Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

Boho is a trending decor theme for classrooms this year, and tons of teachers are looking for great decor ideas to help bring the theme into their classrooms.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

Boho rainbows are especially popular because they add a ton of color to the classroom, helping it become a vibrant and bright learning environment without going overboard! 

So, here are some great ways you can add a boho rainbow to your classroom decor! Check out the options below and pick out your favorites!

Boho Rainbow Wall Art

This type of boho rainbow decor is one of the easiest for you to add to your classroom – all you need is some paint! 

Boho rainbow wall art comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are lots of fun ways you can add them to your classroom’s walls.

You can go the classic route and add it to your classroom play corner to add some bright colors there or use it to frame your classroom door. Why not split the rainbow in half and add it to the corner of your classroom? 

Take a look at where you have space on your classroom walls to paint a rustic boho rainbow! 

Boho Rainbow Plant Pots

More and more classrooms are adding plants to the decor as they also double as great projects for your students to help out with.

No matter what you are growing in your classroom, you can add some beautiful plant pots with boho rainbow designs as they come in all different sizes!

All that is left for you to do now is to decide what kind of plant you are going to grow with your class!  

Boho Rainbow Drawers 

Most classrooms have a ton of draws and making these draws look pretty and suit your classroom theme can be challenging.

However, this idea adds bright boho rainbows to the front of the drawers to help tie them into the rest of the classroom decor. 

You might have to get creative and make your own fronts using paper or cards, pens, and stickers – but the end results are definitely worth it!

Add them to your personal drawers or the classroom supply drawers so they look amazing and match the theme around your classroom. 

Boho Rainbow Welcome Sign

This boho rainbow classroom decor idea adds a little personal touch to your classroom. It involves getting a classic framed welcome sign to either hang on the door or place on a surface near the entryway to your classroom. 

These welcome signs are a great way to greet visitors to your classroom and to make your students feel more proud of their classroom – and adding a boho rainbow to the sign helps convey the theme before your guest even fully steps into the room! 

Boho Rainbow Hanging Wall Art

There are lots of different ways to add art to your classroom, and not all of them need to be made by the kid’s themselves.

Hanging wall art and tapestries is a great way to decorate your classroom, especially around your personal desk. 

This decor idea is also an easy way to add a boho rainbow to your classroom decor. They come in all sizes so you can easily fit one into your classroom, even if you are limited on wall space! 

Boho Rainbow Bookends

It’s very likely that your classroom has a ton of books sitting on shelves and bookends are a great piece of decor to add to your classroom that serve a purpose while looking amazing. 

You can easily get some gorgeous boho rainbow bookends that perfectly capture the boho theme of your classroom.

Plus, they’re practical, help keep your classroom appear neat and tidy, and can be used to frame other items on your shelves rather than just books! 

Boho Rainbow Toy Basket

Classrooms are often littered with toys and dress-up costumes, and teachers are always looking for more storage to help keep the play area neat and tidy.

A toy basket is a great solution to this issue, and they also come with woven boho rainbows on the side! 

So, if you find that you have a lot of toys strewn around your classroom, adding a boho rainbow toy basket is a great practical way to use your classroom decor! 

Boho Rainbow Pillow And Cushions 

Adding soft cushions and pillows around your classroom is a great way to make your students feel more comfortable and at home – and these are also a great way to add some boho rainbow decor to your classroom. 

These pillows can be made from woven materials, printed with tons of boho rainbows, or shaped like the rainbow itself!

Final Thoughts

So, those were some of the best ways you can add a boho rainbow to your classroom decor! Check out the list above and try out some of your favorites! Good luck! 

Helena Waters

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