13 Best Mexican Independence Day Activities Classroom To Try Today

As September 16th approaches, it is time to begin educating kids from all over the states about Mexican Independence.

This is the day that Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo gave his incredible announcement and gave the people of Mexico are now free.

Best Mexican Independence Day Activities Classroom To Try Today

However, kids may not understand the importance of Mexican Independence Day and that is where you come in.

You want to create fun, inspirational ways to teach your students about Mexican Independence and what it means for the people of Mexico and America.

We have 13 of the best Mexican Independence Day activities that you can use to have some fun and teach your students about a monumental day in history.

Let’s get into it!

What Is Mexican Independence Day?

Mexicans all throughout the world will commemorate the anniversary of their nation’s independence from Spain on September 16.

Mexico celebrates the day as a national holiday and hosts fireworks displays and dance performances in addition to reenacting a pivotal moment from the revolution.

Mexican Independence Day, which is frequently confused with Cinco de Mayo by Americans, commemorates the first cry for independence made by Father Hidalgo, a Catholic priest, in 1810, at the age of 25.

Hidalgo adopted the flag of the Virgin of Guadalupe after giving an inspirational speech in the Mexican town of Dolores.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a Roman Catholic representation of the Virgin Mary as she appears to Juan Diego, an indigenous Mexican believer who was later canonized by the church.

Mexican Independence Day is an incredible day that celebrates a monumental time in Mexican history. However, not many know about the celebration that is Griot de Dolores!

1. Have A Traditional Mexican Meal

Food is always a cause for celebration within Mexican culture. And you can educate your students by creating some simple yet delicious authentic Mexican meals.

From Pico De Gallo to something a little more filling such as Chiles en Nogada. Everyone can have an early lunch with a healthy and truly wonderful meal.

Chiles en Nogada is a special dish in Mexican history as it is said to be the first meal made by nuns at Puebla just after Mexico was declared independent.

Teach your kids the history of Mexican Independence through food!

2. Create A Timeline

One of the main factors in understanding why Mexico fought to become independent and how it came to fruition is to understand the events that took place before.

Creating a timeline is a simple way to map out the history of Mexico’s Independence and for understanding the key figures.

And all you need is paper and a pencil or pen. This is a great way to help your students utilize their research and memory skills to create the most accurate timeline of Mexican Independence Day.

3. Dress Up

One way to really get the kids excited about Mexican Independence Day is to bring the story to life! Allow the students to dress up in authentic Mexican clothing for the day and watch as they begin to learn about the history of Mexico.

This can mean just wearing bright colors or going all out, either way, the kids are sure to have a day they will never forget. And maybe learn a fact or two.

4. Mexico Word Search

When you need a fun yet simple activity to end the day, a word search is always a great option.

Make your own or find a template online that is Mexican-themed and allow the kids to practice their vocabulary skills.

This is the perfect way to end the week on a Friday afternoon. Make sure to add in some fun words, or you can even make your word search in Spanish.

Depending on the age of your students this can be a great challenge and help them learn a new language!

5. Get Creative

Get creative in the classroom and teach your students how to make traditional Papel Picado decorations.

Mexican folk art known as papel picado is a popular decoration for events and gatherings.

By cutting out forms from the folded paper, you may give kids free rein with scissors and tissue paper. They are enjoyable and easy to construct, much like paper dolls or snowflakes.

Make sure to have plenty of colored paper or cards for the kids to choose from and have them on display for when September 16th finally comes.

6. Pinata

Pinatas are a large part of Mexican culture and are included in every celebration. After all, what celebration is completed without exploding candy?

You can either purchase a complete pinata or make it a complete activity by having the kids create their own.

Have them work as a team to design and build their pinata before they all take turns busting it open on Mexican Independence Day.

Make sure to include some delicious candy!

7. Make Some Music

When Mexican Independence Day takes place you can expect the streets of Mexico to be alive with people, music, and dancing.

You can get your students involved by teaching them some Mexican songs or even music that is used for the Day.

Gather some instruments that they can drum, pluck, or strum and let them make some noise.

Maracas and other incredible instruments are all perfect for this activity and can be great for teaching rhythm and recall skills.

Another song that has significance is the Mexican National Anthem!

8. History Behind The Flag

Few individuals are aware of the underlying significance of their nation’s flag and what each color, pattern, or design signifies.

Using this activity, you can teach youngsters about the significance of the Mexican flag by having them read an article about it and then respond to comprehension-testing questions.

Another great activity is drawing the flag. With its bright colors and interesting design, it is a great way to begin teaching art skills.

Have them draw the flag with you and discuss the lesson and meaning behind this proud flag.

9. Create The Parade

All across Mexico there will be parades, parties, and so much more. With live music, dancing, food, and shows, it is an incredible celebration that everyone can enjoy in the little hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, you have a single afternoon. However, you can make it great by having the kids put on their own parade within the classroom.

This will help them understand the importance of each element and the day itself.

From costumes to decorations, immerse yourself and your students in Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

10. Mariachi

As Mexican Independence Day fast approaches, many Mariachi bands will be coming together to practice and perfect their sound before the big day. This means there are plenty of bands looking for any excuse to dust off their instruments.

Invite a real-life Mariachi band into the classroom to perform for your students. They can learn from the performers themselves about the history of Mariachi bands, how to play the different instruments, and what makes it so special.

11. Color The Mexican Flag

The Mexican Flag can be rather difficult to draw or even color. Color by Number is a great way to ensure each part of the flag is colored the correct color and you can really dissect each element of the flag.

This is a great way to give the kids a brain break and allow them to relax while still learning something new. Even if they aren’t reading a textbook on the history of Mexico.

Print out an outline image of the Mexican flag, create your color code, and ensure there are enough images and markers for each student to complete their color by number task.

12. Learn The Mexican National Anthem

Much like the American National Anthem, Mexico takes immense pride in its national anthem. Whether it is sung in English or Spanish, you can begin to feel great emotion for the people of Mexico.

Ensure your students understand the lyrics they are singing and really give them knowledge about the importance of Mexican Independence Day.

13. Make A Sombrero

Sombreros are one of the most iconic elements of fashion in Mexico. And your students can make their own.

This can easily be done by using a paper plate, cup, and some paint or you can download a template from the internet and create enough for each student.

Let your students get creative with colors, beads, and anything else they wish to decorate with. You can then display their creations or let them take them home!

Final Thoughts

Keeping your students entertained while also learning about Mexican Independence Day can be tricky. They don’t want to learn about the history of Mexico from a textbook, not when you can make it fun and exciting.

We have 13 of the best classroom activities to learn about Mexican Independence Day. From making authentic dishes to learning the National Anthem. There is something for every grade of students to enjoy.

Keep it fun, simple, and engaging and your kids will know more about Mexican Independence Day than ever before!

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