14 Best Board Game Ideas For School Projects To Try Today

Board games aren’t just fun. They can also be educational. As a result, board games can make sensational school projects. 

Students will love making their own board games, whilst also learning more about a specific subject.

14 Best Board Game Ideas For School Projects To Try Today

These board games can be catered to individual topics, ensuring that they are a beneficial learning experience.

If you are looking for inspiration for a board game school project, here are some incredible ideas!

14 Best Board Game Ideas For School Projects To Try Today

1. Pizza Box Game

The object of this game is to get from the start to the home at the end of the course. Along the way, the game will test the knowledge of the students. 

To progress, students will have to overcome various learning challenges. For example, they will have to think of a word that rhymes with an image on a card. 

One of the fantastic features of this board game is that it is made from an old pizza box. As a result, it encourages recycling and can be cheap to make.

Plus, the board game has been designed to look fun and vibrant, which is bound to appeal to younger players.

2. Weather Board Game

If you are searching for a fun and colorful board game that kids will adore, this weather game is a wonderful option. Students can color in the board game themselves, allowing them to get creative. 

Best suited to younger pupils, this board game will be a phenomenal project if you are teaching lessons based on the weather. It can deepen a student’s understanding of the various weather conditions. 

3. Math Board Game

Perfect for math class, this board game idea will test the numeracy skills of your students. To progress, they will have to answer various questions relating to math.

These include addition and multiplication sums. There is also an English element to the game, as students will have to answer math questions that also challenge their English skills. 

This board game school project is best suited to students who have been struggling to develop their mathematical skills. 

4. Mario Board Game

Do your students love Mario? If so, they’re bound to love this Mario-themed board game! Complete with mushrooms, plants, and tubes, this board game perfectly fits the Mario theming. 

Though this game is super fun, it also has an educational element. Specifically, it will challenge their math skills.

Players will need to move a certain number of spaces based on the number they roll on the dice. Plus, they will be forced to move forward or backward based on if they land on any of the Mario-themed obstacles. 

5. Car Race Board Game

Up next, this adrenaline-filled car race game is bound to be loved by your students. Students can host intense sessions in which they race to get their cars to the end of the track.

It’s sure to get kids feeling competitive.

This is a super simple board game to create, as all you have to do is draw the track onto a sheet of paper or cardboard.

The board can then be decorated in whatever way you like. Certain punishments and rewards can be added to the board to make things more interesting. 

Though this board game is not overly educational, it can nonetheless provide a fun experience for younger kids. 

6. Understanding Board Game

As a teacher, it is important to test and evaluate the knowledge of your students. This is because you can determine if there are any gaps in their knowledge, which you can cover in later lessons.

This board game aims to help teachers to evaluate what their students know about different topics.

When students land on a tile with a question mark, this is an outstanding opportunity to ask them questions about whatever subject they have been learning. 

The design of this board game is incredible. It is fun and colorful, which will mean that your students will have an amusing time when they play the game.

7. Australia Board Game

Australia is an amazing country that is fun to learn about. This Australia-themed board game is a thrilling way to boost a student’s knowledge of the country.

The board is filled with facts about Australia. The addition of images means that this board game is not only educational but also engaging for students. 

This board game is a great option for geography teachers, as it can expand the knowledge of one of the largest countries in the world. 

8. Space Board Game

If you have been teaching your students about the various planets in the universe, this is a brilliant board game to supplement their learning experience.

Filled with planets, shooting stars, and rockets, this board game is perfectly suited to astronomy classes.

When playing this game, students will have to race to the end of the board by rolling the dice. This board game design is super simple, meaning that it is apt for younger students. 

9. Board Game Spinner

Spinners are an important tool in educational board game projects. This is because spinners can help you to ask your students questions in different subject areas. 

Despite looking amazing, this spinner is straightforward to make. So why not add it to your next board game school project?

10. Opposites Attract Board Game

This board game has been entitled Opposites Attract. Essentially, the game consists of a track made up of different squares.

The player will then have to roll a die to determine how many steps they need to take on the board.

When a player lands on the square, they will have to name a word that contrasts with the word found on the square.

This game can boost the literacy skills of your students. This is because it encourages them to widen their vocabulary by getting them to consider the opposites of different words.

This is an amazing addition to an English class.

11. Name 3 Things Board Game

This English language game has been formulated to enhance the vocabulary of your students. Throughout this game, students will have to name 3 things in a category depending on what tile they have landed on.

For instance, if a player lands on tile 19, they will have to say 3 things that they are afraid of. This is a great bonding experience for students, as they will be able to better understand one another.

This board game will also increase the oral confidence of your students, allowing them to become more confident speakers. 

12. Clothes Board Game

This board game is designed to help students revise vocabulary for different items of clothing. Based on the classic game of Snakes and Ladders. 

Beginning at the “Start” position, players will have to move based on the number that they have rolled on the dice. When they land on the tile, the players will have to name the article of clothing that is depicted on the board. 

Excellent for younger children, this will help them to learn the words for various pieces of clothing.

13. Food Board Game

This next board game will put the food knowledge of your students to the test.

They will have to answer an assortment of grueling food-related questions and provide the name of different food items. 

Perfect for preschoolers, this game is the perfect match for students who are learning about food.

Young students will adore the bright colors and fun images that are found throughout this thrilling board game. 

14. All About Me Board Game

Last but not least, this board game will make an incredible icebreaker for getting to know new students.

Titled “All About Me” this board game will force students to answer various questions about themselves. For example, one of the questions is “what inspires you?”

Teachers will not only better understand their students, but students can also find out more about one another. This board game is great for the start of a new school year or term.

Furthermore, this board game will help your students to become more confident when speaking in public. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Create A Board Game?

Firstly, you will have to come up with an idea for your board game. This will include the layout of the game and its aims.

Once you have got this idea, you will need to outline the game on a board, which may just be a sheet of cardboard.

From there, you can begin making any other pieces you need for the game, such as cards. 

Are Board Games Educational?

Yes, board games are often educational. This is because they encourage players to think critically and solve problems.

By tailoring a board game to a specific subject, they can become a fantastic learning opportunity. 

Final Thoughts

Board games are a great way of getting students to learn something new or test their pre-existing knowledge.

If you are looking for school projects that are equal parts educational and engaging, these options are outstanding. Hopefully, this list has filled you with inspiration for your latest school project!

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