10 Best Middle School Field Trips To Try Today

Are you looking for the best field trips for your middle school class? You’ve come to the right place!

10 Best Middle School Field Trips To Try Today

Whether your students are interested in science, history, or art, there’s a perfect field trip out there for them. 

1. Art Museum

A trip to the art museum such as the Smithsonian, is a surefire way to bring out the creative side in everyone.

Art museums are like a goldmine with their vast collections of priceless pieces, so it’s no surprise that they are a great choice for middle school field trips.

With so much to explore and discover, they can be an eye-opening experience for students.

The first stop should be the permanent collection, which usually features classic works from renowned artists.

This part of the museum will give students an appreciation of the different styles and techniques used over time by famous painters.

They’ll also get to appreciate how art has evolved and been influenced by historical events.

For those who want to learn more about contemporary art, visiting the special exhibitions is a must.

It’s here where students can find out what’s popular today in terms of technique, color, and composition.

They’ll also get a chance to see works from up-and-coming artists who may one day become household names. 

2. Community Theater

Visiting a community theater such as Fords’s Theater in Washington, can be one of the best middle school field trips.

Not only is it an educational experience, but it also allows students to see professional actors performing live productions.

It’s a great way to introduce students to the world of theater and to explore the importance of storytelling.

At a community theater, students can explore different types of plays and performances, such as musicals, comedies, and dramas.

They can also learn about the historical significance of certain performances and their impact on society.

Additionally, they can observe how actors use body language and facial expressions to convey emotions.

Community theaters often offer workshops for students that involve interactive activities that help them understand the fundamentals of acting.

These workshops are designed to help build confidence in public speaking, as well as give students an understanding of basic theatrical concepts such as character development, stage direction and scene analysis. 

3. National Historic Site

When it comes to engaging field trips, a visit to a National Historic Site such as Bent’s Old Fort in La Junta is always a great choice.

With so many sites across the country, there’s sure to be one nearby that your middle schoolers will love.

From exploring ancient ruins to experiencing the culture of the past, they’ll come away with plenty of interesting stories and memories.

At a National Historic Site, students can learn about American history up close. They might be able to explore a historic fort or plantation and hear tales of what life was like back then.

Or they might get an inside look at how people lived centuries ago by visiting an archaeological dig or museum. 

The best part about visiting a National Historic Site is the hands-on learning experience it offers.

Students can actually touch artifacts from long ago and gain insights into how different people lived their lives in the past. 

4. Local Canyon

Local creeks, ponds, or Canyons, such as Beartrap in Montana, provide a unique opportunity for students to explore their natural surroundings and get a better appreciation for them.

Exploring such places can be an enriching experience for students as they get to learn about different species of plants and animals that inhabit these areas.

Students can also observe how animals interact with each other in their environment and how they adapt to the changing conditions of their habitat. 

Activities such as fishing, bird watching, kayaking, or even just taking a leisurely stroll through the area are great ways for middle schoolers to learn about their local ecology.

These field trips can foster a connection between students and nature that will last a lifetime. They will also allow kids to develop an understanding and respect for the environment around them. 

5. Planetarium

Visiting a planetarium such as the Alder planetarium in Chicago, is one of the most exciting field trips for middle schoolers today.

Not only does it offer an opportunity to learn about our universe, but it also provides a chance to relax and enjoy the stars like never before.

According to the American Alliance of Museums, over 8 million people attend planetarium shows annually.

At a planetarium, students can experience what life on other planets would be like and observe some of the most fascinating phenomena in our solar system.

It’s also a great way to teach kids about astronomy, giving them an immersive environment where they can ask questions and explore their curiosity. 

Students can participate in activities such as stargazing, exploring constellations, or watching 3D movies that bring the universe to life.

6. History Museum

Visiting a history museum such as the National Museum Of American History, is one of the best field trips for middle school students.

It gives them an opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures, events and people from the past.

The museum offers interactive exhibits, engaging activities and educational programs that will keep students engaged throughout their visit. 

Students can explore artifacts, documents and other relics that can help them understand the story behind each object.

They will also have access to knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions they may have.

The education program at the history museum is designed to be fun and informative for students of all ages.

They can take part in hands-on activities that teach them more about the history of their community or region. 

There are usually also guided tours available for those who would like to learn more about specific topics or eras of interest.

Furthermore, there are workshops and lectures held on a regular basis which provide additional information and insight into the history of a particular culture or period.

7. American Recycling Center

Although visiting a recycling center may not seem like the most fun trip it does give students a chance to learn about sustainability and how they can help protect the environment.

They have an opportunity to observe all materials that are used in everyday life being sorted by machines and recycled into new products. 

Students also get an inside look at how these materials are reused in everyday products like plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

They are usually allowed to walk around the facility with their tour guide, learning about different ways they can create less waste in their own lives. 

By visiting a recycling center on their field trip, students gain valuable knowledge on sustainability which is a perfect learning opportunity in today’s ‘throw away’ society. 

8. The Great Lakes/Lake Michigan

Exploring the Great Lakes, such as Lake Michigan, is a fantastic way to spend a middle school field trip.

From the largest freshwater system in the world to the many creatures that inhabit its waters, there’s plenty to explore and learn. 

You can kick off your field trip with a visit to one of the many lighthouses along the shoreline, offering spectacular views of both land and sea.

From there, you can take a boat tour or simply wander along the shoreline, looking for shells and other treasures from nature.

In addition to experiencing nature first-hand, you can also learn about some of the history behind these incredible bodies of water.

The Great Lakes are home to numerous stories of shipwrecks, battles, and even monsters!

Learning about this history will no doubt spark an interest in your students in these amazing lakes that have been around for centuries.

9. Graceland

What better way to explore the birthplace of music than with a field trip? From Elvis Presley to Muddy Waters, there are plenty of amazing music-related sites to explore.

Memphis, Tennessee is home to Graceland, the former residence of Elvis Presley—the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Touring this iconic mansion will give students an immersive experience into Elvis’s life and legacy. 

If you’re not near Graceland how about visiting Chicago, Illinois. This city is steeped in blues history.

Here students can visit Chess Records—a studio that produced some of the most influential blues records ever recorded by artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Etta James.

They can also take a guided tour along South Side Blues Alley to hear live music from local up-and-coming blues musicians who continue to keep the genre alive today.

10. The White House

The White House is one of the most iconic sites in the United States and a great field trip destination for middle schoolers.

It is full of history, art, and culture that can be explored through a variety of tours and activities. 

A guided tour of the White House can be an educational and entertaining experience for students.

They will learn about the building’s historical architecture and the many interesting artifacts it contains.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to visit important landmarks such as the Oval Office and see top secret areas not open to the public.

A tour of The White House also provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about American politics and democracy.

They can observe how decisions are made in this prestigious setting, as well as gain insight into our nation’s current government system. 


The possibilities for field trips are endless! Whether it’s exploring a local creek, pond, or lake, visiting the birthplace of music, or even getting a glimpse of the White House, there’s something for everyone.

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