20 Best Easter Art Projects For Middle School To Try Today

Easter is a fun time of year that’s associated with bunnies, chickens, and chocolate eggs.

20 Best Easter Art Projects For Middle School To Try Today

If you’re working as a middle school teacher, Easter is the perfect opportunity to make some amazing art projects. 

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next school art projects, here are some of the best projects you can make during the Easter season!

20 Best Easter Art Projects For Middle School To Try Today

1. Paper Handprint Easter Bunny

Simply by outlining a handprint on a sheet of paper, your middle school students can make these adorable bunnies. Pens can then be used to make the handprint look more like genuine bunnies.

One of the benefits of this craft is that you can make these handprint bunnies in whatever color paper you want. As this picture highlights, these Easter bunnies can be pink, green, yellow, blue, or purple. 

2. Painted Easter Egg Rocks

Painting rocks is a super simple yet effective art project that kids love. By painting these rocks with vibrant colors and striking patterns, they can be made to look just like Easter eggs.

This is a great way of getting your pupils to be creative, as they can use whatever colors and patterns they want. 

Just bear in mind that this craft can get a little messy. 

3. Handprint Easter Chick

This Easter chicken art project can be made simply by dunking a hand into yellow paint and imprinting it onto white paper.

Using paint, these yellow handprints can be decorated to appear like Easter chicks. This art project is extremely endearing. 

4. Paper Plate Easter Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. They can also be used to decorate during the Easter holidays!

Simply by using glue, paper plates, decorations, and ribbon, you can create a stunning Easter wreath.

This Easter egg wreath will look wonderful when it is left on the door of your classroom. Feel free to experiment with different patterns to create an eye-catching wreath. 

This craft is a little more intricate than some of the previous examples, so it’s best suited to older middle school students. 

5. Tissue Paper Easter Egg

If you want a vibrant and colorful art project, this tissue paper Easter egg is perhaps the perfect option. By using different colored pieces of tissue paper, you can make an Easter egg that is bound to grab your attention. 

All you have to do is cut an Easter egg shape into a piece of white paper. Then, dot the paper with glue.

Finally, add an assortment of different colored strips of tissue paper to the egg by pressing them into the glue.

6. Easter Basket Craft

Next, you can make these beautiful Easter baskets with just pi[e cleaners, glue, cardboard tubes, popsicle sticks, and the decorations of your choice. This is an amazing way for you to recycle old popsicle sticks. 

These baskets are the perfect place to store Easter eggs. Try making these baskets with different color combinations and with different decorations to add to the aesthetic value.

7. Easter Bunny Headband

These paper easter bunny headbands are super simple to make. They not only look incredibly cute, but they will also be fun to wear. Middle school students will love wearing these adorable headbands. 

8. Chick For Painting

This chick painting is a great way of celebrating Easter. It looks extremely entertaining.

By pressing a fork that has been dunked in yellow paint against a sheet of paper, your middle school students can make this amusing art project.

If you have young middle school students, it may be worth using plastic forks instead of metal ones.

9. Potato Easter Egg Stamp

Did you know that you can simply use a potato to make an excellent Easter egg stamp? By making patterns into a potato and dipping it into different colors of paint, you can make gorgeous Easter egg stamps.

One of the reasons why we adore this project is that it is super cheap to make. If you are making this craft with middle school students, it’s best to cut the patterns into the potato beforehand.

After all, this may be a little too dangerous and difficult for young children.  

10. Easter Bunny Toilet Roll

This craft is an innovative way of recycling your old toilet roll tubes. By following this craft, you can transform these tubes into delightful Easter bunnies.

The faces of these bunnies are incredibly lovable. We especially adore the pipe cleaners, which have been used to construct whiskers for these delightful bunnies.

11. Popsicle Baby Chick

To help you get into the Easter spirit, you can make these charming popsicle baby chicks that make incredible decorations.

We especially love the inventive idea of using a handprint to construct the wings of these charming chicks. This art project is an outstanding option if you have old popsicles lying around.

12. Easter Carrot Card

Middle school students will love making these beautiful Easter cards, which are perfect for giving to friends and family members. They allow your students to wish people a “Happy Easter!”

These cards consist of cute bunnies that are gripping onto carrots. This is a super striking and endearing art project.  

13. Foam Cup Bunnies

By using foam cups, you can make these bewitching Easter bunnies. The googly eyes give these bunnies tons of personality and character.

Complete with floppy ears and adorable footprints, this craft is sure to put a smile on your face. 

These bunny foam cups are phenomenal places to store your Easter candy, such as chocolate eggs. Not to mention, they make great decorations. 

14. Flower Craft

Flowers are intimately linked to the Easter season, as they represent the theme of life. Not to mention, flowers blossom during the springtime. 

To celebrate this season, you can make this gorgeous flower craft. Atop a paper cup, green spring cleaners have been attached.

At the end of these spring cleaners are colorful flowers. This is a quirky and eye-catching art project that middle schoolers will love.

15. Easter Suncatcher

These Easter-themed are truly breathtaking. When the sun shines, the vibrant tissue paper will project some beautiful colors.

We love this craft because it allows you to get super creative. Not only can you use a range of different tissue paper colors, but you can make the outlines into a range of different Easter-themed shapes.

This includes bunnies, eggs, and chickens.

16. Easter Daffodils

Kids love candy! As a result, they will adore making these Easter daffodils, which have been used to make containers for chocolate and candy. 

To make these pretty daffodils, all you will need is some yellow cake cases, glue, and yellow paper.

This straightforward art project is perfect for younger middle school students, as they can quickly and easily be made. 

17. Egg Carton Flowers

These Easter egg carton flowers are extremely aesthetically pleasing thanks to their vibrant colors. They are the perfect Easter craft because they perfectly symbolize the holiday in two ways.

Not only are they used to make flowers, but they are made using eggs, which are a key symbol of the holiday. 

Another benefit of this project is that you can make it with egg cartons. As a result, you can make them from recycled materials, which allows this craft to be cheap and environmentally friendly.

These cartons are used to make beautiful flowers. 

18. Easter-Themed Glasses

Mimicking the shape of an Easter bunny or Easter eggs, you can make these colorful glasses that perfectly sum up this holiday.

All you have to do is cut these shapes out onto card paper. Kids will adore coloring in the glasses. 

19. Jesus Paper Plate Craft

The resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of Easter. This craft is a great opportunity to teach your middle school children about the true meaning of the holiday in an accessible way.

We particularly love the vibrant colors that have been used to decorate these paper plates.

20. Easter Bunny Spoons

Last but not least, this super straightforward project is lots of fun. It is primarily made from wooden spoons, which have been decorated to look just like Easter bunnies.

Spring cleaners have been used to mimic the ears, while an adorable face has been drawn onto the back of the spoon. 

If you have leftover wooden spoons, we strongly recommend making this charming craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Associated With Easter?

Many of these crafts are centered around the popular symbols of Easter, such as:

-Chocolate and candy

Why Is Easter Linked To Eggs?

Eggs symbolize rebirth and life, two of the main themes of this religious holiday. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an excuse to make some fun crafts with your middle school pupils, Ester is the perfect opportunity. There are so many art projects you can make over this season.

These crafts differ in complexity, allowing you to find the ideal craft for your pupils. Not to mention, these art projects allow you to teach your middle school pupils about the true meaning of Easter.

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