A Wide Range of Halloween Themed Math Worksheets For Kids

Halloween is almost upon us, and I’m sure you’ve already started preparing for the big day. If you haven’t, then you should start now.

There are tons of fun activities you can do to get ready for Halloween. One of them is learning some new math skills.

A Wide Range of Halloween Themed Math Worksheets For Kids

Math is important because it helps students develop their problem-solving skills. This skill is especially useful during the school year.

In addition, math also plays an essential role in everyday life. For example, it helps you calculate prices at the grocery store or determine whether, or not, you can afford a particular item.

Halloween is a great time to practice basic math skills. The trickiest part of these lessons is finding the correct answers.

That’s why I created these Halloween themed math worksheets. They include questions that cover topics such as fractions, decimals, percentages, and even algebra.

With these worksheets, your child will learn all about Halloween without having to worry about getting into trouble!

These Halloween Math Worksheet includes:

  • A list of common Halloween facts
  • Questions related to this topic
  • Answers with explanations
  • A final question for extra credit

These Halloween themed math worksheets have been designed by teachers (or parents) who want to help children prepare for the big day.

You’ll find that they’re easy to use and follow along with. Your kid will enjoy working through these worksheets, and you won’t have to worry about them being bored.

So, let’s get started!  

Grade 1 to 3 Worksheets

Addition Mystery Picture: Pumpkin(Basic Addition Facts)

Your kids will love figuring out what the mystery picture is.

The answers to the addition or subtraction problems will form shapes, which they will then be able to color in. There are pumpkins, witches and more. 

Addition Mystery Picture: Witch

In terms of addition worksheets, there are a lot of examples available. There is the Pumpkin Sum Game or the 3-Digit Addition: Werewolf Cut-and-Glue Mystery Puzzle to give them.

In the Pumpkin Sum Game, the learner had to find adjacent shapes on the pumpkin that needed to add up to  a particular number. The learner who finds the most shapes, wins. 

The cut-and-glue mystery puzzle works by solving addition problems. Each puzzle piece has a corresponding answer. These are matched up and glued together to make a picture.

If your kids need to learn how to tell time,  you can do it with Halloween in mind! Check out this worksheet:

Grade 3 to 6 Worksheets

Similar to the worksheets above, there are a variety of problems available for an older age group.

Here are math riddle exercises which allow learners to solve mathematical problems which then form a picture of a fence in the Math Riddle: Graveyard Fences (Mental Math: Addition).

Again, there is a mystery picture for multiplication and division. Below are examples of what is available on the site:

Grade 5 to 7 Worksheets

With the higher grades, there are Halloween-themed riddles and graphic plots to keep the kids busy during the lead up to Halloween, which includes using algebra and order of operations. 

Halloween Math Worksheets From Math-Drills.com

The next set of worksheets are from Math-Drills.com. They are all free and are available as PDF worksheets, with five different designs to choose from. Each worksheet comes with an answer sheet. 

In terms of the content of these worksheets, there are counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, patterns, trends, geometry, and angles and graphs. All with a Halloween theme. 

Printable Halloween Math Worksheets at KidZone

These worksheets available from KidZone are aimed for students between grade 1 to grade 5. In general, there is content covering tables, word problems, number sequences, graphic plots as well as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. 

They also include word problems which will have your kids stumped and hopefully not too spooked, for a little while.

Teachers Pay Teachers’ Halloween Math Worksheets

Again, these Halloween themed worksheets are available free of charge on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

All that you need to do is register on the site, which is free of charge to download the worksheets in a PDF form. 

What is great about this site is that you can search activities per grade, level of expertise and subject.

You can also filter by how long the activity takes, if the sheet has an answer key as well as previews of the worksheets.

The preview is accompanied by a good description of the worksheet to help you decide if that is what you are looking for. 

Free Halloween Math Worksheets at Free Worksheets for Kids

This site offers a wide range of free printable Halloween themed worksheets for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

There are worksheets for basic math, including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, measurements, shapes, money values, time and measurement, as well as graphing. 

