How To Use An Amazon Wish List To Get Supplies For Your Classroom

Teachers should never have to buy classroom supplies. But sometimes they have to, and it’s a pain in the butt. In fact, most teachers will have to buy supplies, such as glue sticks, pens, pencils, and paper, for their classroom.

How To Use An Amazon Wish List To Get Supplies For Your Classroom

Yet, this hardly seems fair. Why should teachers have to spend their hard-earned cash on essential school supplies?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just order them online, or even better yet, get them delivered straight to your door? That is exactly what you can do with the Wish List on Amazon!

Amazon wish lists enable you to buy school supplies without costing a fortune. If you are a classroom teacher, continue reading to save yourself a fortune.

What Is The Amazon Wish List?

Amazon Wish List is a free service offered by Essentially, it is like an online shopping list. Using your Amazon account, you can use this list to document any items that you desire.

You can create a wish list of anything you want or need for school, such as books, pencils, notebooks, etc. When you shop at Amazon, you can then add these items to your wish list.

You can also share your wish list with friends, family members, and colleagues. They can purchase these items from your wish list using their own accounts.

This way, other people know exactly what you want. Consequently, Amazon Wish List is ideal for birthdays and Christmas.

In this case, you will be using the Wish List to buy essential classroom supplies. This means that other people can pay for the items that are needed at school.


To use this technique, simply follow these instructions.

1. Go to Log into your account. Create a new account if you don’t already have one. This can take some time but is certainly worth it.

You will need to add personal details, such as your name, email address, and telephone number.

amazon sign-in

2. Next, begin shopping for the basic supplies required in the classroom. This can include chart paper, paper plates, dry-erase markers, and classroom decorations.

Amazon has a wide array of products available. You can find everything here.

Remember, these items must be for personal use. If you want to use Amazon to buy something for yourself, that is perfectly fine. However, it should not be added to the same Wish List as these other products.

You may want to keep a record of the basic classroom necessities that you require. Whenever something runs out or is low in stock in the classroom, you can add it to the record.

amazon product

3. Once you have located the item that you desire, click “Add to List.” This button is found underneath the normally purchasing options, such as “Add to Cart.”

add to list

4. You will then be given a lot of different options regarding what list you wish to use. Select Shopping List or Wish List. Though these two options used to be separate, they have since been combined for simplified shopping.

shopping list

5. If this is the first time using the Wish List, create it. Be sure to give it a name that will separate it from your personal Wish Lists. For example, call it the “Classroom Wish List.”

classroom wishlist

6. Ensure that you alter the privacy setting so that it is public. This gives others the ability to see the list. Otherwise, you will be the only account that can access it.

privacy setting

7. Add as many items as you want to this Wish List. Usually, Amazon will provide product recommendations based on what you have been searching for. The algorithm will likely suggest other classroom items.


8. Now you need to make sure that other people can access your list. You can do this by emailing it to them. You can also share the link on social media.

You should not just get your friends, family, and colleagues involved, but it is recommended that you get the parents of your students to join in too.

You can send links to the parents via email. You can also send a letter to the parents so that they can also make monetary donations.

These letters can either be sent by post or handed to parents after school or during parent’s evening.


9. Wait for the orders to arrive. You can either get them sent to the school or to your home, whichever is easiest for you. You can even suggest that instead of Christmas presents, the parents buy school supplies.

Be sure to check your Wish List regularly. This way, you can remove items that you already have or no longer need. Plus, you can constantly update it with new items that you need.

The brilliant thing is that you can access this Wish List from lots of devices, including phones, laptops, and computers. This means that you can even update it while you are at school.

classroom wish list

What Are The Benefits Of This Method?

Now that you know how to do this method, you must consider why you should do it. There are numerous advantages to it. These include:

  • It saves money. By avoiding going into stores and buying things in bulk, you save money.
  • It helps you organize your classroom. When you are looking through your Wish List, you can easily find what you need.
  • It makes shopping easier. Instead of having to go to multiple stores, you can simply shop online.
  • It creates a sense of community. If everyone chips in, it means that parents and other family members are getting involved in the student’s education.
  • As a teacher, you no longer have to worry about using your own money to pay for school essentials.
  • Children can benefit from the increased amount of supplies that they have. This can help them to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Important School Supplies?

The answer to this question will be dependent on your personal opinion. Obviously, there are some things that everyone needs. But if you ask us, I would say that pencils, pens, and paper are probably the most important.

Other than those three essentials, you can go ahead and purchase whatever else you think you might need.

Nowadays, these items are becoming less and less important as digital technology becomes increasingly widespread in education. Yet, you cannot argue that pens, paper, and pencils are not essential pieces of stationary.

Is It Possible To Buy All Of My School Supplies On Amazon?

If you really wanted to, you could. After all, Amazon has a large stock and provides access to a diverse range of products. You can find practically any supply you could possibly need on this website.

When it comes to school supplies, it is often an incredible idea to buy in bulk. This is because products are often cheaper when bought in bulk.

But before you start buying everything on Amazon, remember that it is not always the best place to shop.

For example, you may end up paying more for shipping than the item itself. As a result, you may want to shop around first.

Do Teachers Really Need More Than Just A Pen And Paper?

Yes! There are so many ways that teachers use their pens and paper. They write notes, take attendance, keep track of homework assignments, and much more.

So, yes, you definitely need more than just a pen and paper in your classroom. This notion limits teachers considerably.

Final Thoughts

Using an Amazon Wish List is easy when you know how. It’s a great way to buy school supplies without spending a lot of money.

With any luck, this classroom Wish List will ensure that you never run low on essential school supplies ever again.

Though it should not be a teacher’s job to supply these items, it often falls to them to buy them. This method should prevent this problem.

Helena Waters