18 Best Cell Projects For Middle School To Try Today

During middle school, students will begin to learn about cells and how they function. Since cells are extremely difficult to see, it can be difficult for some students to visualize what a cell looks like.

Hence, it is great to set them a practical project. 

18 Best Cell Projects For Middle School To Try Today

Thankfully, there is a broad range of projects you can set your students, so they can understand the importance of cells.

We have collected 18 of the best projects that are ideal for you to set for your middle school students. 

1. Clay Cell Project

This clay cell model is the ideal hands-on activity that is both entertaining and informative. This cell model will be a hit with the class. Your students can  create a model of either plant or animal cells. 

The components of the cell can be made out of clay by students, who can then paint these components as well.

They should label each component as a finishing touch to demonstrate that they fully comprehend each component of a cell.

2. Cell Foldable

In this worksheet about cells, students can color the various components of a cell and then identify the terms that are listed underneath.

The interactive features of the worksheet on cell parts will appeal to students. 

Animal or plant cells can be employed for this. To take this a step further, you could then ask your students to create their own foldable on either a plant or animal cell.

3. Lego Cell

This lovely animal cell model can be constructed by students using Legos! 

Give students post-its or other small pieces of paper to identify the various cell components. At the end, set up a gallery with cell models to create a cell city.

There are countless options, and you can create animal or plant cells.

4. Mint Tin Cell Project

With this little cell creation, students can depict the structure of any type of cell. Give pupils a mint tin or other little box.

Then, the pupils can use the components of the cell to adorn the box’s interior. It makes use of extremely basic materials like white cards, a small box, and makers.

With this activity, children will quickly comprehend how cells work!

5. Cell Organ Wanted Posters

A great way to help students really understand each organ of a cell, is for them to have great wanted posters of that organ.

This is a fun activity that allows the students to be creative, while also applying what they have learned about each organ of a cell. 

6. Slime Cells

Students can create plant or animal cells out of slime in this incredibly entertaining activity! Students can either use prepared slime or create their own from scratch.

Then include things like stones, marbles, string, and straw fragments to give it a cell-like appearance!

7. Plush Cell Project

This project asks your students to use felt, fabric, and stuffing to create a plush cell.

Your students will need to have some basic sewing skills, however, if you don’t trust your students with a needle then you could always use a hot glue gun. 

As a result, your students will end up with a colorful and soft cell object to keep. 

8. Cell Membrane Project

When you first start teaching your students about cells, you may wish to begin with this cell project, that helps students understand the importance of the cell membrane.

Your students will understand how the cell membrane works. All you need is a couple of styrofoam balls, cardboard tubes and thread. 

9. Styrofoam Cell

With the help of this practical project, students will enjoy constructing the basic cell structures. 

Give each student a sizable styrofoam ball, whole or already sliced, and ask them to decorate it with clay as well as other materials to depict how they think cells look.

This exploration of the cell model will hold students’ attention.

10. Shrinky Dink Cell

This practical project will make studying cell science fun for your pupils! 

Have your students sketch several cell varieties using plastic and markers, or give them templates to use.

The cell will then condense into a small replica of its creation as you place it in the oven or microwave. 

This educational activity will be adored by students, as they will have their final creation to help them to remember the various parts of a cell.

11. Cell Poster Display Board Project

Students in middle school can demonstrate their understanding of cells through a special poster project.

This is a great way for more artistic students to use the knowledge that they have obtained.

Students will complete the poster with the knowledge they have gained about either cells or particular cell organs. 

12. Edible  Cell Jello Project

With this practical cell project, students can behold the elegance of animal cells. The construction of this 3D model can help students practically better grasp how cells function.

Teachers may conduct discussion  concerning their opinions on animal cells as the jello cell is being constructed.

13. Pizza Plant Cell

In this project for edible cells, create a cell out of pizza! Pizza can be created from scratch or purchased already made, then topped to create one enormous single cell. 

Or, you may allow your pupils to construct their own pizza cells using the ingredients provided, each of which corresponds to a different component of a cell.

The finished product should be covered with toppings but still resemble a cell.

14. Cell Flashcards

Flashcards are a great tool to help students of all ages to revise what they have learned.

While there are lots of great flashcard tools online, you could ask your students to make their own flashcards in class. This can include drawings and descriptions of the different parts and functions of a cell.

15. Cell Crossword Project

This resource is for you if you’re seeking for more materials to help kids improve their vocabulary. By going over each concept, students can develop a deeper grasp of how cells function.

You could delete the word bank to really test your students’ knowledge.

In addition to this, you may ask your students to create their own crossword, which they will give to other students to complete.

This is another great way to test their knowledge but in a different way as they need to consider the questions and answers. 

16. Cell Cake

The cell structure may be made tasty using this edible model! Create your own cake or purchase a cake that has already been made.

Then use sweets and candy to embellish. Who knew that cell organelles could be so delicious? Your pupils won’t want to miss this enjoyable 3D cell model activity! 

You might provide a cake for each table of students to decorate, or cupcakes to make miniature versions of cells. There are a lot of possibilities to consider getting your students involved. 

17. Pumpkin Cell Project

If you happen to be teaching about cells during fall, then you can add a Halloween inspired twist to this topic. Using a real pumpkin, cut the top off and scoop out the contents.

Then using other fruits, vegetables and candies, to represent the organs of the cell. 

Using matchsticks, you can secure the other elements inside the pumpkin. Then, with labels, you can identify each complement of the cell.

As a result, this is a really hands on and fun way to teach students on the organs of a cell, but with a Halloween inspired twist. 

18. Cell Cookie

Since cookies are already round, they are the perfect foundation for creating a cell. Again, this is another hands-on and edible project that students will enjoy trying.

Your students need quite a large cookie, to be able to add chocolate and other candies to decorate their cell with. 

You can use this project idea to create both animal and human cells.

As a step further, you can ask your students to label each component of their cookie so that you can be sure they understand each element of the cell they are recreating. 

Final Thoughts

Cells are an interesting topic that everyone has to learn at some point. For middle school students, to get this topic to stick in their heads, it is worth trying out one of these projects.

There are lots of different cell projects to get your students to try, from edible cell projects out to more creative and artistic projects. 

We hope you have found this article helpful. Now you have 18 amazing cell projects that your middle school students are going to love.

Hopefully, you are inspired to try at least one of these projects when you next teach cells to your middle school students

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