Meet Them In The Middle: 15 Great Bulletin Board Ideas For Middle School

Bulletin boards are often used for announcements, homework assignments, or even student projects. Students love them because they provide a place where everyone can see what’s going on around the school.

Meet Them In The Middle 15 Great Bulletin Board Ideas For Middle School

Bulletin boards can also be used for other purposes. For example, teachers can post lesson plans, handouts, or announcements. In addition, parents can use bulletin boards to communicate important messages to their children.

They can also be used to spread positive messages to the students, using themes and images that encourage good behavior.

Bulletin board ideas should always be kept in mind when planning your classroom. The best way to do this is by looking at bulletin board designs that have been successful in the past. This will help you avoid making mistakes that could cause problems later on.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you plan a new project. Instead, look at examples from classrooms all over the world and try to incorporate some of those elements into your next project.

In this article, we will show you 15 of the best middle school bulletin board ideas. We hope these creative ideas inspire you to make your own bulletin board.

What Should I Put On A Bulletin Board?

The first thing you need to consider when creating a bulletin board is what kind of information you want to display.

For instance, if you are planning to create an announcement board, then you might want to include pictures of upcoming events, such as field trips or sports competitions. You can also add posters with important dates, like exam dates or graduation day.

If you are planning to set up a homework board, you can include things like assignment sheets, due dates, or any other relevant material.

However, if you are planning to create a message board, you can add notes about different subjects, such as math lessons, science experiments, or art projects.

You can also choose events to base the board off of, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. This will get the students excited about the holidays and give them something to talk about during class.

Another aspect to think about is how many items you want to put on the board. If you only have one item, it won’t stand out very well. However, by using different craft materials to decorate the board, you can highlight each piece individually.

This means that you can add several pieces of paper, each decorated differently, to create a unique design.

When it comes to choosing what to put on your bulletin board, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve.

15 Ideas For Middle School Bulletin Boards

We have created a list of 15 ideas that you can use to decorate your own bulletin board for your classroom. There are a range of ideas listed, celebrating different subjects and holidays. Some ideas are easy to implement, while others require more effort.

Let’s get started.

1. Math Homework Board

Math homework is usually done on a daily basis. Therefore, having a bulletin board dedicated to this subject will allow students to keep track of their assignments easily.

To start, you can use colored pieces of paper to cut out numbers and mathematical symbols (+, -, x, ÷). Use glitter, stickers, and/or paint to decorate the papers. Then, place them on the board, so they are visible.

Then, add a schedule listing when each piece of homework is due. This way, the students will be receiving important information, keeping track of their work, and will also be able to admire the fun designs on the board. 

Get creative with your Math Homework Board, using a catchy title to create with bold lettering. E.g., ‘Fishing For Math Answers’, while creating an ocean theme for the board.

2. Science Lab Wall

Science lab walls are used to show students the progress of certain experiments. To do this, you can use colorful markers to draw diagrams and write down important details about the experiment.

You can also add a calendar to mark important dates, like when the experiment should be completed. The calendar can also serve as a reminder for the students to complete the project before the deadline.

You can also make a science lab wall into a bulletin board. Simply use a dry-erase marker to write important information on the board.

The best part? Students can use the board to display pictures from their science experiments.

Create funky science designs using puffy paint and other craft supplies to catch the students’ eyes. Use a creative title to mark the board, e.g., ‘Think Like a Proton – Be Positive!’ 

3. Art Project Wall

Art projects are often a great source of inspiration for students. By making a bulletin board dedicated to art, you can give students a space to showcase their artwork.

To begin, choose a topic that interests all the students. You could ask them to create a mural based on a famous artist, or simply let them express themselves freely.

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Once the project is finished, hang the artwork on the board. Display the students’ names under each picture. In addition, include the date the project was completed.

You could create a new theme every month, allowing the students to create a new art project monthly. Or, if you want to focus on one specific artist, you can create a board dedicated to him or her.

As always, you can use creativity to come up with interesting titles for your boards. Create with bold letters and bright colors.

4. Yearbook Display

Yearbooks are a wonderful way to celebrate special events throughout the year. However, most schools don’t have enough room to store all the yearbooks. That’s why you can use a bulletin board to display them instead.

Seeing as your students are in middle school, they may not have a yearbook at the end of their school year. You can use this bulletin board to create your own ‘yearbook’ for your students, creating a ‘year board’ instead!

Get the children to vote for which student should be voted in the ‘Most Likely To…’ categories, such as Most Popular Student, Most Talented Artist, etc. This will allow the students to see who has been working hard during the year and who deserves recognition. 

5. Student Work Display

If you’re looking for an easy way to display the work of your students, consider using a bulletin board. You can easily change the content of the board by adding more photos or posters.

You can choose a specific subject (such as math) and then ask students to create a poster about it. They can use clip art, words, images, or any other materials they find appropriate.

After the project is done, you can place the posters on the board. Hang the students’ names underneath each piece of work.

This fun, interactive bulletin board will get kids excited about learning again. It also allows you to show off the amazing work your students do.  

6. Classroom Calendar

Middle schoolers may find it difficult to plan ahead. So, why not make planning easier? A classroom calendar is a great tool to help students organize their schedules.

