16 Best Halloween Classroom Activities For Middle School To Try Today

Halloween is a massive holiday in the USA and if you are not turning your classroom into the scariest haunted room, what are you doing?

Middle schoolers are often the scariest thing in the building but as their teacher, it is up to you to keep the spirit alive. 

16 Best Halloween Classroom Activities For Middle School To Try Today

We have found 16 of the best Halloween classroom activities that are going to send a chill down your and your student’s spines.

From carving pumpkins to escape rooms, there is something for everyone to enjoy this October. 

Be sure to set up a bunch of these chilling activities throughout the months of October for the scariest Halloween yet!

Why Is Halloween Celebrated?

Samhain, an ancient Celtic holiday that was celebrated on November 1 in modern calendars, is where Halloween got its start.

People dressed up in costumes and set bonfires on that day in an effort to fend off ghosts since it was thought that on that day, the souls of the deceased returned to their homes.

16 Best Halloween Classroom Activities

1. Halloween Blackout Poetry

Halloween is the best time for blackout poetry. The youngsters can select a complete text, and they must skim the content and hunt for words to NOT strike out.

Once they have their “Black Out Poem,” they “Black out the rest of the text” with a thick black pen. a lot of fun

This is a different way of creating poetry which can then be displayed on the walls of the classroom for everyone to see. 

2. Spooky Science Spiderwebs

These spider webs are absolutely incredible to make and watch, and they only require a few items from the grocery store. Put on your lab coat and safety glasses, then begin working your fluorescent magic.

Be sure to watch as their faces spark with curiosity and wonder. Blend the spookiness of Halloween with the flare of science in this cool trick that will leave your students in wonder. 

3. Wrap The Mummy 

Middle school students enjoy competing in races, and this one is enjoyable. Create teams of four students in the class. To be the “Mummy,” pick one student.

Give each squad one or two rolls of toilet paper, and tell them to get ready, get set, go, and “Mummify” a classmate as quickly as they can. 

The winning team is the first one to complete. Doing it while blindfolded makes it funnier!

This activity is a great way to end the week on a Friday afternoon as everyone gets some laughs. 

4. Pumpkin Painting

While the tradition is carving pumpkins, it can create a large amount of mess and is not suitable for everyone. Painting pumpkins involves no sharp objects and little to no cleanup. 

Show the kids how to properly cut open a pumpkin, wash it, dry it out, and give it some color with paint. Allow the kids to paint their own pumpkins or work in teams and even set up a competition. 

Nothing screams Halloween like some brightly colored pumpkins!

5. Spooky Story Time

Tweens enjoy scary stories, and you can tell them anywhere. Cover the windows as much as you can to keep the light out.

Place the children in chairs or a circle on the floor. To create a spooky mood, the readers can alternately read by flashlight.

Just remember to set a boundary for how scary these stories are going to be. Some people’s minds can go to dark places and it is not pretty!

6. Pumpkin Explosion

Wanna give your students something to talk about for the rest of the month? This Pumpkin Explosion science experiment is sure to have them buzzing with questions and intrigue. 

Have the middle school students collaborate to carve a face with a large mouth on a jack-o-lantern. If you can find foam ones that are already pre-cut, you can even better carve off the bottom.

You will soon be treated to an explosive delight thanks to Steve the Science Dude and this incredible combination of H202+ KI. 

Gloves and protective eyewear are advised.

7. Chilling Charades

Charades is a great way to get everyone involved but adds in a Halloween twist for the perfect classroom activity. 

Have everyone write down their favorite Halloween character, film, or book, throw them in a hat, break everyone into teams and get to playing charades. 

See who can get the most answers right the fastest and have them win a prize! This is a simple game that is great for giving their brains a break this spooky season. 

8. Halloween Trivia

It is often thought that we know everything about Halloween but there is a rich history in the holiday. This makes it perfect for a trivia game!

Gather some interesting facts, turn them into questions, and have the kids split into teams. Everyone can learn something new about Halloween from its origins to cool, fun facts. 

Keep it exciting with a sense of competition and fun treats to be won along the way!

9. Hangman

One game that fits the theme of Halloween to a T is Hangman. Bringing in an element of English, kids can learn new vocabulary while trying to save the imaginary man on the paper!

Get the entire class involved in deciphering the clever yet creepy words in Hangman. 

Simple, cheap, and extremely fun. 

10. Halloween Decorations

When it comes to arts and crafts, there are endless possibilities for Halloween. Grab a bunch of supplies and let the kid’s imagination flow.

Allow them to create the decorations that are going to be displayed in the classroom and give that spooky vibe. 

Using classic colors such as black, orange, purple, and green, you and the kids can create some awesome decorations to really bring Halloween to school. 

Or they can take them home to decorate their rooms for Halloween. 

11. Potions And Spells

Witches are known for their awful potions and spells and your kids can create their own! Give each child a piece of card and let them discover the types of ingredients used for spells and potions. 

Or you can create the ingredient cards before class and create a scavenger hunt for the hidden ingredients around the classroom!

12. Face Painting

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up and painting your face. Bring the fun to the classroom with face painting. 

Grab some skin-safe paints, and a few brushes, and let the kids paint their own faces into their own favorite spooky characters.

Vampires, witches, and werewolves can all come alive and then be wiped off with water at the end of the day. 

This one may require permission from the parents beforehand but it is worth it as you see the kid’s visions come to life. 

13. Candy Apples

Apples are an excellent, delicious fruit. But they are even better when they are covered in candy and caramel.

Now what the kids won’t know is that this phenomenon was born because a factory has an excess of apples and caramel. 

Allow the kids to enjoy a slightly healthy treat this Halloween with a caramel apple or bring in some supplies and let them make their own. 

14. Monster Match Halloween Bingo

Create some Monster Match Halloween Bingo cards and get to playing. These cards are super easy to make or can be bought online. Print out enough for each kid and get to call out the monsters. 

Give prizes for each round and watch them become engrossed in finding the right monsters. You can also sprinkle in some learning by giving a short history of each monster and where it came from. 

15. Halloween Word Search

Word Searches are a great way to keep the mind young. This Halloween Word Search has all of the spooky words you need to keep everyone invested. 

Give a prize for the first person to find all of the words and don’t be afraid to give them some clues. Finding the right words can be hard but it only gets easier with this Halloween Word Search. 

16. Ghost Stack

Create your ghosts by using paper cups and tissue paper. Draw a spooky face on each cup and stack them up.

Using bean bags or foam balls, let each student take a turn knocking over as many cups as they can. 

This is a great game to shake off the stresses of a hard week and to introduce Halloween. Perfect for a Halloween party that needs some excitement. 

Final Thoughts

Halloween is the perfect time to introduce some games and fun activities to the classroom. The day-to-day stresses of teaching and learning can become heavy.

Release some of the stress and enjoy a Friday afternoon with fun Halloween theme activities. 

Above are 16 of the best Halloween classroom activities that everyone can get involved in. From fun party games to arts and crafts, there are endless memories to be made. 

No matter your budget, you can make Halloween one of the best holidays with a few simple activities. Check them out and enjoy a month of spooky, chilling activities in the classroom!

Helena Waters

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