies

One thing that always gets a thumbs up is a bake. These cookies are very easy to make. And then all that needs to be done is adding the icing and sprinkles. 

It is a tasty treat that the whole family can enjoy together, or mom can eat them during her mid-morning sugar craving!

13. Mother’s Day Love About You Jar

If you need a simpler craft project that is still very thoughtful, then this ‘Things I Love About You..’ jar is perfect.

What a child will need is a mason jar, something to use as a ribbon, stickers and colored paper. It is a really good way for a child to think about all the things they love about their mom.

It can be silly things such as how she styles her hair, all the way to a certain meal that she cooks well. 

14. Mother’s Day

While there is a lot more to this project, it creates a wonderful keepsake that mom can hang up somewhere in the house. This kind of craft project is something that can be kept for years as a special memory.

It is also something that involves using different materials, which the kids might enjoy. You will need a solid base for this project. The base is wood which you can get from a palette or DIY store.

You need to make sure that the ends are sanded down properly and safe to hold. It will then need to be painted and then paper, card and photos can be attached.

Make it unique by painting it mom’s favorite color, or opt to go with neutral colors to suit any home. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of fun and interesting Mother’s Day projects that are suitable for middle school children. While it is great to plan a creativity session to keep them entertained, it also means that as a mom you can keep their creation for many years to come.

And if you are planning to surprise their mom by getting the kids to do one of the above projects, then just know that she will be excited to see what the kids have been up to. It will also show her how much she is loved.

Hopefully you have found the above list very helpful. Check out the rest of the website for more interesting crafting projects for the kids to do today.

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