8 Best March Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

March is a wonderful month of the year. It’s the first month where the weather starts to get a little better after the long and cold winter months and sees the start of spring.

8 Best March Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

It’s a time of rebirth and fresh beginnings and can be an exciting time for schoolchildren. 

If you’re the type of teacher that likes to decorate your whiteboard to reflect the month and season, then March will give you plenty of options.

There are many special days and events that happen every March and just as many themes and motifs that you can use on your whiteboard as well.

Choosing the right theme can be difficult, however. If you are lacking ideas then don’t worry, we have the 8 best March whiteboard ideas to try today.

Many of these ideas don’t require any artistic skills at all but if you are artistically talented, you can draw some amazing pictures on your whiteboard.

Whichever of these ideas you choose, your students are sure to love them and will enjoy looking at your whiteboard. 

1. Dr. Seuss Quotes

Did you know that Dr. Seuss Day is held annually on March 2nd? Dr. Seuss has long been a favorite of schoolchildren due to the cute rhymes, art, and fun stories contained within the books.

There are many inspirational messages to be taken from Dr. Seuss’s works as well, and this makes his books ideal for the classroom.

You can use Dr. Seuss as the inspiration for your whiteboard. Why not write a new Dr. Suess quote on your whiteboard throughout March?

There are so many to choose from and they can be tailored to your classes and anything else that is happening throughout the month.

If you have a little more artistic skill, you can try your hand at drawing the Cat in the Hat or any of Dr. Seuss’s other amazing creations.

2. Shamrocks

Another big event that happens each March is St. Patrick’s Day.

This is a great holiday to use for your whiteboard as there are several distinct themes you can use to decorate your whiteboard. Of all of these ideas, the easiest to draw is a shamrock.

These green plants are synonymous with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day and they’re really easy to draw. Grab a green pen and you can draw a bunch of them in the corner of your whiteboard. 

Another option is to draw a line of them as a border around your whiteboard.

Borders are great as you can decorate your whiteboard and leave it there without it interfering with your main workspace and the information you need to write.

Draw a mixture of three-leaf and four-leaf clovers and you can even set younger children a fun task of counting up the leaves!

3. Leprechaun

As we mentioned in the last section, St. Patrick’s Day can inspire your whiteboard throughout March.

If shamrocks and clovers are a little boring for you and you want to flex your artistic talents, then give a leprechaun a try!

These mischievous little supernatural beings are closely associated with Ireland and in mythology guard pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

They’re also often referred to as shoemakers as well. They’re characterized by their green hats and coats and red hair and beards.

There are many things you can do with leprechauns. As well as drawing some leprechauns frolicking around your whiteboard, you can opt instead for a pot of gold and rainbows. 

With more difficult ideas such as this, if you’re not a good artist you can always ask some of your more talented students to draw it instead.

They’re sure to love having the opportunity to draw some leprechauns on your whiteboard.

4. Inspiring Women

March is also Women’s History Month. There are many ways you can bring Women’s History Month into your classroom and it’s a great way to both inspire your female students and introduce your male students to the achievements of women.

Why not dedicate a little corner of your board each day to an inspirational woman?

If you’re artistic, you can try to draw a profile of your chosen woman but if not, writing their name and a few words to list their achievements will also work. 

You can use these inspiring women as conversation starters in your classroom.

As well as deciding the women to feature yourself, you can set your students the task of nominating a woman for the whiteboard.

5. Flowers

March is the month when spring officially begins. You should start to see some new flowers begin to bloom as the weather begins to become warmer and there are so many March motifs that use flowers.

This makes flowers a great option for your whiteboard. They’re easy to draw and you can make them as colorful as you can.

Use all of your colored whiteboard markers to draw beautiful and varied bouquets of flowers around your whiteboard.

Like shamrocks, flowers are a great choice for either drawing in bunches in a corner as a decorative border around your whiteboard.

You can opt for realistic flowers that bloom in your state during March or you can draw any style of flowers that come to mind.

6. Chicks

As well as blooming flowers, March sees the beginning of new animal life as well.

One of the most common motifs for early spring is cute baby chicks and your students are sure to love seeing some chicks on your whiteboard.

Chicks are not the easiest thing to draw so you may want to skip this if you’re not a good artist.

However, if you can manage to draw some chicks they will brighten up your whiteboard and make it look suitable for March.

As the photo we’ve chosen shows, a chick that still has some eggshell left on its head is an especially cute option!

You can draw some chicks in the corner of your whiteboard and it doesn’t matter if you opt for more realistic chicks or cartoonish ones as they’re sure to look great.

7. Caterpillars and Butterflies

The fresh beginnings of March and the newly blooming flowers also lead to butterflies beginning to emerge.

Both caterpillars and butterflies are pretty easy to draw and butterflies are especially fun as you can use your full range of colored marker pens to make a beautiful butterfly garden on your whiteboard.

You can use caterpillars and butterflies to show their cycle of life and teach students about how caterpillars develop.

Why not make a border around your whiteboard showing the stages of the process?

Start with a caterpillar image, show it in a cocoon, and then depict it emerging into a butterfly at the end. There are several different stages you can add to this as well.

Another option is to simply decorate your whiteboard with a variety of butterflies. You can draw them as small or as large as you want and can group as many butterflies together as you want as well.

Make a border from butterflies or group them together in a corner and they’re sure to look amazing.

8. Eggs

We’ve left this one for last because it may not be applicable every March! In some years, Easter falls in March but in other years, it falls in April.

As Easter is scheduled by the Lunar calendar it constantly changes but if it does fall in March then that makes it a font for dozens of whiteboard ideas.

Eggs are very easy to draw and you can make them as colorful as you want.

You can draw chocolate eggs or decorated eggs and you can even get your students involved and ask them to draw and decorate their own eggs on the whiteboard.

If Easter isn’t in March, you can still draw eggs but they will be better suited to hatching eggs instead of Easter ones.

We mentioned eggshells earlier in our section about chicks and this is suitable for March in any year.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the 8 best March whiteboard ideas to try today. We listed a variety of different ideas that are suitable for all art and talent levels.

Even people who aren’t skilled artists can draw eggs, butterflies, and flowers. You can also skip the drawings altogether by instead opting for Dr. Seuss quotes or short descriptions of inspiring women.

If you are skilled at art, however, and want to flex your creativity then you can easily draw more complicated designs that also suit March.

Try your hand at drawing some leprechauns or chicks and your students are sure to be impressed!

We hope that whatever ideas on this list you choose, that they make your whiteboard look fun and inspiring throughout the month of March.

Helena Waters

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