Grade Level Costumes

Being a grade-level teacher means that there will be events where you will be expected to dress up! These events are super fun and a lot of grade-level teachers love to come together to create group-themed costumes to make your students (and parents) laugh and join in the fun!

Grade Level Costumes

So, if you are looking for some grade-level costume ideas for your next school dress-up event, here are some great ideas!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Characters

This idea is great for teachers on a strict budget. All you need to do is dress in black and white, draw out the faces of some iconic Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters on some cards, and turn them into masks!

Not only is this grade-level group costume idea great because it’s low-budget, but your students will also recognize the iconic style immediately.

Plus, there are plenty of characters to choose from so it’s suitable for groups of large sizes!


One of the most iconic literary characters for children is Madeline, and her school uniform is a very easy-to-recognize costume.

It’s also a fun idea as for once, the teachers will be the ones in school uniform as opposed to their students! Even the male teachers can get in with the fun and dress up in the same uniform!

The only downside is that you will need to set up a lot of organization to get the right costume in the right size for all the teachers, and this can be a little bit costly!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book is easily one of the best children’s books out there, and it’s also the source of a ton of inspiration for some fun grade-level teacher costumes!

If you are in a group, each teacher can dress up as stages in the caterpillar’s life or foods that the hungry caterpillar eats throughout the book – like ice cream, Swiss cheese, watermelon, apples, and so much more!

Your students will get the theme straight away and remind them of one of their favorite books of all time!

Where’s Waldo?

For this grade-level costume, you will only need three things – a red and white striped shirt or sweater, a beanie with the same colors, and a pair of round, thick glasses!

Waldo is an iconic literary character whose books can be found in schools across the world – and dressing up as Waldo couldn’t be easier or more fun!

Your costume will surely get a lot of laughs from your students (the possible jokes are endless) and to see all their teachers dressed up in the same costume only adds another layer of humor to the event!

Mystery Inc

Zoinks! This grade-level costume is a great idea for Halloween as this group of teen sleuths is an iconic bunch beloved by generations!

Although this costume idea relies on a certain number of teachers, you can always have any additional teachers dress up as iconic villains from the Scooby Doo cartoons – like the Black Knight, Captain Cutler, the Creeper, and so many more!


To a lot of children, teachers are a special type of superhero in their lives – so why not celebrate that with a great superhero costume?

The great thing about dressing up as a superhero is that you can choose what superhero you want to be and how detailed you want your costume to be.

Superhero costumes can range from a t-shirt with the Batman logo on it, to full-on Superman costumes with undies on the outside and all!

There are lots of superheroes to choose from so with a bit of communication, each teacher can have their own unique costume to prevent any doubling up. Take your costume as far as you desire (or can afford) and you will look great!


For a bright, colorful put relatively simple costume idea, try out the crayon costume idea!

This grade-level costume can range from a simple colorful t-shirt and a cone party hat to full-on tutus, leg-warmers, wigs, and more! It’s also gender-neutral so both male and female teachers (and everyone in between) can join in!

The Rainbow Fish

If you are particularly crafty and you want a dazzling costume to blow your students away, then this costume for The Rainbow Fish is a great choice!

The Rainbow Fish is very well-known with kids of all ages so it’s definitely a costume that your students will get instantly. Plus, it looks amazing although you will need to use a lot of materials, and a lot of creativity to put it all together.

Final Thoughts

So, those were some of the best grade-level costumes you can try out for your school’s dress-up event!

From Halloween to World Book Day, there are lots of chances to dress up for school – and lots of costumes you and the rest of the grade-level teachers can try out together!

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