15 Best Middle School Art Projects To Try Today

Creating art projects can be a great way for middle school students to express their creativity and explore new ideas. 

From painting, and drawing, to sculpture, there are endless possibilities for imaginative and inspiring works of art.

15 Best Middle School Art Projects To Try Today

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best middle school art projects to help students discover the power of creative expression.

1. Abstract And Landscape Paintings

Painting is a great way to create a unique piece of art that can be hung up or displayed in a school hallway.

From abstract works to landscapes, students can explore different styles and techniques to discover what speaks to them. 

For example, exploring the use of color and shape to express an emotion or tell a story could spark interesting conversations in the class. 

It’s also fun to challenge students to break out of their comfort zone and experiment with different media, such as acrylics, oil paints, and watercolors.

2. Drawing And Sketching

Drawing is another popular art form that encourages students to hone their skills while creating a unique piece of artwork. 

Whether they’re sketching still life or portraits, drawing projects can help develop an appreciation for light and shadow, proportion, and composition. 

Encouraging students to experiment with different materials, such as charcoal, graphite, and pastels can help expand their horizons and foster a greater appreciation for art.

3. 3D Snowflakes

Creating 3D snowflakes will not only be fun for kids but adults as well.

With just a few sheets of paper, preferably in varying shades of blue, some scissors, and a snowflake template, you can have a crafty and decorative decoration for your school or for gifting purposes.

Simply print out a snowflake template, then cut and stack all the different snowflakes onto each other so that it stands up in a 3D fashion. 

You could also get even more creative by decorating all the layers with glittery accents to make it extra sparkly. 

4. Thumbprint Styled Art

Thumbprint art is a great way to give kids the chance to express their creativity through fun and interactive art projects. 

Not only can this activity be tailored to the age of each individual student, but it also requires very little in the way of supplies or materials. 

All that is necessary is some paper, paints, or markers, which makes it ideal for classrooms with limited resources.

The hands-on nature of this activity means that students can literally paint with their own thumbs and be as creative as they want with their artwork. 

5. Self Portraits

Self-portraits are a perfect activity to help middle schoolers explore their own self-worth and identity.

By taking the time to convey how they see themselves in art, students can become incredibly introspective on a deeper level. 

Examining famous self-portraits from respected painters from the past is an important part of the exercise. 

This allows them to observe the skill necessary for such a task and can even give insight into the artist’s mind by what elements they chose to portray themselves with – this could be clothing, background, or general composition.

6. Stained Glass Faux Painting

Faux-stained glass painting is an enjoyable activity for those looking for something slightly more complex. It’s great for children and adults alike. 

First, get a dollar store picture frame and put a printed outline of your choice inside the frame to use as a template. Then, mix paint and glue to give your project a unique look. 

Outline the design with a black permanent marker to create a beautiful stained glass-like effect. Following these basic steps can result in an eye-catching piece of artwork!

7. Comic Strips

Creating a comic strip can be an educational and creative way to get students to practice their storytelling skills.

The creativity will come in when they decide on the plot, dialogue, visuals, and setting of their comic strips.

The goal of this exercise is not only to encourage imitativeness with their stories but also to teach artistic prowess through comics. 

With every panel comes design choices for colors, font styles for dialogue balloons, facial expressions for characters, etc., which will help students learn basic design basics. 

Tying art into storytelling can make the story more engaging and immersive; therefore, it is great for young children who are learning Language Arts or general storytelling concepts.

It could even spark interest in cartooning or graphic novels. 

8. Chalk Art

Chalk art projects are an excellent way to get children to express themselves creatively. All you need is some colorful chalk and a paved surface for the students to draw on. 

Taking students out of the classroom and into a stimulating environment outdoors will help them engage more with their artwork.

To make the activity even more enjoyable, why not turn it into a game? Give the kids timed prompts using subjects like their favorite food, flower, article of clothing, etc., and challenge them to complete their drawing within a set timeframe. 

9. Mosaics

Creating a mosaic is an excellent way to enable children to express themselves through art. It can be a wonderful and creative outlet for anyone with a little bit of artistic flair. 

With enough patience and creativity, anyone could use supplies such as colorful craft paper and scissors to create beautiful pieces of art.

Mosaics require cutting up your chosen paper into different shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, and even stars.

Once they have organized the paper in front of them, it’s time to arrange the paper on a solid surface, like cardboard or canvas boards. 

There is no limit when it comes to crafting mosaics – whatever colors or designs they choose will result in an eye-catching piece that shows off their skills.

10. Sculpture Art

Sculpture art is a form of expression that has captivated audiences for centuries. It can take on many forms and often requires intense intricate detail and precision. 

However, middle schoolers may not yet have access to all the materials needed to make realistic sculptures.

Fortunately, this project gives them a way to create exciting works of art that look surprisingly true-to-life!

11. Art And Bubble Wrap

For those who love bubble wrap, why not repurpose it to create a beautiful painting? Bubble wrap can make for an amazing canvas. 

Take some bubble wrap, add in some neon-colored paints, and cut it into circles or whatever shape you desire, depending on your painting.

12. Origami

Origami art installation is an incredibly fun project for students of all grade levels. It’s a great way to bring the spirit of creativity and excitement into the classroom. 

Once finished, you will have created an amazing artwork and installation with your students’ unique creations-perfect for any school hallway or foyer!

This project will leave parents and administrators in awe with its brilliant display of color, origami designs, artwork, quotes, and poems-plus it’s super fun for everyone involved!

13. Metal/Foil Tape Art

Foil tape art is an engaging and fun way to produce bold images with texture and dimension. 

This medium involves manipulating foil tape in creative new ways to capture memorable moments, create eye-catching designs, or just simply add some depth to an existing drawing. 

The process involves stretching and scrunching the tape into shapes that mimic the look of embossed metal that can then be placed onto a canvas or other surface of their choosing.

14. Paper Marbling

Suminagashi paper marbling is a fascinating, yet often overlooked art form. It has the power to captivate students and encourage them to step out of their comfort zones while they experiment with colors, patterns, and designs. 

Through this process, they’re able to make multiple sheets of decorative paper that can be used in later projects. 

Not only do students find the activity itself enjoyable, but they can also be entertained simply by watching others take part.

15. Tissue Paper Art

Tissue paper art is a beautiful and fun craft, perfect for kids of all ages! Not only is it easy to do with the right supplies, but it can also be incredibly unique, depending on the design they create. 

To begin, gather supplies-bleeding tissue paper in any colors they choose, a white canvas or board to put their project on, scissors, and something to apply pressure when needed (like an old t-shirt).

Tissue paper art is a great way to make use of simple materials like newspapers and magazines that would otherwise go to waste! 

This craft is also perfect for large groups since almost everyone can work together without having much prior experience with art in general. 

Final Thoughts

Middle school art projects are a great way to engage students in creative activities. From origami to tissue paper art, there are many fun and exciting projects that middle schoolers can create. 

These activities help to foster creativity, build problem-solving skills, and encourage collaboration.

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