19 Best Spring Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

Spring is a very special time of the year. After the long winter months, where waking up for school can feel like a drag, the beginning of a warmer season is definitely something to celebrate in the classroom. 

19 Best Spring Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

You’ll find a lot of bulletin board ideas for spring online, but if your classroom whiteboard is your main decorating space, you can easily incorporate some of these bulletin ideas into fun whiteboard designs. 

From a simple marker drawing to class art projects, there are so many fun and creative ways you can decorate your classroom whiteboard for spring! 

Here are the 19 best spring whiteboard ideas to try today to get the season off to a great start!

1. Simple Drawing

If you don’t have a lot of time, materials, or brightly-colored markers to decorate your whiteboard for spring, don’t worry!

All you need to create a welcoming spring whiteboard is a black marker pen and your imagination.

You can write a spring message, or simply the word ‘spring’, and decorate as much as you like with flowers or other spring-themed imagery.

2. Springtime Doodles 

If you have a little more time on your hands, but still don’t want to go all-out with sticking things to your whiteboard, you can fill your entire whiteboard with springtime doodles instead!

As you can see in this example, there’s a bunny, flowers, butterflies, a rain shower, and plenty of other fun pictures to do with spring.

3. Seasonal Transitions 

Spring, of course, follows on from winter. While many of us welcome the arrival of spring, it’s important to remember that every season has its place.

You can mark the transition from winter to spring with a drawing like this.

Although this drawing has been done with chalk on a blackboard, you can easily recreate it with colorful markers on your whiteboard.

4. Spring Calendar 

This spring whiteboard idea is as practical as it is decorative!

You can honor the arrival of spring in your classroom by creating a calendar on your whiteboard for each month of the season, and decorating it with spring-themed symbols.

Here, we have an example of what a calendar for March might look like.

5. Springtime Scene 

This spring whiteboard idea is simple, but colorful, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of spring.

Again, the example has been done on a chalkboard, but there’s no reason why you can’t draw this exact design, or something like it, on your whiteboard using markers. 

6. Easter Theme 

Of course, spring goes hand in hand with Easter, so what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than to get into the Easter spirit?

You could decorate your whiteboard for Easter as soon as the new season arrives, or you could wait a couple of weeks until the official Easter dates are closer. Either way, eggs, bunnies, and flowers are the perfect symbols to represent both spring and Easter.

7. Minimalist Tulips 

If you prefer a minimalist theme for your classroom whiteboard, but still want to celebrate spring in some way, some simple tulips will do the trick.

Draw some tulips anywhere you like on your whiteboard with a marker pen.

If you want to leave enough space to continue using your whiteboard as usual, just position the tulips in a bottom corner of the board.

8. Class Hand Flower 

If you want to turn your spring whiteboard decorations into a class art project, this is a fun and creative idea that you can get the whole class involved with.

This project involves getting each child in the class to create a colorful handprint with their name on it.

You can then stick them in the shape of flower petals above a paper stem. You can use magnets to hold everything in place, or even use hot glue, since this can easily be peeled off a whiteboard.

9. St Patrick’s Day Theme 

St Patrick’s Day actually takes place a few days before the official vernal equinox that marks the beginning of spring.

However, with St Patrick’s Day being a day of celebration where the color green is everywhere, decorating your whiteboard for St Patrick’s Day can be a great way to get your class into the spirit of springtime.

When the celebrations are over, you can take down your St Patrick’s Day display and replace it with another springtime idea!

10. Floral Border 

Creating a spring-themed border for your whiteboard is an excellent way to decorate your classroom for the new season while still making sure you have space to use your whiteboard as normal.

You can get as colorful as you like with this idea, and it’s one you could turn into an art project for your class by getting each child to make their own flower for the border. 

11. Showers and Flowers 

Showers and flowers are two things spring is known for, so why not incorporate both of these seasonal aspects into your whiteboard display?

April showers bring May flowers’ is not only a fun and factual rhyming quote that can help to teach kids about the cycles of nature, but there’s also a life lesson behind it about persevering through tough times.

12. 3D Springtime Scenery

If you’d like to go all-out with sticking decorations to your whiteboard for spring as opposed to just drawing, something like this can help to give your classroom a real springtime feel.

Although this example is for a bulletin board, you can transform your whiteboard into a similar display.

Just choose a method of striking the paper, flowers, and cotton wool to your whiteboard and get to work! You could use Blu tack, double-sided tape, or hot glue. 

13. Butterfly Board 

The blooming of flowers in springtime means an increase in pollinators, including butterflies.

So, you could decorate your classroom whiteboard with colorful butterflies to mark the beginning of a new season!

In this example, the butterflies have been stuck down by color to make a kind of diagonal rainbow, but you could arrange your butterflies however you like.

You could also add a relevant quote in marker pen.

14. Spring-Themed Motivation

Springtime showers are an excellent metaphor for life. Spring means more flowers and sunshine, but it also means rain.

This rain is important for the growth of new life. A quote such as ‘If it never rains, you’ll never grow’ can help to teach kids an important life lesson just in time for spring!

15. Rainbow Quotes 

Just as the rain that comes with springtime can be used as a teaching metaphor, so can the rainbows produced by the combination of rain and sunshine.

A colorful rainbow on your whiteboard can help to make your classroom look more appealing, and you can include an accompanying quote such as ‘Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ or ‘If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain’. 

16. Bee Pun 

You’ll see a lot more bees around in springtime because of the new flowers, so decorating your whiteboard for spring is the perfect excuse to use a bee-related pun!

We love this cheerful design, originally done on a chalkboard, which encapsulates the theme of spring while encouraging cheerfulness and positivity in the classroom. 

17. Toad Pun 

There are a lot of animals we tend to associate with spring, such as chicks and bunnies. However, toads tend to become more active during rainy, mild, spring months.

So, why not decorate your classroom whiteboard with a toad pun? You can decorate around the writing with pictures of toads and lily pads, which you can get your class to help create. 

18. Flower Wisdom 

The flowers that pop up in spring are a sign of life and growth. You can bring this energy to your classroom by decorating your whiteboard with some flower-themed wisdom for spring.

A quote about ‘living life in full bloom’ or ‘growing to your fullest potential’ accompanied by colorful flowers will encourage kids to show up to class as their best selves and try their hardest in lesson time.

19. Bunting 

In this example, a classroom bulletin board has been decorated with bunting that spells the word ‘spring’.

As you can see, there are many other decorations on this board, and you could include these as well if you wanted to.

However, if you’d prefer to keep most of your whiteboard space free for writing on, you can simply hang some spring bunting across the top of the board. 

Final Thoughts 

If you were stuck for spring whiteboard ideas, we hope that these 19 decorative suggestions for spring have inspired you!

Remember, you don’t have to stick to drawing on your whiteboard.

There are many ways you can stick paper, cardboard, and other 3D decorations to your whiteboard using a variety of methods, from Blu tack to hot glue, without damaging the board. 

The ideas we’ve suggested today range from small, 5-minute drawings to big art projects. 

Before deciding on a spring decoration theme for your whiteboard, consider how much time and space you want to dedicate and whether you want your students to be involved in the decorating process. 

Helena Waters

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