10 Best Halloween Whiteboard Ideas To Try

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for children. It’s full of candy and spooky themes that they can have fun with in a controlled and safe environment.

10 Best Halloween Whiteboard Ideas To Try

Kids love dressing up and heading out on Halloween to go trick or treating and if you’re a teacher, you’ve probably noticed how excited kids can get about Halloween.

This is why bringing Halloween into the classroom can be a great way to get the attention of your students and direct their eyes to the whiteboard.

By using a part of your whiteboard each day to celebrate Halloween, you can be sure that your students will enjoy their classes and look forward to seeing what new Halloween motifs will be on the whiteboard.

Finding Halloween ideas for the whiteboard isn’t always easy, however. It can be especially difficult if you’re not particularly artistic or passionate about Halloween yourself.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the 10 best Halloween whiteboard ideas to try. 

We’ve picked a variety of ideas so there is sure to be something suitable for every classroom and every teacher. Some require art skills whereas others can be drawn by even the most artistically challenged teachers!

Let’s get started.

1. Halloween Countdown

One of the easiest whiteboard ideas you can try is a simple countdown to Halloween. There are several ways you can implement this onto your whiteboard but the most important part is that you countdown the days to October 31st. 

You can start the countdown at any point in October and just change the number of days remaining each day.

To get your students involved, why not ask a different student each day to wipe away the previous number and write the new one?

Your countdown design can be a simple box with the number of days left written inside or you can make an elaborate drawing around it. This is one of the more flexible ideas on the list and is perfect for all skill levels.

2. Pumpkins

One of the easiest Halloween items to draw is pumpkins. They don’t require any special skills or artistic talents and they can be drawn by anyone.

They’re also one of the images most commonly associated with Halloween so drawing a few pumpkins around your whiteboard will instantly get your students in the Halloween mood.

You can draw a little pumpkin patch in the corner of your whiteboard or draw them around like a border.

This is another great idea to get your students involved in as you can make a fun activity of getting every student to draw their own pumpkin.

3. Spider Webs

Another really simple drawing idea is spider webs. These don’t require any drawing skills either and are really simple to draw in the upper corners of your whiteboard.

These are the corners that are often left bare during lessons so you can draw some webs and leave them there for the entirety of October without them getting in your way!

Once you’ve drawn some webs in the corner of your board, you can also add a friendly spider hanging from a thread. Make the spider as cute and expressive as possible just in case you have any students that are scared of them!

4. Fab-Boo-Lous Ghosts

Ghosts are a big feature of Halloween but they don’t need to be scary! They can be friendly and they’re another simple drawing to create.

With only a few curved lines you can draw a ghost but make sure that you don’t forget to add a happy and smiling face.

We’re big fans of classroom puns as well and ghosts give you a great opportunity to add some Halloween puns to your whiteboard.

If your students need some positive encouragement, why not let a friendly ghost theme show how fab-boo-lous they are?

5. Happy Spooky Season

You can welcome kids to the spooky season with a beautiful drawing such as this one! It’ll take a little more artistic talent than most of our ideas so far, but don’t let that stop you from trying.

Whiteboards can easily be erased, after all, so you lose nothing by trying.

The center of the image features a scene from the popular Halloween/Christmas movie A Nightmare Before Christmas and this movie is sure to be popular with your students.

It’s highly likely that most of your students will recognize Jack Skellington and Sally in the center.

You can keep this design on your whiteboard throughout October without your students getting bored of it. If you want, you can change the wording above the drawing to other Halloween-related phrases.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas

From one Nightmare Before Christmas idea to another! This one might be beyond the artistic skills of many teachers, but students are sure to love seeing this design on their whiteboard during Halloween!

It features the three mischievous kids from Nightmare Before Christmas called Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The three of them follow Oogie Boogie’s orders but aren’t evil characters.

Instead, they’re just trouble-making kids that dress as trick-or-treaters and like to have fun.

7. Park All Brooms

This is a cute idea that you can use throughout the Halloween season! It mainly relies on fun lettering and a few small drawings around them so if lettering is your best skill, have fun and go wild!

Although the image we’ve included is of a blackboard and not a whiteboard, it’s an easy idea to convert.

The art asks students to “Please park all brooms at the door” and although this is a reference to witches, another popular Halloween motif, it can be used as a themed reminder for other things as well.

If your classroom has a policy of leaving muddy shoes, bags, or cell phones by the door, you can use this as a reminder.

8. Bats

After a couple of more complicated whiteboard ideas, let’s go back to something that can be as complicated or as easy as you wish. Bats are another popular Halloween theme and they can be very easy to draw.

You can also draw them more realistically if you choose, but we like drawing cuter and more comic bats than frightening ones!

Bats look great when drawn flying around the top of your whiteboard and around the edges. They’re easy enough that you can get your students to help draw some if you want to!

Add a couple of fangs and you’ll soon have a flock of vampire bats on your whiteboard.

9. Welcome Great Pumpkin

The Peanuts Halloween special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, is a must-watch every year. Kids have been watching this every Halloween since its first release in 1966 and the legend of the Great Pumpkin is known by all.

Drawing whiteboard art inspired by Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Great Pumpkin is a great idea for your whiteboard.

There are many different ideas you can incorporate into your classroom as well! One of the easiest ideas is to draw the sign that is seen during the movie which says “Welcome Great Pumpkin.”

On the other side of the difficulty scale is the picture we included as part of this article.

This is another design drawn on a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard but it can just as easily be recreated with whiteboard pens as it was with chalk.

10. Spooky Dates

Many teachers write the month and day on their whiteboards so that the students can always remember the date for any work they need to complete.

One of the easiest ways to bring Halloween onto your whiteboard is to write your dates in a spooky way.

Why write “October” in ordinary lettering when you can write it in spooky letters? You can choose a spooky style of writing or simply add little doodles to each letter to make them Halloween themed.

Once you’ve written Halloween in a suitably spooky manner, you can leave it on the whiteboard all month long to keep it Halloween themed.

The example we’ve included in this article should be possible for even the most artistically challenged of teachers!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the 10 best Halloween whiteboard ideas to try. Halloween is a great holiday for kids as it can spark their imagination and get them excited for the days ahead.

The combination of spookiness, dressing up, and candy is perfectly designed to get the attention of kids and you can take advantage of this by making your whiteboard another place to celebrate and enjoy Halloween.

Although some of the ideas in this article do require some artistic talent, there are many that can be drawn by anyone. For some of the tougher ideas, why not ask some of your talented students to draw the pictures?

This is another great way to get your students involved and engaged with their classroom. We hope that whatever ideas you try, your students enjoy them and look forward to Halloween!

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