16 Best Mardi Gras Activities For The Classroom To Try Today

When it comes to celebrating Mardi Gras it is important to go all out. From games to having a full-blown party, you make your students appreciate the history of Mardi Gras in a fun way. 

16 Best Mardi Gras Activities For The Classroom To Try Today

However, coming up with fun activities can be harder than it seems. Finding activities that everyone can enjoy and also learn something from can be tricky, especially when they are ready to go wild. 

Below are 16 of the best Mardi Gras activities that you can set up in the classroom and enjoy with your students.

They can learn all about the importance of Mardi Gras while making some unforgettable memories. 

What Is Mardi Gras?

In America, Mardi Gras is celebrated as two French explorers landed near modern-day New Orleans and celebrated their findings.

They named this spot Point du Mardi Gras. In the years to follow the celebration grew and now street parties and carnivals are held every year in the city of New Orleans. 

16 Best Mardi Gras Activities For The Classroom

 1. Cookie Decorating

Decorating cookies is a creative craft idea that also serves as a pleasant treat. Students can take part in an enjoyable competition with their peers by entering their favorite decorated biscuit.

For going above and beyond, the winner can receive an extra-special Mardi Gras cookie.

You can have kids bring in their own cookies, bake them yourself, or purchase them at the store to keep things simple. 

Be sure to provide your students with lots of colored icing and decorations to really let their creativity flow. 

2. Marching Drum

This may mean taking a trip to your school’s music department but will create a lifelong impression on your students. 

Mardi Gras is a massive event that includes a lot of music! Songs may teach students a lot about different cultures.

To bring the party inside the classroom, pupils can now make their own marching drum.

You can even organize a small parade through the school grounds at the end of the week to allow your students to show off what they have learned!

3. Make Your Own Costume

In the streets of New Orleans, everyone is in exciting, colorful costumes. Bring that color inside and have your students make their own costumes for the parades!

Turn it into a healthy competition and have them show off their costumes in front of judges for a grand prize. 

Spend the afternoon helping your students become their most creative selves with the Mardi Gras colors. 

If your students are a little older, you can teach valuable lessons of sewing and color theory. 

4. Mardi Gras Phrase Match

This lesson plan helps elementary school children learn vocabulary words and reading comprehension techniques while incorporating the Mardi Gras theme.

Pupils will learn how to match objects and use the elimination method.

 For elementary school students, this phrase match activity is interesting and enjoyable.

Students are encouraged to work alone or as a team as they try to piece the words together. 

5. Mardi Gras Math Scavenger Hunt

Blending Math and Mardi Gras together can be rather difficult. But this fun scavenger hunt makes it simple. 

Students work in pairs or alone to search the classroom for the sentence cards. Working in groups allows students to bond together and makes it more fun. 

Ensure there is a prize for the winning team who completes the scavenger hunt first. Although you may have some protests from the runners-up!

6. Mardi Gras Bingo 

Playing Mardi Gras bingo with elementary-aged kids is a lot of fun.

While competing against their friends in the age-old game of bingo, students will gain knowledge about the tradition and history of Mardi Gras.

 Make sure to have prizes with a Mardi Gras theme ready in vibrant colors for winners.

Be sure to make the bingo cards colorful with Mardi Gras colors and images!

7. DIY Photobooth

Photo Booths are a great way for kids to relax and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

Create a DIY Photobooth with a large sheet of the card as a backdrop and a camera or smartphone on a tripod. 

Grab or make a bunch of different props such as glasses, Mardi Gras-themed necklaces, and masks. You can make this a lesson that they really won’t forget. 

You can also get the images they take printed and create a cool, fun gallery wall in the classroom. Or let the kids take their photographs home to be treasured forever.

8. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs with a Mardi Gras theme are a fun game for primary pupils. This game is enjoyable and suitable for your holiday party in school.

Incorporate some Mardi Gras music for the kids to learn more about the traditions of the holiday while having fun. 

9. Trivia Game

This one may involve some research but a Mardia Gras-themed trivia game is the perfect way to educate your students on Mardi Gras.

Include questions of different difficulty levels, and allow your students to split into teams for some fun. 

This is a great way to spend the afternoon as you can teach your students everything they need to know about Mardi Gras, and even learn something new yourself.

Find trivia games online or create your own for excellent fun all afternoon. 

10. No Rule Day

Mardi Gras is the perfect occasion to implement a “no rules” day! Let pupils break the rules on one day (or portion of one day), for example, by eating dessert before lunch or taking an extra long break.

Everything goes as long as they promise to respect each other!

This idea can get out of control rather quickly so ensure to set some boundaries with the students before allowing the fun to commence. 

11. Mardi Gras Crowns

You could make this lovely crown craft with your elementary school pupils to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Gold, green, and purple pipe cleaners, purple craft foam, hot glue, and scissors are required materials. For the class party, students can don their new crowns.

Spend the afternoon enjoying arts and crafts and even create a competition for the best Mardi Gras Crown.

Kids can take their crowns home and wear them at the parades over the course of the weekend. 

12. Shoe Box Parade Floats

Parade Floats are often the highlight of the Mardi Gras festival. However, making a proper one in the afternoon is pretty much impossible.

This ShoeBox Parade Float idea is a great way to include your students in the parade fun without having to spend hours on a large float. 

Kids can bring in their own shoe boxes and decorate their own parade floats using the Mardi Gras colors. 

Creativity can really flow with this activity and the kids can keep their parade floats for a cute keepsake!

13. Wreath Craft

Making wreaths is a fun way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and express their creativity. For the Mardi Gras celebration, students can make wreaths to decorate their classrooms.

Make careful you choose materials with the appropriate classic hues.

Spend the afternoon decorating with your students and enjoy the joyous buzz of excited but concentrated children throughout the afternoon. 

14. DIY Carnival Games

Carnival games are developed as a result of Mardi Gras. You may create games for a carnival in your classroom!

Games such as coin toss, ring toss, and balloon darts are suggested. To make sure they participate in every carnival game, students might create a checklist.

Carnival Games are great for keeping kids entertained. Have different stations set up around the classroom and watch as their faces light up in the excitement and slight competition.

You can also invite parents down to be included in the festivities. 

15. Jewelry Making

A bead necklace craft is ideal to do for Mardi Gras! Kids can discover everything there is to know about Mardi Gras and the importance of the traditional beads.

In the 1880s, glass beads were first used in the enduring Mardi Gras custom of passing beads.

 The information is quite remarkable!

This is an excellent project for younger and older children and involves very little skill or resources. 

16. Mardi Gras Balloon Pop

This is a fun game that is sure to have everyone excited for Mardi Gras. Fill a bunch of balloons with Mardi Gras themed beads and spread them around the room.

Have the kids walk around, sitting on the balloons to get them to pop.

The kid with the most beads wins!

Easy, simple, and fun. What more could you ask for? This game may require some cleanup at the end of the day but it is worth it. 

Final Thoughts

If there is ever a time to bring fun and excitement to the classroom, it is Mardi Gras! Above are 16 of the best activities to incorporate into your lessons during Mardi Gras. 

Kids of all ages can get involved and create memories that are going to last forever. Include prizes, and parades to ensure your students enjoy every moment of Mardi Gras.

Even if they never leave the classroom!

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