Create a simple calendar with a large font size. Include the dates of important exams, field trips, and parent-teacher conferences. Use a different color for each day.

Display the calendar on the wall so that everyone can see it. Make sure to add some extra space between the days so that students can write down assignments and due dates.

It’s best to avoid having too many items on the calendar. If there are too many things scheduled, students won’t know what to expect when they arrive at school. It may get too overwhelming, and they may decide to ignore the board altogether.

7. Teacher Message Board

Teachers often need to communicate with parents, students, and colleagues. But, where do teachers go to share information? Why not use a teacher message board?

A teacher message board is a great way to stay connected with your students. You can post messages about upcoming events, homework assignments, or even just general announcements. You could even post daily posts of positivity for your students.

Make sure to include a picture of yourself. Students will feel more comfortable talking to you if they recognize your face.

When you want to send out a message, simply type it into the box. Then, click on the button next to the text box. The message will automatically appear on the board.

The message board is a great idea for teachers who teach multiple subjects. You can update one board for all classes, allowing students to quickly access information from across the entire school.

8. Holiday Card Display

Holiday cards are a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. But, how do you make them stand out? Consider creating a holiday card display!

Ask your students to design their own holiday cards. Encourage them to think outside the box. They don’t have to stick to traditional designs.

Once the cards are finished, hang them up on the board for everyone to see. Place the name of the person receiving the card below the photo.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to hanging Christmas lights, consider using this holiday card display instead. It’s easy to set up and looks festive with little to no cost!

9. News & Announcements

News and announcements are always popular in middle schools. Create a newsboard to keep students informed about current events.

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To create a newsboard, first print out the headlines and photos. Then, cut them out. Next, tape the pieces together. Finally, attach the paper to the bulletin board.

You’ll need a few supplies: glue, scissors, construction paper, and poster board. Start by cutting out the headlines and photos from newspapers or magazines. Pin – don’t glue – the headlines onto the front side of the poster board. You can then update the headlines weekly, or even daily.

You can also create a newsboard for any other topic that interests your students, including pop culture.

10. Field Trip Posters

Field trips are a great way to learn about new places. But, how do field trip posters help?

Create a field trip poster to encourage your students to participate in future field trips. This is a great opportunity to showcase your school’s resources.

First, print out the images you’d like to use. Then, cut them apart. Attach the images to a piece of poster board. You’ll only need a few supplies: poster board, glue, scissors, and markers.

It’s important to choose images that are appropriate for your grade level. For example, high school students may be interested in pictures of famous landmarks. On the other hand, elementary students may enjoy learning about animals.

Once you’ve created your posters, put them in a prominent place so your students know where to find them. You might even create a bulletin board specifically dedicated to field trip posters.

11. Family Tree

Family trees are a fun way to show off family history. Students love learning about their ancestors’ lives.

Ask your students to go home and ask about their family history, and sketch out a rough family tree. Then, once they have received enough information, they should take it back to class and add more details.

A simple family tree will work just fine. However, if you want to really get creative, try adding a timeline to the bottom of the family tree.

This project requires very basic skills. All you need are pencils, graphite, erasers, and colored pencils. Get the students to sketch out their family tree, using colors to indicate different generations.

This is a fun way to not only let your students get creative, but to use inquisitive skills at home while asking about their family backgrounds.

12. Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions. They’re also a great way to practice handwriting.

Following the same layout as the ‘Holiday Card Display’, replace the festive theme with a birthday theme, asking your students to design birthday cards on each person’s birthday. 

13. The Dangers Of Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time online.

Instead of simply telling students to “stay safe” when posting photos online, teach them why social media is dangerous by creating a child-friendly bulletin board explaining the dangers of social media.

The first step is to brainstorm ideas. Ask yourself what kind of messages would interest your students. Do they want to talk about cyberbullying? Or, maybe they’d prefer to discuss stranger danger. You can add both themes to the board, or focus on one specific topic.

Next, write down all the things you think could happen if someone posts something inappropriate online. Be sure to include examples from real-life situations.

It is important to make sure the board isn’t too scary for the children, but is bold enough to stand out.

 14. Be Yourself!

Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable being ourselves around others. This can lead to bullying and teasing, or sometimes, can be the result of it.

Create a bulletin board that encourages kids to be themselves. Use colorful stickers to represent people who look like them, and write down positive words that may describe the students, such as ‘kind’, ‘helpful’, ‘confident’, and ‘smart’.

Come up with an inspiring title. For example, you could create a bulletin board that reads: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

15. Burning Questions

Why is the sky blue? Why do people get sick? What happened to the dinosaurs?

Create a bulletin board to answer these questions. 

Encourage your middle schoolers to write down burning questions that they may have about life, and to pin them to the board. Then, you can take 10 minutes out of each day to answer some of these questions.

This is a great way to get the children involved, and to pique their curiosity about the world around them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, here are 15 ideas that will help you build a successful bulletin board at school.

These ideas include things such as pictures and posters that you can use to decorate your room or classroom.

You can also use the bulletin boards in other ways, such as using them to display information about upcoming events, or even having a game where students compete against each other to see who can come up with the best idea.

We hope you found this article useful!

Helena Waters