12 Best Middle School Mathematics Projects To Try Today

Math may not be the most exciting school subject. Yet, it is nonetheless essential. Luckily, you can make mathematics a more enjoyable subject by adding school projects to your timetable. 

If you are looking for fun middle school mathematics projects, here are some incredible ideas that are bound to fill you with inspiration! 

12 Best Middle School Mathematics Projects To Try Today

12 Best Middle School Mathematics Projects To Try Today

1. Fractions Working Model

This school project is great for helping middle schoolers to better understand fractions. This working model shows how a circle can be divided according to different fractions.

For instance, the circle is divided into three different sections of equal size, allowing students to understand what ⅓ means.

One of the benefits of this project is that you can use whatever fractions you want.

Therefore, you can personalize the working model to focus on fractions that your middle school students have been struggling to understand.

Not to mention, the bright colors are sure to appeal to pupils.

2. Math Expert

With this cardboard math expert, you can put the knowledge of your middle school students to the test. Using the dials, you can create different sums based on addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. 

Using the dials following the equal sign, students can then answer these math questions. This enables you to customize the sums to suit the skill level of your middle school students.

More advanced students can focus on harder sums while struggling students can be given simpler ones.

An additional advantage of this math expert school project is that it is primarily made from cardboard, which means that it is cheap to construct. 

3. Castle Creation: Surface Area

This school project may look a little complex, but it’s worth the effort. This vibrant castle looks amazing and will likely be loved by your students. 

This may look more like an art project, but you can give this project a mathematical angle by asking students to calculate the surface area and volume.

Students will not only have to construct the castle, but they will also have to work out these important sums. 

Be sure to use bright colors to make this castle appeal to middle school students.

It’s worth noting that surface area and volume are quite complex sums for middle school students, so you may need to help them through the project.

4. Types Of Angles

Middle school students can begin to learn about more advanced forms of mathematics, including angles. With the aid of this math project, it is easier than ever before to cultivate a thorough understanding of angles.

With the help of this moving protractor, students can identify acute, obtuse, reflect, and right angles. Specifically, there are diagrams and text relating to the different types of angles.

This diagram is bursting with information, making it highly educational. However, the moving protractor gives it an interactive element that students will appreciate. 

5. Shapes Project

If you are looking for a fun shape-based project, this example is tons of fun. The 3D diagram contains the names of different shapes, allowing your students to better identify them.

This is a terrific tool for teaching students about the number of sides that different shapes have.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is a rather basic project. By middle school, most students will already have a decent understanding of different shapes.

Nonetheless, this project can support other mathematical lessons, such as helping students to understand angles in different shapes. 

6. Times Table Project

Perfect for students who are struggling with multiplication, this project is aimed to help students learn their multiplication tables. 

This project uses the template of a paper fortune teller to test a student’s understanding of different times tables. Be sure to customize this project by adding whatever time stables are best suited to your students. 

One of the benefits of this school project is that it is super straightforward. To make this project, all you will need is a sheet of paper, a pen, and some artistic skills.

7. Percentage, Decimal, And Fraction Puzzle

Next, this easy-to-make puzzle is great for teaching students about percentages, decimals, and fractions.

Specifically, it will help students to learn about the relationship between these mathematical concepts. 

For this project, students will have to link the pieces that go together. The corresponding decimals, percentages, and fractions pair together.

Students can have fun putting these vibrantly-colored pieces together to complete the puzzle.

8. Math Model

By taking inspiration from this school project, you can make an interactive and fun-looking math model.

The model has been made to look like a monster thanks to the addition of an eye and tongue, which gives it a rather menacing aesthetic.

Students will adore building this monster math model. It has a super fun aesthetic that kids will love, especially thanks to the use of bright colors and the aforementioned monster design.

By twisting the dials, students can make a variety of multiplication sums. This will help your middle school students to hone their multiplication skills. 

9. Multiplication Wheels

This multiplication wheel not only works well as a worksheet for class but can also be transformed into a sensational project.

Thanks to the use of rainbow colors, this multiplication wheel is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. This is a fun way of encouraging kids to enhance their multiplication skills. 

To fill in this wheel, all students have to do is fill in the sheet by working out the sums. In the center of the wheel is a number.

In a circle, this central number is surrounded by other numbers. In the blank spaces of the outer ring, students can write the sum of the two numbers multiplied.

Consequently, this multiplication wheel can build the confidence of a student in helping them to recite the multiplication tables.

Students can take inspiration from the multiplication wheel and transform it into a phenomenal school project.

10. Division Flower

This fantastic division flower has been designed to be a learning aid for students so that they can sharpen their division skills.

By lifting the petals of the flower, students can find the answers to the division-based sums. 

This cute design is bound to charm middle school students. Kids will enjoy making this pretty flower. They can color it with whatever colors they want. 

When making this project, students can customize it based on their own needs. They can focus on whatever division-based sums they struggle with most.

For instance, if a student struggles with their 8 times tables, they can construct a division flower based on these sums.

11. Angle Project

Perfect for students who are attempting to learn more about angles, this school project is a diagram that depicts different angles. This includes acute, right, obtuse, straight, and reflex angles.

This school project is quite basic, meaning that it is excellent for students who are looking for something quick and easy.

To make this project more appealing, it has been constructed with vibrantly-colored paper.

It is also filled with information. The project not only includes the different names of the angles and diagrams, but it also mentions how many degrees these angles are.

As a consequence, this school project can significantly enhance a student’s understanding of angles. 

12. May I Take Your Order?

Last but not least, this vibrant school project is ideal for a math fair. Designed to look like an appealing fast food restaurant, this project has been cleverly named “Mathdonalds”. 

Using this guise, middle school students can roleplay working in a restaurant. One student can pretend to buy a meal while the other student has to calculate how much the customer has to pay.

As a result, the mathematical skills of these students can be boosted.

This is not only a fun school project, but it can also teach students about real-world applications of math. The project may take a long time to make, though it will be worth the effort once it has been completed. 

The “Mathdonalds” stall looks incredibly fun and appealing! If you have an upcoming math fair, it is worth making this charming project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Make Math Fun For Middle School Students?

Math may not be an exciting subject for middle school pupils, but there are steps that you can take to make this a more interesting class.

For instance, you should try adding games and technology to support your learning. You should also focus on real-world applications of math to make this subject more relevant. 

What Is Middle School Math?

By middle school, students should have a solid understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Fractions, geometry, percentages, angles, measurements, and decimals should now be incorporated into the understanding of math. Of course, the exact learning routine will depend on the capabilities of the students. 

Final Thoughts

School projects are a wonderful way of getting students actively involved in the learning experience.

Eleven subjects that have developed a reputation for being quite dull, such as mathematics, can be made more exciting thanks to the addition of school projects.

So why not add these math-themed school projects to your classroom?

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