15 Best Classroom Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

Your classroom whiteboard doesn’t only have to be for school lessons; it can also be used creatively in ways that will stimulate your students’ imagination, engage them as a class, and get them feeling motivated for the day and week ahead!

After all, the whiteboard is a blank canvas for a host of fun ideas – many of which you can start doing today.

15 Best Classroom Whiteboard Ideas to Try Today

So with that said, here are the 15 best classroom whiteboard ideas that you need to try.

These creative classroom whiteboard ideas can be easily prepared the night before each school day. And for good measure, we’ve listed three must-try ideas for every day of the week!

1. Main Character Monday

“Main Character Monday” is a fun way to start the week and get your students thinking. This creative whiteboard idea asks them to think about the books they’ve read, then speak about a favorite character they’d love to be. 

Not only can it start an interesting discussion about literature and encourage the students to read new books, but also give you an interesting insight to your students’ interests and personality. 

You can even let them choose characters from other mediums, such as films and video games!

2. Mermaid Monday

“Mermaid Monday” is another great whiteboard idea to try on the first day of the week that asks students to think about what makes them unique.

This can boost your prompt a fun discussion, teach the students about what it means to be unique, and also boost your students’ confidence.

If they struggle to think of things, you can ask them about their interests, hobbies, favorite things to do, and any fascinating things they have dones.

This can also help you to learn interesting things about your students!

3. Make It A Great Monday

Not everyone enjoys Mondays, so why not kick-start the week with this morale-boosting classroom whiteboard idea?

“Make It Great Monday” will get the students thinking about what they can do to make it a great day, which can promote kindness and good behavior.

Through this idea, you can encourage them to do something kind for someone else, or to do one thing during the day that will make them happy.

4. Travel Tuesday

Traveling is always a fun topic to bring up in class and it can also help students learn about geography and different cultures in the process.

So why not try “Travel Tuesday” as a fun classroom whiteboard idea that will get your students to talk about their travels and experiences?

You can ask your students both where they have traveled and where they would like to travel to. This classroom whiteboard idea is definitely a great way to help them learn more about the world and the excitement of traveling!

5. Tickle Me Tuesday

Another great way you can make Tuesdays more fun is with this engaging whiteboard idea: “Tickle Me Tuesday”.

You can ask the students what makes them laugh, or even get the students to tell their favorite jokes or funny stories.

This fun whiteboard idea can promote a positive mood around the class and also get your students laughing – the perfect way to lift the mood!

6. Chooseday Tuesday 

“Chooseday Tuesday” can be a great way to follow up “Make It a Great Monday” (listed above) as it will get the students to think about something they will choose to do to improve themselves or their day!

You can ask your students to name something they will choose to improve about themselves, something new they will choose to do for the first time, or even something they often avoid doing but will choose to do by the end of the day or week.

7. I Wonder Wednesday 

“I Wonder Wednesday” is a thought-provoking Wednesday whiteboard idea that can produce various classroom discussions! It can be used to get the students to think about something that makes them wonder, or something that makes them feel in awe.

You can get a number of different answers from this question, which may lead to discussions about science, nature, geography, and more. It can be a great learning experience too by further educating the students on what makes them wonder.

8. Word Boggle Wednesday

“Word Boggle Wednesday” is the ideal brainstorming activity before Wednesday English classes, and it can even turn into a fun timed challenge to see how many words each student comes up with.

The best thing about this idea is that it’s easy to do: just draw a 4×4 (or bigger, if you want to make the activity easier) grid and fill it with vowels and consonants – then let your students go to work.

You can time them and ask them to write as many words as they can think of!

9. Would You Rather Wednesday

“Would you rather” questions always inspire fun discussions, which makes this “Would You Rather” classroom whiteboard idea worth trying!

You can get super creative with the question as well, which you can choose to spark different discussions and learn more about your students.

If you struggle to think of a question, simply search for “would you rather” questions online to find some inspiration! 

10. Talented Thursday

“Talented Thursdays” is an uplifting classroom whiteboard idea that can also be done on Tuesdays.

It asks the students to think about and write one of their talents or strengths on the whiteboard, which can boost their confidence and also help you to learn about your students.

You can ask them about their passions, hobbies, favorite books, or even something they like about themselves!

11. Three Things Thursday

You can get really creative with this “Three Things Thursday” classroom whiteboard idea, which you can use to ask the students to name three of their favorite things, three things they like to do, three things they want to achieve, and lots more.

With this whiteboard idea, you can ask three similar questions or three completely different ones – it’s totally up to you!

12. Think About That Thursday

“Think About That Thursday” is another fun Thursday whiteboard idea that you can use to get your students thinking about a specific topic.

This can be what they think their future job will be,, what they think about a recent news event, and more.

Encourage the discussion by ensuring your students that there are no wrong answers! This whiteboard idea can help the students brainstorm and learn new things.

13. Fun Fact Friday

“Fun Fact Friday” is a great classroom whiteboard idea that can be used to get your students to write a fun fact about themselves or even reel off a fun fact that they happen to know.

This can inspire learning as well as help you to learn something new about your students.

You can provide your own fun fact to get a discussion going, or encourage answers by setting a theme, such as fun facts about their interests or something unique they’ve done.

14. Feel The Love Friday

“Feel the Love Friday” is a fun classroom whiteboard idea that can encourage kindness and gratitude. It can also be used in different ways!

You can ask the students to name something they love, something they love about themselves, or to come up with something kind that they can do for someone else over the weekend.

Either way, this classroom whiteboard idea is sure to engage your students in a way that inspires gratitude, kindness, or self-confidence.

15. Fancy Friday

Last but not least, “Fancy Friday”! This fun classroom whiteboard idea will get your students to write their names on the whiteboard in their fanciest handwriting.

Not only will it get their imaginations going, but also help their handwriting and drawing skills.

To make this whiteboard idea more exciting, you can also ask your students to write ideas, jokes, or fun facts in their fanciest handwriting, or even the fanciest thing they can think of!


And that wraps up our list of the 15 best classroom whiteboard ideas you need to try today, which includes three fun whiteboard ideas for every day of the school week!

These are all fun ways to start the day or a specific class subject, and are perfect for getting the kids inspired, engaged as a class, and thinking creatively.

Don’t forget to encourage the discussion by asking questions and writing your own answers on the whiteboard!

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