7 Best Simple Whiteboard Drawing Ideas To Try Today

Whiteboards are so much more than just tools for teaching standard classes like Math and Science.

7 Best Simple Whiteboard Drawing Ideas To Try Today

They are also avenues for exploration and a great opportunity to have some fun. One such way you can have fun with a whiteboard is to use it for all kinds of drawings.

Not only is drawing on a whiteboard a great activity for students to take part in, but it is a great way to communicate ideas, concepts, and information in a clear and visually engaging way.

Whether you’re giving a presentation, teaching a lesson, or brainstorming with a group, a simple whiteboard drawing can make your message more memorable and impactful. 

However, coming up with fresh and creative whiteboard drawing ideas can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the technique. That is why we are here to help!

In today’s post, we’ll explore some of the best and most simple whiteboard drawing ideas to try, from basic shapes and diagrams to more advanced illustrations and visual storytelling techniques.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these ideas will help you create dynamic and effective whiteboard drawings that capture your class’ attention and convey your message with clarity and style.

Simple Whiteboard Drawing Ideas 

1. Basic Shapes And Diagrams

One of simplest, most effective whiteboard drawing ideas is to use basic shapes and diagrams to illustrate your ideas.

This can be for fun or to highlight important points during a presentation or class.

For example, you can use circles, squares, and arrows to create flowcharts, diagrams, and other visual aids that help to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise way.

From basic circles for brainstorming ideas to squares representing parts of a project, there are so many simple shapes to draw on a whiteboard.

If you’re teaching kindergarten kids, this is a great way for your students to learn about different shapes.

Go around the class and ask each pupil to name a shape and draw one with you on the board. This is fun and a great way for kids to learn whilst drawing.

2. Mickey Mouse

One of the most recognizable cartoons in history, Mickey Mouse is a great character to draw on a whiteboard.

Just like generations before, children today still love watching Mickey Mouse, so having the chance to draw him or see your drawing skills on display will surely brighten their day.

Drawing Mickey Mouse is pretty simple! There are his iconic ears, now a motif on the Disney Channel logo.

They are so distinctive that your students will undoubtedly recognize them right away.

If you find it difficult though, there are plenty of stencils available to use on the whiteboard. This is a drawing that won’t take too much time but will be great fun. 

Incorporate it into a drawing competition to see who can make the most unique Mickey Mouse.

And it won’t take much time too since the lines are simple and there are very few details. This is a great opportunity for kids to get creative in the classroom. 

3. Hungry Dinosaur

Kids love dinosaurs. They can be scary and cute – and so can dinosaurs! Not only are these incredible extinct animals fascinating to learn about but they are also fun to draw on a whiteboard.

Best of all, not much artistic skill is needed. Just some imagination and your classroom’s whiteboard can soon be like a scene from Jurassic Park.

Ask your students to draw a cartoon dinosaur on the whiteboard until it is full. This is a good way for kids practicing their artistic skills and learning about dinosaurs.

And, there don’t have to be any rules. You can have the students draw the entire dinosaurs with their long tails, or go one step further and see if anyone gets to draw a dinosaur eating another dinosaur.

Terrifying but fun for everyone!  

4. Weather

Come rain or shine, we will always have the weather to either love or moan about. We can also incorporate it into a whiteboard drawing.

There are so many things you can do associated with the weather, too.

You can go down the most simple route and draw different types of weather on the whiteboard, such as the sun, clouds, rain, or snow.

Then, you could have the students guess what type of weather it is or have them draw their own weather pictures.

Another idea is to draw a weather map with different symbols for different types of weather.

You could draw a sun for sunny weather, clouds for cloudy weather, raindrops for rainy weather, snowflakes for snowy weather, and lightning bolts for stormy weather.

You could also draw different symbols for different temperatures, such as a thermometer or snowman for cold weather and a sun with sunglasses for hot weather.

Then, you could have the students come up to the whiteboard and draw the weather in their own city or state using the symbols you’ve drawn.

This could be a fun way to teach students about weather patterns and forecasting. You could even incorporate a mini-lesson on how to read a weather map and what different symbols mean.

This would be a fun way to learn about different climates and weather patterns around the country and even the world.

5. Different Holidays

All of us look forward to different holidays, whether it be Easter, Halloween, or the big one, Christmas.

To get everyone in the mood for an upcoming holiday, you could draw pictures of the holiday and anything associated with it on the whiteboard.

For instance, you could sketch pumpkins and bats for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving, or Santa Claus for Christmas.

Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, there are many fun and creative ways to incorporate drawing and art into the classroom whiteboard. It’s a chance to be creative and have fun! 

For Christmas, an idea that always works is a drawing of a Christmas tree with blank ornaments hanging from the branches.

Then, you can ask your students to come up to the whiteboard and draw their own holiday ornaments on the tree.

You could also have them write their names or a short holiday message on the ornaments.

This can lead to discussions about different holiday traditions so the kids can learn more about the diversity around Christmas and get excited for it at the same time. 

6. Homer Simpson

We’ve already mentioned one iconic cartoon character, so here’s another – Homer Simpson. DOH! This whimsical, hilarious cartoon character is a lover of donuts.

So, you know what that means; time to draw Homer with a donut. This is sure to put a smile on your student’s faces as they walk in.

You can ask your students if they have any ideas of other cartoon characters they’d like to see on the whiteboard, too.

And, like donuts are associated with Homer, ask them to draw a character with something that is associated with them.

For instance, they could draw Fred Flintstone with a dinosaur or Elsa from Frozen with Olaf.

The possibilities here are endless. Imagine having a new character on the board every day. Your students will be excited to come to class every day and see what is on the board!

7. Self Portraits 

Drawing self portraits on a whiteboard can be so much fun. It gives students a chance to express themselves and see how they view themselves.

They could even draw their best friends in class to give everyone a laugh. Try and encourage them to be detailed by drawing faces, clothes, hair, and any accessories they like to wear. 

Self portraits on whiteboards can be beneficial in numerous ways for students.

Firstly, it encourages creativity as students can express their individuality as they are challenged to capture their unique features and personalities.

It can also boost self confidence as the picture can be a powerful reminder that they are valued and important.

For young students, drawings like this can develop their fine motor skills and foster collaboration, especially if everyone draws their friends.

Most importantly, it’s fun and engaging, giving students a break from the monotony of their usual day. 


Be Fantastical

Encourage students to draw their own fantasy worlds. These can be drawings of their own imaginary worlds with castles, dragons, unicorns, and other magical creatures.

Any way to bring out their imagination and creativity is hugely beneficial for them as they develop and grow.

Who knows? It may inspire them to start writing stories and find a love for story-telling.

In Summary

Whiteboards give you and students the opportunity to get creative and delve into your imagination.

Try some of our drawing ideas above and we can guarantee your classroom’s atmosphere will be full of joy for a long time! 

Helena Waters

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