14 Best Fathers Day School Projects To Try Today

Father’s Day is a great time to get school-aged kids crafty so they can show their dads how much they care. It is also a great opportunity for children to be creative.

14 Best Fathers Day School Projects To Try Today

Fortunately there are lots of ideas when it comes to crafting for Father’s Day. Whether you are looking for ways to use paper, glue and card, or want to try something a little different, then you have come to the right place.

Here we shall take a look at the 14 best Father’s Day school projects to try today. You will not be disappointed!

Best Father’s Day Projects

Here you will find a list of the 14 best Father’s Day projects you can do with the kids today:

1. Father’s Day Shirt And Tie Card

If the child’s father wears a suit and tie to work, then he is going to absolutely love this DIY card. It is a really fun craft project to do that includes using real buttons on top of the colored card.

The colors of the card can be random, or it could even be certain colors that the child’s father actually wears. There are also so many ways to incorporate the colors too, from stripes and polka dots.

Dad will absolutely love this card and cherish it forever.

2. Father’s Day Homemade Award

Another great option when it comes to Father’s Day crafts is by creating your own winners trophy. Of course he has to be the number one dad, and what better way to tell him than by making him his very own award.

You will need to have a lot of aluminum foil to hand, as this craft project uses throwaway plastic cups as the base and foil as the outer coating.

You can then add pipe cleaners to create handles.

3. Father’s Day Bunting

This Father’s Day bunting is a great way to get a project done over a few days – or all day if you have the time. It will also be a wonderful thing to put on the wall before dad gets up for the day.

The ties make a really cute addition to the bunting, and you only need to make 16 to create the full bunting. 

You can also create similar cupcake toppers too for an extra craft session. It is also a great excuse to make cupcakes too!

4. Father’s Day Super Dad

Of course dad is a superhero, right? This ‘Super Dad’ gift is the perfect way for a child to show how much they love their dad – after all, he is their superhero. 

They can have fun creating the likeness of their dad wrapped around a Hershey candy bar. You can also substitute it for a different candy bar too, perhaps something they really love to eat.

All you need is felt, colors, glue, and card. It really is that simple to make.

5. Father’s Day Award Ribbon

We have already had a trophy, but you can also create an award ribbon. Heck, a child can make both of them!

All that is needed are some colored cards and a pen. The process of actually making the ribbon is also very straightforward, yet it looks impressive.

The great thing about this project is that different colors can be used. This means a child can personalize it towards their dad by choosing his favorite colors.

6. Father’s Day Time Together Jar

The great thing about this craft project is that it is all about doing stuff together in the future. While the creativity is in the designing of the jar, it is also about filling the jar with fun things to do together that includes the family.

This is a great crafting project to do due to the fun of actually putting the jar together, but make sure the child has a think about what they would like to write on the pieces of paper inside the jar too.

7. Father’s Day Dad You Are… Meaningful Words

If dad is into fast food like fries, then this will grab his attention. However, it is more than just about whetting his appetite for a McDonald’s. Each French fry can be pulled out of the familiar red packaging.

On the fries there are words that describe dad. For example, ‘Dad, you are…’:

  • Loving
  • Supportive
  • Strong
  • Amazing

There are so many different ways for a child to show how much they care about their father.

8. Father’s Day Dad Rocks Art

There is something enjoyable about painting a rock and then giving it to someone special so they can cherish it forever. So long as you have a big enough rock, it can be used as a canvas for a child to draw on.

They can color the whole thing, making it interesting to look at. A black marker can then be used to write on it too. 

Believe it or not, there are many ways to bring out a child’s creativity by using a rock. 

9. Father’s Day Candy Jar

If you are on the lookout for an easier craft project that can be done in an hour, then this one is it. All you need is a jar of some sort, stickers and colored ribbon. The jar is then filled with miniature versions of sweets that dad enjoys.

You can have a bunch of different colored ribbons and stickers available to use. It will make the process more fun, and they can also make it unique to them.

10. Father’s Day Mystery Goodie Bag 

A mystery goodie bag is always a wonderful surprise. However, nothing is as brilliant as this Father’s Day goodie bag. The fun thing about it is that it looks like a shirt and tie.

This means the child can have fun picking different patterns, or even creating their own.

You will need a brown paper bag, as well as an extra one to cut pieces out from. It then can be filled with the stuff dad loves.

11. Father’s Day Candy Tie 

This is definitely one of our favorites on this list. It includes creating a tie using plastic fabric and thick thread, and filling it with M&Ms – or something similar.

It is certainly a unique gift, and one that dad will not be expecting. The colors of the fabric can be changed. It can also be made using non-see through fabric, however this adds some enjoyment to the overall look.

If thread is added it can be hung up onto the wall too.

12. Father’s Day Art Paintbrush

For younger children they might like to create something fun using a paintbrush. It is the paintbrush itself that is meant to be the dad. This means the child can create any design they would like.

For example, they can add a colorful tie, or even add striped colors to represent the dad’s favorite sports team. The face can be really funny, or made to look serious.

The child can also add their own tag too to say how much they wish their father a wonderful day.

13. Father’s Day Photo Holder

A photo frame is always a good idea, especially if it is homemade. This one is made by using beads and a wire. An older child who is safe to use small items will enjoy putting the beads through the wire.

Also, the colors can either represent the dad or the child. It may even be something else, like the color of the dad’s favorite football team.

You can then add a cute photo and it is ready to be given to the father along with a wonderful DIY card too.

14. Father’s Day You Rock Photo Frame And Art

If you are wanting to find a children’s craft project which can also be used, then a photo frame is a great option. However, the ‘You rock dad’ is needed to make sense of the rocks which have been glued onto the frame.

It is a fun little project that a younger child can be part of by coloring in the words. Or, if it is a slightly older child, then they can help with applying the rocks too. 

What will make it extra fun is finding the rocks in the first place. It will make the frame extra personal and sweet!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something to keep your school-aged children busy, then you will be happy to know that there are many Father’s Day crafting activities that they can do.

Not only will it show how much they care about their father, but they can learn new and interesting skills while they are at it. 

The above list has been put together to give you options for school-friendly activities that are neither too challenging or boring. However, they are very fun to do and will keep your children entertained – for at least a while.

So, enjoy!

Helena Waters

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