8 Best Field Trips For Preschoolers To Try Today

Some of the most memorable moments for preschoolers are going to be the field trips that they take.

8 Best Field Trips For Preschoolers To Try Today

It is likely that you still might have some strong memories of field trips you took when you were this young.

So, if you are responsible for a group of preschoolers, it is likely that you want them to have the opportunity to do some amazing field trips too!

However, it can be difficult to get inspiration or know what field trip ideas are best for preschoolers!

That is where we come in. We have put this article together to give you inspiration when it comes to field trip ideas for preschoolers!

There are plenty of different ideas here that you can use as foundations or jumping off points so you can give your group a great trip.

If you are anything like us, you want your field trips to have a good balance of entertainment as well as education, but you also want to ensure that this education is age appropriate!

So, if you are looking for some amazing field trip ideas for preschoolers, we have got some here.

Not all of these will be accessible, especially if you are teaching in a more remote area, however, there should be at least one option accessible for you!

Also, we have included options that are both more and less educational, so depending on what you are looking for, there should be something here that you and your preschoolers will love!

Our Favorite Preschool Field Trip Ideas

Make sure that when you are looking through these options that you keep in mind what kind of field trip you are looking to do.

The main example of this is how educational you want the trip to be.

Some teachers want their trip to focus on education, while others are rewarding their class with a field trip and want it to be more entertaining because of this.

When going through these options, keep in mind what kind of field trip you want to plan!

1. Science Center

Now, if you have access to a local science center, these can be one of the best combinations of entertainment and education your preschoolers can experience.

Of course the quality of this depends on the quality of your local science center, but they often have day plans tailor-made for preschoolers which takes a lot of the planning off of your shoulders.

You of course want to ensure that they have activities for preschoolers because you do not want your class to be exposed to anything too confusing, but there will usually be something there for them!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

We love how much choice you have with this idea. You can choose to show the preschoolers around yourself, or you can get a guide to help. Whatever you choose, your class is sure to have a great time and learn a lot as well!

2. Zoo Or Aquarium

If your class loves animals, then taking them to a zoo or an aquarium is a great idea.

These nearly always have options for showing preschoolers about, however, you want to make sure that you book these in advance so you can get a good time slot for the kids.

These are another one of the best opportunities when it comes to a combination of education and entertainment as well with how much the kids can learn about the animals, while also having a great time as well!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

There are so many options here, and zoos and aquariums nearly always have tailor made day plans for kids this age, so there are sure to be resources ready for you to use!

3. Farm

Even if you are living in a more rural area, there are sure to be some farms around that do tours and field trips for kids that are in this age range.

These farms can be incredibly educational, but how fun they can be really depends on what kind of farm you are going to.

Because of this, we recommend doing plenty of research on what kind of farm you are visiting to see if this aligns with the type of field trip you want to have!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

There are so many options for a farm field trip for preschoolers and your class is sure to have a great time.

There are also a lot of online resources for teaching this age group about farm animals, so you can do follow up lessons on the topic as well!

4. Water Parks

This is definitely one of the more entertaining and less educational field trip ideas, so keep this in mind.

This also needs a lot more planning than some of the other ones, and this is also usually seasonal with water parks being the best in summer.

You of course want to do lots of planning when it comes to keeping your class together since you can not let preschoolers freely roam a water park like you could older kids.

If you put enough planning into this, it will definitely be one of the best field trips your preschoolers have!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

This is a super entertaining field trip idea, and if your preschool does activities like teaching the kids to swim, then this can be a great reward for the class for reaching an achievement!

5. Library

This is definitely one of the easier field trip ideas, as well as being accessible and educational, however, one of the less entertaining ones for the students.

However, going to the library still gives the students the same buzz of a field trip, and it can be a good way to make reading as interesting for the students.

Some libraries will also have day plans and resources for kids, so make sure to check in advance to see what will be accessible when you go on the day!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

If you are struggling to get your kids enthusiastic about reading, then taking them to the library and letting them discover their own books that they want to read can be a lot of fun!

6. Firehall

8 Best Field Trips For Preschoolers To Try Today (1)

For another great educational field trip, taking the kids to a local fire hall is a great way to get your kids educated about fire safety.

While this is not an available option at all fire halls, it is definitely an option at a lot of them, so make sure to do lots of planning in advance to ensure that your kids have the best experience possible.

Teaching children about fire safety in the classroom can be challenging with how difficult it is to make engaging, so going to a fire hall instead is a good way to help the preschoolers pay attention!

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

Going to a fire hall is a good way to get the preschoolers educated on an important topic that is often overlooked, so it is a good method for making them more responsible!

7. Bowling Alley

For a great end of year treat, taking your kids to a bowling alley is a good child friendly activity that can be lots of fun.

You can actually find that bowling alleys are not too expensive during weekdays since this is not really a busy time.

Make sure to book the party in advance, and you can usually use the bowling alley for catering, or bring your own food, so keep that in mind when budgeting the trip.

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

Bowling is a very accessible and fun way for your preschoolers to celebrate and is a good and entertaining field trip idea, in spite of not being educational.

8. Local Markets

Now, if you want a field trip idea that requires minimal planning and is pretty easy to organize, going to a local market is a great idea.

You can of course plan in advance if you want to, and you could even get the kids to help a specific seller, but if you just want a simple morning activity, getting the kids to look around a local market is a great idea.

Why We Love This Preschool Field Trip Idea

This is one of the easiest field trip ideas to plan, and there are endless possibilities for how you can make it educational!


Hopefully this guide has given you some good ideas when it comes to field trips for preschoolers.

There are plenty of different options and there are some that we have not even had the chance to show on this list.

You can also customize and add or take away elements of our suggestions freely, so do not feel like you have to follow each one of our suggestions completely.

Also, keep in mind what you want out of the field trip to ensure that your preschoolers have a great time!

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