15 Best High School Students Easy Wood Projects To Try Today

High school students looking for easy wood projects to make in their spare time or in class can find plenty of creative ideas to fill their days. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced builder, there are plenty of projects that don’t require a lot of specialized knowledge or expensive materials. 

15 Best High School Students Easy Wood Projects To Try Today

From simple birdhouses and wooden signs to stools and benches, these projects provide teens with the perfect opportunity to express themselves while learning a valuable skill.

Here are some of our favorite easy wood projects for high school students. 

1. Birdhouses 

Birdhouses provide a great starting point for woodworking beginners. With just a few basic supplies, your students can make a simple birdhouse that can be dressed up with paints and other embellishments. 

There are lots of different plans available online that will help them get started with this project.

Constructing a wooden birdhouse with your students is a great way to bond while teaching them valuable DIY skills.

They can put their creative minds to the test and design an original birdhouse that appeals to their own tastes or follow a tutorial for a more traditional structure. 

Not only will this help them understand construction concepts like carpentry and woodworking, but it could spark an interest in nature as they observe their feathered friends flying in and out of their very own hand-crafted homes.

2. Wooden Signs 

If you’re looking for a fun and creative project for your students, why not have them make their own wooden signs? 

They can customize the design with their own words or artwork, and then use a variety of woodworking tools to craft the perfect sign for their bedroom or living room walls.

3. Stools & Benches 

Making stools and benches is an easy way to add seating to any room.

You can find plenty of step-by-step plans online that can help your students build sturdy, attractive pieces of furniture without spending too much money. 

A portable small bench provides a great solution for anyone who needs a convenient and compact seating or stepping solution in their workspace. 

The whole project only takes a couple of hours to put together, so it won’t take up too much of their time.

Since it’s lightweight and durable, your students can easily move it from one area to the next without any difficulty. 

4. Picture Frames 

A simple picture frame is a great way to showcase favorite photos and artwork. With just a few basic tools, your students can easily make a frame that will last for years to come. 

Posters have become a staple of any child’s bedroom. Kids love putting up vibrant and colorful posters of their favorite characters, whether it be from movies or TV shows. 

Now, with beautiful wooden poster frames that easily clip into place and hold their poster tight, making them easy to change when needed.

5. Bookends 

Bookends make great gifts, and they’re easy to make, too. You can find plenty of plans online that will help your students craft the perfect bookend for their favorite bookshelf.

Sliding bookends are an ideal solution for organizing books and other materials in offices and libraries. They provide a way to keep items neat and organized while at the same time providing quick and easy access when needed. 

Not only does having sliding bookends make it easier to grab items off shelves quicker, but it also helps prevent dirt from getting onto valuable media resources, as well as provides support for delicate books like encyclopedias. 

Sliding bookends make it easier than ever before to stay organized while having quick access when necessary.

6. Jewelry Boxes 

If your students are looking for a fun way to store jewelry, why not have them make their own jewelry box? 

You can find plenty of plans online that will help them craft the perfect box to keep rings, necklaces, and earrings organized.

With just a few simple supplies and tools, they can easily make an elegant piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

Making their own jewelry holder can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether they’re looking to upgrade a current piece or craft one from scratch, this project is definitely doable. 

With minimal expense and time commitment, as well as very basic woodworking skills, anyone can build a functional and beautiful holder for their beloved pieces of jewelry.

7. Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes are a great way to store mementos and special items that remind us of your life’s most important moments. 

You can find plenty of plans online that will help your students craft the perfect box with compartments and drawers to keep their memories safe.

8. Wooden Spoons

Working with wood can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. From carving intricate designs to creating functional everyday items, woodworking offers an excellent way to express creativity while developing valuable skills. 

Carving a wooden spoon is a great project for the beginner woodworker, combining practicality with an interesting design challenge.

Creating a spoon from scratch requires basic woodworking tools and techniques such as sharp knives or chisels, sanding materials, and finishing supplies. 

You’ll first need to choose the type of wood your students are going to use for their spoons, as some woods are more suitable than others for food preparation. 

9. Pencil Holder

A pencil holder is an excellent way to stay organized and tidy at home or in the office. It is a great project for first-time woodworkers, as it doesn’t require any specialized skills other than operating a drill and using basic tools. 

Making one is relatively simple and straightforward and will take just a couple of hours to complete.

10. Wooden Rulers

Making this practical yet simple craft creates the potential for customization! Different woods can be used to craft a unique look that adds an extra special touch to any creative project. 

Aside from cutting it into standard shapes such as rectangles or triangles, the edges may also be rounded off for added style. 

Furthermore, if desired, your students could paint designs or stamp letters onto their ruler for extra flair; these touches make it something truly unique for personal use or even gifting!

11. Driftwood Art

Making driftwood art is a great way for teens to express their creativity. It doesn’t require any prior experience, making it accessible even to those without a lot of artistic experience. 

All they need is some treated driftwood, found easily along the beach or local riverside, and the imagination to create. 

With driftwood’s rustic look and rough texture, teens can customize pieces as they wish into artwork or home decor projects.

12. Bath Tray

For teens looking to relax and unwind, a bathtub tray is a perfect solution.

Not only does it help keep their books, snacks, and phones secure while they bathe, it provides extra space for them to study and spend time doing the things that make them happy. 

Crafted from wood for an elegant look and feel, teens will love the DIY aspect of this unique project.

Measuring accurately and cutting the different pieces of wood is a great way to challenge their creativity and learn valuable skills in the process.

This versatile piece also makes an amazing handmade keepsake or gift for loved ones, sure to bring much joy every time they use it.

Offering teenagers endless ways to stay entertained, this simple project is sure to be everyone’s favorite!

13. Chest

Wooden chests are a great way for high schoolers to start preparing for college and beyond.

It provides them with a place to store all of their belongings that they want to keep safe and out of sight until it’s time for them to move on to their own home. 

Not only is it useful for keeping treasured items secure, but it can also be an inspiring furniture piece when decorating their first dorm, apartment, or house.

14. Spice Rack

This spice rack is a great way to store and organize favorite seasonings. It’s easy to construct at home with the right tools and fits snugly in any standard kitchen cabinet. 

The process essentially involves attaching two discs together, cutting slots on each level corresponding to the size of the spices you wish to store, giving it an aesthetic finish by sanding down rough edges and painting for a bonus. 

No drilling or saw cutting is required through intermediate levels, which makes this project much easier for those looking for something fast yet long-lasting. 

15. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are one of those decorations that people love to have in their yards, and teens parents can enjoy their own handmade wind chimes from this high school project. 

Whether hung from a tree branch or the corner of a porch, wind chimes create an atmosphere that is both serene and captivating.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of woodworking project you choose, the important thing is to have fun with it! 

With some patience and practice, your students will be able to make beautiful woodworking projects that they can be proud of.

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