Boho Theme Classroom Set Ups

Boho is currently a huge trend when it comes to classroom set ups and decor.

Boho Theme Classroom Set Ups

Teachers all over the world (yet alone in the States) are looking up ways to design and decorate their own boho-themed classrooms. If you too are looking for some inspiration, then look no further – here are some of the best boho-themed classroom set ups out there!

Check out the list below!

Cozy Fall Boho Theme

This classroom may not have a ton of space or decoration, but this teacher has done a great job of making the most of what little space she has.

The boho theme is clearly conveyed through the cozy fall-like color theme of oranges, terracotta, beige, browns, and muted green.

Not only that but the wall is covered with art that promotes positivity, kindness, and confidence – all great things to instill in your students!

Throw in some rainbows and tassels, and you too make a boho themed classroom even with limited space!

Little Touches

Those little extra touches mean a lot when trying to clearly implement a theme in your classroom. For the boho theme, it’s important you add as many extra details as you can – just like this classroom here!

Mess and clutter are kept to a minimum but there are still plenty of little decorations to help sell that boho theme.

There are toadstool stools, little potted plants, rainbows, framed art, and even a rustic rug to help break up the monotony of the boring gray carpet!

So, even if you cannot change the furniture, walls, or flooring to match your boho theme – you can still achieve it through the little touches you add to the decor!


Patterns are an important part of the boho trend but one of the best patterns for a boho themed classroom is dots.

These come in all kinds of colors to match your boho theme and can be used to border your displays, your doors, your surfaces, as rugs, and more. They help break up any monotony of block colors and perfectly capture the creative and unconventional style of boho.

Add dots where you can but they work great on wall displays. Because you cannot do much to the furniture in your classroom, your wall displays can be leaned on to help you convey your boho theme. So, go dot crazy!

Add A Reading Corner

The boho theme is a great way to decorate your classroom so it feels comfortable and welcoming to your students. Because of this, it’s the perfect style for a reading corner so check out the set up below for some inspiration!

Add little wicker chairs, natural wooden shelves for the books, plants, and plenty of comfortable woolen cushions, rugs, pillows, footrests, and blankets.

This will create a super cozy area for your students to sit down, chill out, and read. It’s perfect!

Fill Up You Shelves

The key to a good boho set up is to keep things neat and tidy without being too minimalist.

Boho loves busy shelves filled with all kinds of stuff but those things need to be neatly arranged and organized – otherwise your classroom will just look cluttered and messy.

Use dividers to neatly arrange your files, use bookends to stop your books from falling over, and keep any loose bits and pieces in little pots.

If your shelves are looking bare, then add some decor to fill them up – potted plants, framed art, wicker art, and more.

Keep to a mixture of materials like woven wicker, natural woods, and pristine plastic organizers, and remember to follow your color palette!

Boho Art Area

Kids love crafts so you will probably be looking to add an art area to your classroom – but how can you keep it in the boho style?

This set up captures the boho style perfectly while keeping the area practical and de-cluttered.

Use rustic light woods, busy patterns like polka dots or confetti that stick to your color palette, and little tin buckets to keep the supplies.

This set up actually uses hooks on the wall to hang up the buckets, keeping them out of the way of your students while they are busy at work!

Teacher’s Chair

This idea works great if you often gather your students on the floor for rug time.

You can lean back in a rustic rocking chair with some comfy cushions, and use a paper board to write instructions or key bullet points for today’s lesson.

Keep the boho theme by sticking to your decided color palette, natural wood, and a mixture of materials – like wicker, wool, and wood!

Final Thoughts

So, those were the best set ups for you to try with your boho themed classroom! Check them out above, pick out your favorites, and use them as inspiration for your own classroom! Good luck!

Helena Waters

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