13 Best June Whiteboard Calendar Ideas To Try Today

Summer vacation time is just around the corner, but that’s no excuse to flake when it comes to your classroom decor!

June is a fun month filled with great opportunities for your students. It’s bright and sunny, and it’s only fair that you convey all that through your whiteboard calendar! 

13 Best June Whiteboard Calendar
Ideas To Try Today

But how? 

Here are some great June whiteboard calendar ideas for you to try out! Check out the list below and find the inspiration you need to properly decorate your classroom this June! 

Best June Whiteboard Calendar Ideas 

1. Sunflower Sunshine

June is the official first month of the summer season, and this is something that is bound to get your students excited.

A great way to convey that excitement and warmth through your June whiteboard calendar is to add lots of great drawings of sunflowers! 

Sunflowers are bright and beautiful flowers, plus they are commonly associated with June and the rest of the summer season.

So, they are the perfect choice for your June whiteboard. While you are there, why not add a quote or two about sunshine to help wrap up the theme completely? 

The choice is yours! 

2. Here Comes The Sun

June is the first month of summer so this means that long days, high temperatures, and tons of sunshine are on their way! 

Your students are bound to be looking forward to the longer days and dry weather as it means they get to spend more time playing outdoors.

Use your June whiteboard calendar to get them excited for this by adding a fun drawing of the sun with the quote ‘here comes the sun!’. 

This whiteboard idea is a great way to brighten up your classroom (literally) and perfectly captures what June is all about. 

3. Seaside Spectacular

Because June is so widely associated with summer, it makes sense to add a ton of summer imagery to your June whiteboard calendar. 

A popular summer activity is to visit the beach so try adding lots of seaside iconography to your whiteboard calendar in June.

Some ideas you can include are the sea itself at the bottom of your whiteboard with little boats, the sun in the top right corner, sandcastles, crabs, buckets and shovels, the list goes on! 

If you are ever stuck for seaside inspiration, then ask your students what they think of when they think of the beach – they can help you come up with some great ideas! 

4. Dinosaurs

June 1st is International Dinosaur Day – and this is a celebration that will definitely capture your students’ attention.

Lots of kids love dinosaurs and while you can also plan activities around this, you can also give your June whiteboard calendar a dinosaur theme! 

From drawing dinosaurs to dinosaur footprints, eggs, and jungle foliage, you can easily create an exciting dinosaur-themed June whiteboard calendar to celebrate this special day!

Your students are bound to love the dinosaurs you add to your whiteboard – so why not make them classroom mascots and give them names too? 

5. Eat Your Veggies

June 17th is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, which gives teachers like you a great opportunity to talk to your students about healthy eating.

Lots of teachers love to plan cooking sessions, tasting tasks, and informative activities all based on why it’s important to eat your vegetables. 

A great way to help vegetables become more ‘enticing’ to kids is to make them look fun – and this is where your June whiteboard calendar comes in.

Draw some popular vegetables like carrots, corn, or peppers around your whiteboard to help your students become more familiar with them – and add on some smiley faces to make them look more appealing. 

6. #Besties

June is also the month when we celebrate National Best Friends Day – an important day to celebrate with your students to help encourage them to appreciate those around them.

While there are lots of activities you can do to also help mark June 8th, you can also decorate with fun slogans and word art. 

This idea of ‘#Besties’ is a fun, quirky way to decorate your whiteboard calendar while making a nod to the special occasion you are celebrating with your students.

It’s also a great way to remind them to be kind to one another and to appreciate their friends all through the month of June. 

7. Keep Your Chill

Lots of sunshine and high temperatures also mean that your students are at risk of heat stroke, sunstroke, and sunburn – so now is a vital time to teach them about how to stay cool during the summer. 

While lessons planned around keeping cool is a must, you can also add some fun drawings and slogans to your whiteboard calendar to also promote this awareness throughout June.

Draw ice cubes, ice cream, sun glasses, hats, and more all around a bright colorful slogan – this helps get your students thinking all throughout June about how important it is to stay safe during the sunny weather! 

8. Summer Picnic 

Summer is the best time of the year to head outdoors and one of the most popular activities is the classic picnic.

A lot of your students will probably head out on more than one during June, so why not get them excited by decorating your June whiteboard calendar with classic snacks we love to enjoy at picnics? 

You have a ton of different options including sandwiches, fruit, cakes, drinks, cheese, and more – or ask your students to plan their own picnic, and add their choices to the whiteboard!

This is a great way to get them involved and get excited for the upcoming season! 

9. Globetrotters

No, we’re not talking about the basketball team here – we’re talking about traveling the world during summer vacation time!

During the summer, a lot of your students will be jetting off on vacation to a ton of different locations around the world.

Use your June whiteboard calendar to help them become familiar with the places they are heading and to get them excited about their upcoming travels. 

Draw iconic food, clothing, or landmarks from around the world. You can also use this as a springboard to help teach your students’ geography! 

10. Descendents Day

Descendents Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of June, and it’s a great way to get your students to look at their family trees and learn more about where they come from.

Perhaps some of your students have family from other countries or states, or simply want to show off their grandparents to the rest of the class – either way, Descendents Day is a great opportunity to talk about family with your students. 

For your whiteboard, you can draw a family tree in the spaces you have or add quotes that have an important meaning about family.

Add leaves, branches, and hanging fruit to help convey this theme of family, ancestry, and importance. 

11. Sports

13 Best June Whiteboard Calendar
Ideas To Try Today

Now that it’s easier for your students to spend more time outdoors, more and more of them will be looking to pick up their favorite sports.

Some may be discovering a new sport while others may be returning to an old favorite – either way, why not bring this theme into your whiteboard calendar? 

You can add various iconography of your students’ favorite sports like baseball, football, soccer, and more. Some may be interested in other types of exercise like cycling or swimming.

It’s a great way to encourage fitness amongst your students and get them looking forward to outdoor activities this summer! 

12. Sea Life

Because summer (and by proxy, June itself) is so closely associated with the sea, another great way to bring some life to your whiteboard calendar is to add little iconography and images of sea life! 

You can add different types of fish, sharks, seaweed, starfish, shells, and more to whatever free space you have on your whiteboard calendar.

You can even tie this into lessons you may be doing with your students about the ocean or underwater animals! 

13. Stay Hydrated

Running around in the summer sun can put kids at serious risk of dehydration, so it’s important to remind them to stay hydrated. 

Adding little drawings of things like ice cubes, water bottles, water drops, juice cartons, and juicy fruits to your whiteboard calendar is a great way to drill your students on how they can stay hydrated during the summer season.

Ask them for ideas to get them thinking and then point them out whenever it’s time for a drink break during class. Over time, they will learn just how important staying hydrated is and how to do it! 

Final Thoughts

So, those were some of the best June whiteboard calendar ideas out there for you to try today!

From celebrating important dates to encouraging your students to enjoy the summer season, there are lots of amazing ways you can decorate your whiteboard calendar this June to brighten it up and help it fit the rest of your classroom. 

Take a look at the list above, pick out your favorite ideas, and give them a try! Good luck!

Helena Waters

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