Making Multiplication Easy – 15 Excellent Worksheets for Grade 4 

Multiplication can be a tough topic for students, especially when multiplying large numbers.

When learning multiplication in grade 4, children will focus on a variety of multiplication topics, such as multi-digit multiplication, mental multiplication and factors. 

When students reach fourth grade, multiplication is no longer about memorizing tables, it involves teaching more complex problems.

However, learning this can be fun! 

Below, I have outlined 15 worksheets that will help make multiplication fun and breezy for your grade 4 students.

These worksheets range in difficulty including some basic multiplication worksheets for children who may need them.

With these you can help your fourth graders excel in multiplication, even with the most challenging concepts!

Basic Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 4

It is important that your students don’t forget the basics of multiplication even when entering the more complicated stage of their learning.

Here are some worksheets to help aid their basic understanding of multiplication. 

1. Simple Multiplication: Lemons Worksheet 

This adorable worksheet is an engaging starting point for basic multiplication.

Students are asked to multiply the digits within the lemon and circle the sums that match the number above. 

This worksheet involves multiplying single digit numbers only acting as a great starting point for revision.

This worksheet will also help boost the confidence of students who are already comfortable with basic multiplication. 

2. Multiplication Match: Butterfly Worksheet 

If you’re looking for a simple multiplication worksheet that brings interactivity to the classroom then this is a winner!

All you need to do is cut out the butterflies in preparation for the lesson.

Once the butterflies have been cut out, the children must match the sum half of the butterfly to the solution half.

This worksheet also focuses on single digit multiplication. 

Add a splash of teamwork to this activity by getting your students to complete the butterflies in pairs! 

3. Color the Peacock: Basic Multiplication Worksheet

Try adding a splash of color to your math class by incorporating this coloring multiplication worksheet.

Students are given a color key with a corresponding number.

They must color in the sum shown on the peacock feathers with the color of the correct answer. 

This worksheet would make a great warm up exercise and also uses single digit multiplication. 

4. Multiplication Dice Game Worksheet

For this game each student will require a single six sided dice.

This fabulous multiplication dice game requires students to roll the dice twice and note the numbers down.

Once the numbers are put into the correct box, they must multiply them together. 

Your students will be so enthralled with rolling their dice that they won’t even be aware of the multiplication practice they’re achieving!

5. Multiplication Wheels 1-12 Worksheet

These multiplication wheels will help build fluency when students recall their times tables.

This is a great visual aid for your students to keep helping them memorize their multiplication tables.

If some of your students are struggling to remember their times tables then this is a great resource for revision. 

You could also get your students to color in their multiplication wheels! 

Mental Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 4

These worksheets are aimed at working on a student’s mental multiplication skills.

They must aim to find a solution to the sum without noting down their calculations. 

1. Tens, Hundreds, Thousands Multiplication Worksheet 

A great starting point for this practice is focusing on multiples of ten, a hundred and a thousand.

With this worksheet students will expand on their existing knowledge of multiplying in tens, hundreds and thousands by doing slightly more complicated sums. For example, multiplying by 40. 

These questions vary in difficulty meaning that there is a question that will get every student’s brain ticking. 

2. Multiplication Tables: 2-10 Practice Worksheet 

If you are keen on improving your students’ speed and accuracy with their 2-10 multiplication tables then consider using this worksheet.

Children are required to use their mental multiplication skills to tackle their multiples of 2-10 in no particular order. 

Consider adding a little competitive flair within the classroom by seeing who can complete their worksheet the quickest with the correct answers. 

3. Fill in the Blanks: Multiplication Worksheet

A solution to a sum doesn’t always need to come after the equals sign.

This worksheet encourages students to work out what number is missing from the multiplication sum. 

To expand on this worksheet idea, children could create their own fill in the blank multiplication sums and share them with a classmate. 

4. Multiply 1-Digit By A Number Near 100 Worksheet

These grade 4 multiplication worksheets focus on multiplying single digit numbers by another number between 95 and 105. 

This worksheet will get sparks flying amongst your students.

It is one of the more difficult mental math worksheets and will require children to explore different strategies for calculating these sums in their heads. 

5. Multiplication Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

There are no rules that state crossword puzzles can only be used in English lessons.

Why not integrate math into them in this fun multiplication crossword puzzle.

This sheet is partially filled with answers to help your students determine which sum goes where.

They will definitely need their thinking caps on. 

Multi-Digit Multiplication Worksheets For Grade 4

Test your students’ abilities to write down their calculations with these multi-digit multiplication worksheets. 

1. Multiplying 2-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers

This worksheet uses the column method of working out 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, also known as long multiplication.

Just like long division, children must work their way through the sum number by number in order to find the solution to the full sum. 

These calculations may seem daunting to your students at first but if accompanied by proper instructions they will breeze through. 

2. Multiplication Chart Worksheet

Your students will have a lot of fun filling out this worksheet.

Not only is it visually appealing, but it is a great way for students to practice their multiplication tables up to 12 as well as acting as a fun visual guide for them to keep. 

Why not get your students to color in this worksheet to their liking once they have completed it? 

3. Word Problems: 2-Digit Multiplication

Help your students apply multiplication to real world situations in order to integrate their math knowledge on a deeper level.

These word problems are great for your students to start thinking about how to approach multiplication in a new way.

Encourage your students to write out the sum and show their workings. 

4. Word Problems: 3-Digit Multiplication

You can expand on your students’ abilities to multiply multi-digit numbers by using these word problems.

These word problems focus on 3-digit multiplication. There may be some of your students who are speeding through 2-digit multiplication.

This worksheet is a great way to introduce more challenging problems to your higher achieving students. 

Multiplication Factors Worksheets For Grade 4

A factor is a number that divides into another number.

These worksheets will provide your students with entertaining ways to find the factors of various numbers. 

1. Prime Factorization Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on the factors of numbers that are prime numbers.

As well as providing sums and a wonderful diagram for your students to fill out, it also provides instructions and the definition of a prime factor for the children to look back on if they are lost. 

2. Fun Factor Christmas Tree Worksheet 

Who said multiplication can’t be Christmas themed?

If you’re stuck for ways to theme your factors worksheets this winter holiday then why not use this factor Christmas tree worksheet? 

Students must fill out the blanks with the correct factors in order to complete the factor Christmas tree. 

3. Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

Children will learn how to identify the greatest common factor of two numbers in this engaging math worksheet.

It is accompanied by a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the worksheet, plus examples to help clarify the process for your students.

This worksheet will help your fourth graders build a strong foundation for their knowledge in factors. 

4. Greatest Common Factor and Lowest Common Factor Worksheet

This worksheet combines math and art! Your students must work out the greatest common factor and lowest common factor of the given numbers. 

Each solution corresponds to a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Students must complete the sums in order to determine what the picture will be as a while once it is put together. 

Final Thoughts

In grade 4 your students will start to feel a shift in the difficulty level.

Here, they really start to get to the meat of multiplication and the methods they can utilize to solve different calculations.

They will start to focus on the more complicated aspects of multiplication including multiplying larger numbers and being required to show their working. 

These worksheets can help to ease the transition from basic multiplication to more complicated multiplication sums. 

Helena Waters