Common And Proper Noun Worksheets

It takes practice to learn the difference between common and proper nouns.

Once you can distinguish between these different kinds of nouns, you’ll be able to identify capitalization errors — and how to correct them. Read on for sample exercises and full word lists.

Common And Proper Noun Worksheets

If you’ve ever wondered whether proper nouns are different from common nouns, and how they are identified, look no further. The links to worksheets below will help you learn to identify common and proper nouns.

What Is A Noun?

A noun is a word or group of words used to describe something. It’s usually written with an initial capital letter (e.g., “the boy” instead of “boy”).

A noun describes a person, place, thing, quality, number, action, state of being, idea, feeling, purpose, time period, or any other concept. For example: “The boy was happy.”

Nouns are also called Common Nouns because they’re the most commonly used type of noun. There are two main categories of nouns: proper nouns and common nouns.

A proper noun identifies a particular person, place, or thing. Examples of proper nouns include: John, Mary, The White House, and The World Trade Center.

A common noun refers to anything else. Examples of common nouns include: dog, tree, chair, and table.

What Is A Proper Noun? How Is It Different?

A proper noun is any word that begins with an uppercase letter (e.g., “John”, “Mary”, “The White House”).

Unlike common nouns, which begin with lowercase letters (e.g., “dog,” “tree,” “chair,” and “table”), proper nouns must always be spelled out using upper case letters.

This means that if you want to write something like “the president,” you need to spell it as “THE PRESIDENT.”

How Do I Know If My Word Is A Proper Noun Or Not?

To determine whether a word is a proper noun, simply check its first letter. If it starts with an uppercase “U,” then it’s a proper noun; otherwise, it’s a common noun.

For example, the words “John” and “Mary” are both proper nouns. However, the word “dog” is not a proper noun.

If you’re wondering about proper nouns, and how to identify them, look no further. You are, in fact, a proper noun yourself!

Proper nouns identify specific people, places, and things. Using proper nouns correctly clarifies your writing, and ensures that readers know exactly what you’re talking about.

We all use proper nouns already, so making sure you have the ability to identify them and include them in your writing will make your writing and reading comprehension skills stronger.

Identifying Proper Nouns

There are two main ways to identify proper nouns: by their form or by their meaning. A proper noun is any word that identifies a person, place, thing, quality, or idea.

It’s important to remember that not every proper noun has an article (a definite or indefinite) before it. For example, “the” isn’t necessary before “Washington”, but it is required before “America”.

The following list shows some examples of proper nouns with articles and without.

What Are Some Other Types Of Nouns?


There are other kinds of nouns besides proper nouns and common ones. These include collective nouns, abstract nouns, and countable nouns.

Collective nouns refer to groups of people, animals, or objects. An example would be “a group of friends.”

Abstract nouns describe concepts rather than physical items. They often include words such as “love,” “friendship,” and “family”. Countable nouns are those that can be counted. Examples include “people,” “dogs,” and ‘tables.”


K5 Learning – Common And Proper Noun Worksheets

K5 Learning is a platform that offers free worksheets and flashcards as well as inexpensive workbooks for kids from kindergarten age all the way up to grade 5.

There is a lot of content on offer, especially if you become a member of their site. The worksheets can be filtered by grade and by subject.

The content includes exercises and worksheets on identifying nouns in the sentences, writing sentences and identifying proper vs common nouns.

The worksheets also include possessive nouns as well as plural nouns and collective nouns as well as irregular nouns. The difficulty of the worksheets varies as well.

Super Teacher Worksheets – Noun Worksheets

Noun Worksheets – Identify the correct noun in each sentence.

This website offers a range of worksheets including noun worksheets, verb worksheets, adjective worksheets, pronoun worksheets and more.

There are also flashcard games which allow you to test your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

This website also provides a range of different types of worksheets and activities including:

Noun Cut & Glue (Intermediate)

Boxes containing nouns are cut out and sorted into their respective categories.

Common And Proper Nouns

Here, the students are tasked with determining whether the noun is common or proper and then is corrected by the students in the sample text.

Task Cards: Common And Proper Nouns

Task cards are useful to create learning games, scavenger hunts and recall exercises. Here, they can be used as flashcards for students to identify which noun is a common noun and which is a proper noun.

The Worksheets – Worksheets

These worksheets help students learn how to identify nouns in English.

These worksheets have been designed to introduce students to the concept of nouns and help them practice identifying nouns correctly. Students will need to match the noun in the question with one of the options given.

Students are required to select the appropriate noun from the choices provided. Students are required to identify the noun in the sentence.

This activity helps students practice identifying nouns in English. It is important to note that the students should not use any context clues when selecting the noun. provides free and printable worksheets and activities and acts as a resource for teachers, parents and tutors, made by teachers and other professionals.

English Grammar – Worksheets

This webpage has a number of worksheets for students to complete. One of these tasks involves identifying the correct noun in sentences. It is an online and offline resource and is updated on a regular basis.

Additionally, it contains many printable and downloadable lessons as well as a “check your grammar” tool online to help students learn at their full capacity.

What is great about this learning source or worksheet is that it is online and answers are available immediately.

Teachers Pay Teachers – Worksheets

This website offers a wide variety of resources for students including worksheets, lesson plans and activities. They offer a large selection of worksheets and resources for students.

One of the most popular sections of this website is the worksheets section where there are over 1,000 worksheets for students. These include worksheets for all levels and subjects.

There are also a number of worksheet packs which contain a collection of various worksheets. The packs are ideal if you want to save time searching through the site.

There are also several different types of worksheet packs including:

  • Worksheets for Spelling
  • Worksheets for Grammar
  • Worksheets for Vocabulary
  • Worksheets for Writing
  • Worksheets for Reading Comprehension

As well as for other subjects. The worksheets are also available in themes for different times of the years and holidays to make the work more fun and engaging for learners.

ESL Speaking

Common And Proper Noun Worksheets

This website is dedicated to helping students improve their speaking skills. There are a number of activities for students to do such as listening comprehension, vocabulary building and pronunciation.

There are three main areas of the website:

ESL Speaking Activities

This area of the website has a variety of activities for students to try out. Some of these activities involve listening comprehension while others focus on vocabulary building.

ESL Speaking Resources

This area of the site includes a number of useful tools for students including flashcards, games and quizzes.

ESL Speaking Tips

This area of the page includes some helpful tips for students and teachers.

The website is designed so that students can easily find what they need.

For example, if you search for “listening comprehension”, then all the activities related to listening will appear. If you type in “vocabulary building”, then only those activities will be shown.

The activities are broken down into categories such as:

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Speaking Skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing Skills
  • Reading Comprehension

This website is a valuable resource for games relating to common and proper nouns.

There are several games including memory and concentration games, running dictation, proper noun songs, dictogloss activities, flashcard sentences, dialogue substitution and more.

Other Resources

There are many other websites and apps that have been created by educators around the world to help students with their studies. Below are just a few examples of these sites:

  • Google Classroom – An online tool that helps teachers manage assignments and communicate with students.
  • Quizlet – An online quiz maker that makes it easy for students to take tests and practice quizzes.
  • Khan Academy – A website that provides free educational videos.
  • YouTube– gives many resources and ideas for creating worksheets.
  • Scholastic – A website that offers a range of educational resources for schools and homeschoolers.


Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to use Common and Proper Noun Worksheet Packs.

I would recommend using them when teaching your students about common and proper nouns because they are an effective way of teaching students about these concepts.

Thank you for reading!

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