Classroom Bulletin Boards: The 15 Best Ideas For November

Novembers are always busy, especially because it is the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving also occurs during the month. If you want to get ahead of the game, then you should start thinking about your next bulletin board for November. 

Classroom Bulletin Boards The 15 Best Ideas For November

Bulletin boards are a brilliant idea for your classroom. They can be used as an interactive learning tool, or they can simply be a place where students can post their work and other important information.

You can use these spaces to show off the works and creations of your students. Plus, they can make your classroom look more lively and colorful. 

If you need some inspiration for your November board displays, we’ve got plenty for you!

What Is November Associated With?

November is associated with many things:

The Beginning Of Winter

Though winter does not begin until December, November is the month when the weather becomes colder. It’s also the time when people start putting up Christmas decorations in their homes. Because of this, a winter theme is suitable for your classroom bulletin board. 


This is one of the most popular holidays in America, so it makes sense that November would be the month when Americans celebrate this occasion.

This is perhaps the biggest holiday in this month. It celebrates the union of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. Nowadays, people acknowledge things that they are thankful for.

Americans consume a delicious roast dinner on Thanksgiving, which is normally centered around roast turkey. 

Black Friday

This day falls in November every year. It’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which means that retailers have been preparing for this day since October.

Black Friday is known for its huge sales and discounts. People rush into stores to buy items at discounted prices. This is why November is often called the shopping month.


Though Halloween begins in October, it is celebrated in November. Many children dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. In addition, there are parties and parades held all over the country.

As such, this is another reason why November is considered the shopping month. The reason why this holiday is linked with November is that it occurs on the last day of October, namely the 31st. 

Native American Heritage Month

This month aims to promote awareness about the history, culture, and heritage of Native Americans. Different events take place throughout the month, including cultural festivals, art exhibits, and lectures. 

The Day Of The Dead

This is a Mexican tradition that takes place between the first and second of November. It involves visiting cemeteries and praying for deceased loved ones.

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It also includes dressing up in traditional clothing and eating special foods. 

November Bulletin Board Ideas

Now that you know what November is associated with, you can start brainstorming ideas for your own bulletin board. Here are 15 great ideas for your November bulletin board:

Thanksgiving Day Poster

Thanksgiving is a very special occasion for Americans. Therefore, it’s a good idea to create a poster showing how much Americans appreciate this occasion. You could include images of food, family members, and maybe even a turkey.

Thanksgiving Quotes

Another way to commemorate this event is by creating quotes from famous people who have said something meaningful about Thanksgiving. For example, you could find a list of things that celebrities are thankful for. 

Alternatively, you can ask your students to write about what they are grateful for. Then, you can tape these lists to the interactive board. It reminds your students to be grateful for the things that they have in life, a great message to teach your pupils. 

Turkey Crafts

If you want to make your class feel more festive during November, then try making some turkey crafts. These craft projects will help your students learn about the origins of Thanksgiving. They’ll also enjoy doing them as well! 

To construct a turkey body, simply paint a paper plate brown. Add some feathers. Use a small paper circle to represent the turkey’s head. They use a yellow piece of paper to make the beak.

Draw some eyes onto the face for a finishing effect. This is a simple craft that your students will likely adore.

Make An American Flag

Create an American flag using construction paper. Cut out Stars and Stripes. Tape the pieces together. Finally, add some glue to the back of the star pieces to secure them. 

Your students will love seeing their flag proudly displayed. You can also get the pupils to write about what they love about America. Then, you can add these pieces of writing to your flag display. 

Construct A Family Tree

Family trees can be fun to build when you’re teaching young children. All you need is a piece of cardboard, scissors, markers, and glue. First, draw a picture of each member of your family. Next, cut out the shapes. Glue the pieces together. 

Now, your students can trace their family members onto the cardboard, which should be cut into the shape of a tree. This is a brilliant way of teaching your students about family. Moreover, it links to the theme of family, which is essential to Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Facts

Start your lesson with some Thanksgiving facts. Share information like where the first Thanksgiving took place, how many turkeys were eaten on that day, or what foods were served at the meal.

This will help your students understand the history behind this holiday. The students can read these facts whenever they see the school bulletin board. 

Champion Native American Culture

Celebrating Thanksgiving isn’t just about food. It’s also about learning more about native cultures. To do this, you could have a bulletin board displaying pictures of famous Native Americans.

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These people include Chief Joseph, Pocahontas, Sacajawea, and Sitting Bull. You could also share information about the different tribes in America. This allows your students to learn about this often underrepresented culture. 

Display A Thanksgiving Timeline

A great way to teach your students about Thanksgiving is to display a timeline. You can use old newspapers to construct this timeline. Then, you can add images of important events throughout history.

You can even add images of historical figures who helped shape the holiday. This is an excellent way to get your students thinking about the history behind Thanksgiving. 

Make A Skeleton Day Of The Dead Bulletin Board 

What better way to celebrate the Day of the Dead than to make a skeleton-themed bulletin board? You can create this using black construction paper. Use this black paper to cover the board.

Then, cut the shape of some skeletons out of white paper. Stick these to the board. Add some bright paper to make a more eye-catching and colorful board. You may want to reserve this idea for more mature students. 

Otherwise, some may be upset by the memory of someone who has died. Yet, it is still an outstanding opportunity to teach your students about Mexican culture. Plus, it is essential to pay respects to lost loved ones. 

Showcase A Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Another way to educate the children about Thanksgiving is to make a board showing a traditional Thanksgiving meal. You can make a traditional Thanksgiving meal out of cardboard.

Then, you can get the children to paint these dishes. Simply glue them to the display on top of a large plate made from paper. 

Get Ready For Christmas

The holidays are coming! That means it is time to prepare for Christmas. One way to help your students understand what they need to know before December 25th is to make a Christmas tree.

You can make this using construction paper. Then, you can decorate the tree with candy canes, snowmen, Santa Claus, and other festive decorations. 

Your students will enjoy seeing their work displayed on such a beautiful Christmas tree. This can easily be glued to a simple board.

You can even accompany this tree with a list for Santa, which contains all the presents that your class wants for Christmas. This is a perfect method for getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Create A Winter Wonderland

Lastly, let’s talk about how to make a winter wonderland. If you’re looking for something fun and easy to put together, then look no further.

All you’ll need is a few pieces of cardboard, some glittery ornaments, and a little imagination. You can use dark blue paper to imitate a winter sky. Then, add cotton to imitate snow. Utilize glitter for some shiny finishing touches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Own Bulletin Board?

You don’t have to buy expensive materials to make your own bulletin boards. In fact, you can make one using only items found in any art supply store. To begin, purchase some poster boards. Then, find any other materials that you want, such as paper, cotton, cardboard, scissors, tape, and glue. 

How Do I Choose The Right Bulletin Board For My Classroom?

Selecting the ideal theme for your bulletin board can be tough. First, choose a topic that interests your students. Second, select a topic that is relevant to your curriculum.

Third, ensure that your chosen topic is age-appropriate. Finally, think about the time of year. Seasonal bulletin board themes can be incredibly effective. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list has provided enough information to help you create a brilliant bulletin board for November. As you can see, there are lots of design ideas that can be incorporated into any classroom. 

However, we recommend that you always consider the age of your students when choosing a board. You should also consider the resources you have before making a decision. Doing so will enable you to have an awesome bulletin board.

Helena Waters