18 Best High School Welding Projects To Try Today

Welding is a useful skill and fun activity that can teach students about chemistry, assembly, safety, and blueprints.

It’s also highly creative, which makes welding a great high school project to try with your students.

18 Best High School Welding Projects to Try Today

Provided you know how to weld safely, welding projects are perfect for your high school students who are interested in careers in manufacturing, engineering, designing, metal fabrication, and even art.

So, to give you some welding inspiration and a few new ideas for exciting school projects, we’ve listed the 18 best high school welding projects that you can try today.

These simple welding projects for high school students are beginner-friendly, creative, and hands-on.

They can also mostly be made from scrap, a welding machine, and safety gear, with finished products that make fun decorations or gifts to take home and show off!

1. Garden Decor Welding Project

Garden decor shelves can make a great welding project to try with your aspiring welding students that only requires a few flat metal scraps.

It’s simple and inventive, and the perfect ornament to display in their garden or give away as a gift. Just make sure the base is welded securely to keep soil in!

2. Tractor Man Welding Project

You can weld together a tractor man ornament from a few tools and parts that you’re not using in your garage. These include clamps, nuts, screws, and bolts.

You may have to help your students by doing the metal bending, but the welding process can be fairly straightforward as this project is small and simple to create.

3. Heart Ornament Welding Project

This high school welding project can be made by welding rebar and a flat metal base, creating a heart-shaped ornament that can be given away as a Valentine’s Day gift or birthday present!

It’s a small welding project that’s ideal for beginners and aspiring welders, which can be completed in a few hours.

4. Dad Ornament Welding Projects

Welding doesn’t get any simpler than this!

This welding project can be made using metal scrap found in garages, including washers, screws, nuts, bolts, and unused metal tools, such as wrenches and spanners.

You can give your students the freedom to weld together any word (or shape) they want, which can be given away as a fun gift.

5. Sprocket Hanger Welding Project

This simple high school welding project welds together a bike sprocket and coat hook, which can turn a boring or broken coat hook into a new ornament that will look unique when displayed at home.

It’s simple, fun, and practical, as well as an ideal project for beginner high school welders.

6. Tree Ornament Welding Project

Perfect for Christmas or simply as a decoration to be displayed at home or given away, this tree ornament welding project is easy enough to make by welding together scrap steel rods of different sizes.

Your students can use any flat metal sheet for the base, before finishing off the project with paint if desired!

7. Horseshoe Shoe Holder Welding Project

Horseshoes are accessible and highly versatile for small welding projects. This includes welded shoe racks, which can be made with horseshoes and rebar.

The shoe rack can be made small or large, and the best thing is that you’ll find most shoes will slot perfectly into the horseshoes. Educational and functional!

8. Horseshoe Candle Holder Welding Project

Here’s another great example of how horseshoes can be welded together to create different ornaments that are simple and functional.

Horseshoe candle holders can be made from various scraps, as long as there is a flat surface for a candle to sit on. This welding project is simple and ideal for beginner welders.

9. Phone Holder Welding Project

Two horseshoes and a metal rod can be welded together to create a phone holder.

Your millennial students will love doing this project, which creates a convenient ornament to store their phone on when eating or studying.

The finished product can also be brushed or painted for aesthetic purposes if desired.

10. Bottle Holder Welding Project

This simple but creative welding project uses a flat metal sheet, rebar, and a few nuts and bolts welded together to create a metal stick man that can be used as a bottle holder!

It’s practical and also a great gift to give away after it’s made. Depending on the design, it can even store a variety of different shaped bottles, including round and square bottles.

11. Flower Welding Project

With a few metal washers, rebar, and nuts, your high school students can weld together an attractive flower ornament that can be displayed at home or given away as a gift.

The flower can be welded in various designs as well, which will give your students plenty of freedom to get creative with this project.

12. Shelf Welding Project

Like the garden decor welding project listed above, you can get your students to make a functional welded shelf using a few flat metal scraps.

The design doesn’t have to be elaborate either, and can be welded using as few metal scraps as needed or desired. It’s simple, as a result, with the flexibility to make it creative.

13. Bicycle Ornament Welding Project

Here is another easy welding project that can be using a few small metal parts, such as washers, screws, bolts, and allen keys.

It’s a small project that won’t take a lot of time, which makes it great for beginner welders in high school.

The finished ornament can be displayed on the wall at home or welded to a flat metalbase so that it can stand on a desk or shelf.

14. Motorcycle Ornament Welding Project

This small welding project for high school students can be made with washers, nuts, bolts, screws, allen keys, and other unused metal parts that can be found in garages, creating an awesome-looking welded motorcycle ornament that can be displayed on desks and shelves.

The same parts can also be welded together to make small bicycles, scooters, and so on!

15. Stationary Organizer Welding Project

With a few flat metal scraps and their imagination, your students can create functional stationery organizers that will sit perfectly on their desks at home.

This high school welding project can be as simple as desired too, as long as the end result can hold a few pens or pencils! 

16. Stool Welding Project

If you have access to straight metal rods and a flat metal base, your students can weld together a basic metal stool that can be easy to create as well as functional.

It can be made using five components, after all, making it a simple yet informative project for aspiring welders in high school.

You may have to use an angle grinder to cut the legs but, other than that, your students can do the welding!

17. Word Ornament Welding Project

Rebar is super simple to weld, so why not let your high school students get creative and make their own metal word ornaments?

The rebar can be welded together to make any kind of shape or word, which can then be welded to a metal stand or hung up as a decoration at home.

It’s simple, yet a great way to introduce high school students to welding.

18. Butterfly Welding Project

Last but not least, welded butterflies!

Like some of the high school welding projects listed above that make use of horseshoes, these metal butterflies are simple enough to make, requiring four horseshoes (two large horseshoes and two smaller horseshoes), a metal rod, metal wiring, and some welding guidance. 


And that wraps up this list of the 18 best high school welding projects to try with your students.

These simple projects can be made from scraps and basic welding tools, helping your students to learn about the basics of welding, soldering, metal bending, and metal fabrication.

These welding projects are also creative, inventive, and fun, resulting in small ornaments and functional items that can be taken home and displayed or even given away as gifts!

So as long as you know how to weld safely, why not set up one of these high school welding projects with your students? Try them out today!

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