20 Best Board Games For Classrooms To Try Today

You should invest in board games in your classroom for many reasons. Board games can be a great way for your students to get to know one another.

They’re also a great resource to keep in your classroom for rainy days, so kids can relax and play games during recess when they can’t go outside.

To help you bring a new method of learning to the classroom, we've found 20 of the best board games for you to try in your classroom today. 


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Jenga is a fun game where you need to pull a block out from a tower and hope it doesn’t fall to pieces.

This game is perfect for all ages, as you need to use a mixture of skill, strategy, and luck. Students will find themselves engrossed in this game which is quick to set up.

You can also adjust it to become an icebreaker for your students to get to know each other.


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Scrabble is the perfect game to help your students expand their vocabulary. You can gain more points depending on the letters you play.

Best of all, you can play in teams if you want, involving more than individual players.

Scrabble can help your students improve their vocabulary and problem-solving skills and work together to beat other players.


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Top Trumps is an educational card game that is played all around the world.

There are many different topics available, from education to popular film series. They come in a plastic carry case so that you can keep them together.

Look at the stats at the bottom of the cards and watch as your students strategize to defeat one another and learn as they play.


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Battleship is a game that simulates naval combat, where your students will have to guess where their opponents are and sink them.

It’s a fun strategy game that requires them to think about their opponent’s next move.

You could turn Battleship into a small tournament for your students, especially if you expect a few rainy recesses. 


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Clue is an age-old classic that can be an amazing addition to your classroom’s board game library.

This is a re-imagined edition, and you need to figure out who committed the murder. Your students will need to use deductive reasoning to find out who killed the victim, where, and with what object.

You can incorporate more students by working in small teams, allowing them to focus on problem-solving and working with one another to find the others. 


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Ticket to Ride can help your students learn more about geography as they build railroad tracks across the United States.

The goal is to collect and play matching train cards to connect the cities in North America. This is a fast and easy way to learn, and you can play it with two to five players.

You can involve more players by putting them in teams and working together to determine the best route to get the best results.


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Bananagrams is a simple game where your students will race against each other to build a crossword grid.

It’s a great way to teach your students new words and introduce them to new anagrams.

Suppose you want to improve your students' vocabulary without worrying about the set-up time. In that case, Bananagrams can be a great alternative to Scrabble.


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Catan can be a great way to teach your students about how to build their own settlements. They can learn about the value of resources and building developments to increase their wealth.

If you need a game to help your students learn about history in basic terms, then Catan can be a great way to do so.

You can incorporate more students by allowing them to work in teams to come up with strategies to defeat the other players.


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Instead of focusing on spelling, consider testing your students with words and definitions. Your students need to make up fake definitions and see if other students will fall for them.

Balderdash is a fun way to test that students understand the meaning of words by seeing if they can trick the other students.

You can make it more educational by discussing the definitions at the end of each round and exploring their reasoning.


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Operation is a basic game to help your students work on hand-eye coordination. You can make it more educational by talking about the human body as you work.

You can allow each of your students to take a turn at removing Cavity Sam’s ailments from his body. It’s a great way to make basic biology interesting for your younger students.


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Guess Who? is a classic that has been played for generations and remains popular in classrooms today.

Students can use deductive reasoning to find out who their opponent is thinking of, and it requires little thinking time.

Your students can think of questions to play with, and it requires little set-up time, making it a fun rainy recess opportunity.


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Twister has been played in classrooms for years, and it’s a great way for students to get to know each other.

Kids will have to communicate with each other to ensure they don’t fall, and it’s a fun team-building activity.

Your students will find it easy to get rid of their pent-up energy with this fun game for all ages.


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UNO is a staple in households and can also be a staple in your classroom too.

If you need a fun and quick game to play during recess, then UNO is the perfect game.

Up to ten players can join this game, and they can focus on matching numbers and using their problem-solving skills to beat the other players.


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We understand that Monopoly is a long game, so we recommend having a Monopoly Deal in your classroom.

It’s a quick way to play Monopoly, and your students can use their math skills to buy property and charge rent.

It works in the same way as Monopoly, but it’s also much quicker to play.


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Blokus is a fun strategy game that will keep your students entertained at recess. They need to fit the most pieces on the board and use strategy to block their opponents.

You can include more students by having them work in teams and see their next move. This can be a fun team-building activity as your students work together to beat their opponents strategically.


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Are you tired of the usual Four in a Row and Tic Tac Toe? If so, we’ve found the perfect game for you and your students.

Brix is a hybrid of Four in a Row and Tic Tac Toe, making it a fun game for students who need to use their problem-solving skills to ensure they don’t make a mistake.

They need to make sure the symbols and colors don’t match their opponent, making it a fun game for recess or when any students finish their work early.


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Are you looking for a game to inspire your students’ imaginations without a competitive edge?

Story Cubes is a great game that allows your students to create a story based on a roll of the dice.

You can use this game to encourage your students' storytelling skills, and it will encourage them to think in new ways.


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Boggle is a classic spelling game where you can have your students race one another to come up with the most words.

You just need to give them the seemingly random letters and how many they can spell without rearranging them.

Boggle is a fun game that allows your students to get involved and can be a fast-paced game that works as a brilliant warm-up to your English lessons.


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Learning the periodic table isn’t fun when you’re alone, but you can make it exciting with this board game.

While this is more suitable for older players, you will need your students to strategize as they collect elements across the board.

They’ll learn different elements and gain an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry.


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Photosynthesis is a game that utilizes strategy to teach you about the environmental life cycle.

While it is a longer game, if you’re looking for a change of pace in the classroom, Photosynthesis can be an exciting new way to teach your students about the cycle of plants.

Your students will take their trees through their life cycle and have a new way of understanding biology.

Final Thoughts

Best Board Games For Classrooms To Try Today

We hope this list has helped you find fun new ways to play board games in the classroom.

Whether you’re looking for a fun board game at recess or if you want a new way to teach your students about different subjects.

These board games are some of the best ways to make learning fun for students of all ages and can bring a new way of learning to the classroom.

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