There are also worksheets for Halloween related topics such as pumpkins, witches, ghosts, spiders, bats, skeletons, jack o lanterns, candy corn, scary stories, which all relate back to math.

edHelper.com’s Halloween Math Worksheets

If you want a more comprehensive collection of Halloween themed worksheets, then edHelper.com may be worth checking out. This site offers over 1000 free printables for teachers, parents, and students. 

There are worksheets for almost every topic under the sun, ranging from basic math to science, history, geography, art, music, language, literature, spelling, grammar, writing, reading, social studies, health and physical education. 

All the worksheets are designed to be used in conjunction with other resources or teaching materials. 

All the worksheets come with answers sheets so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to find them. 

You can also use the search feature to narrow down your results based on age group, difficulty, and type of worksheet. 

The best thing about this site is that it is updated regularly, meaning new worksheets are added frequently. 

Halloween Math Activities – Fun Games for Kids!

This site offers a large selection of games for kids, some of which are Halloween themed. They cover counting, matching, sorting, memory, puzzles, and much more. 

Some of the games are simple, others are quite challenging, and all are printable. 

Halloween Math Worksheets for Kindergartners and Preschoolers

These worksheets are perfect for kindergarten and preschoolers who are just starting to learn their numbers and letters.

These worksheets contain number recognition, counting, letter sounds, alphabet learning, and many more. 

They are very easy to follow and understand, making them ideal for young learners.

They include mazes, connecting dots and simple addition and subtraction sums. 

Halloween Math Worksheets from Education.com

Education.com has a huge collection of Halloween themed worksheet templates for grades K-12. 

There are pages dedicated to each grade, covering subjects like geometry, algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic, word problems, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, and more. 

Each page includes a preview of the template, along with instructions on how to download and print the worksheet. 

A lot of these worksheets are interactive, allowing you to click through the pages and see what happens when you answer the questions. 

Many of the activities are designed to be completed by hand, but there are also some worksheets that allow you to fill in the blanks using a computer. 

In terms of difficulty, most of the worksheets fall into the intermediate range.

Some of the harder ones require you to work quickly, while others will take longer to complete. 

Halloween Clip Cards from A Little Pinch of Perfect

If you’re looking for clip cards that you can use as part of your classroom’s Halloween unit, then A Little Pinch of Perfect might be worth checking out. 

This site contains over 200 clip cards, divided between topics such as Halloween facts, Halloween crafts, Halloween games, Halloween treats, Halloween costumes, Halloween food, Halloween decorations, and Halloween songs. 

Each card comes with an image, along with a short description of the activity. You’ll also find suggestions for where to buy supplies if needed. 

Clip cards are great for students because they make it easier for them to access information during class time. 

Halloween Printables from The Learning Station

The Learning Station has a wide variety of printables for kids, including Halloween themed printables. 

The majority of the items here are free to download, although some are available only to members. 

You’ll find everything from coloring sheets and flashcards to posters, worksheets, and even a Halloween coloring book! 

You can search by subject or type of item, so you won’t have any trouble finding exactly what you need. 

Monster Dice Match from The Measured Mom

Are you looking for monster dice matching games? Then check out this site. It offers a range of different games, all based around the idea of rolling dice and trying to match up pairs of monsters. 

Some of the games are fairly straightforward, while others involve a bit more strategy.

There are also several variations of the same game, which means that you can play one version after another until you’ve mastered it. 

Monster Dice Match is a great way to keep kids engaged throughout the day, especially since they don’t need to do anything other than roll the dice and try to match the two monsters together. 

The Happy Teacher’s Halloween Addition and Subtraction Activity

Looking for a fun addition and subtraction activity book for your classroom? If so, then this site may be just what you’re looking for. 

It features over 100 pages of activities, ranging from counting to multiplication tables to adding and subtracting fractions. 

There are also plenty of activities to help kids learn about Halloween traditions, such as how pumpkins got their name. 

The activities aren’t too difficult, but they do get progressively harder as you go along.

This makes them ideal for older elementary school children who are learning addition and subtraction in grade four. 


As you can see, there are many sites on the Internet that offer Halloween-themed resources for kids. 

Whether you want to teach them about Halloween history, create fun Halloween-related games, or simply give them something fun to color,  while learning and practicing math, these sites should provide you with enough ideas to get started. 

Thank you for reading!

Helena Waters