5 Best April Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

Winter can be long. From October through to March, the days can seem endless and the nights long as the cold temperatures take over and we spend most of our time indoors.

5 Best April Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

But, a light beckons us in March as Spring is on the horizon. March 20th is officially the start of spring but for many of us, it can still feel like bleak mid-winter.

More often than not, it’s not until April that Spring settles in properly. The bear trees start to turn green again and a feeling of rejuvenation spreads like the new spring wildflowers.

April is a month of renewal and celebration. And, it’s also one of the best times to experiment with new ideas and strategies in the classroom. 

Just like nature blossoms into life during Spring, a classroom whiteboard is a blank canvas that can blossom with new ideas.

A staple tool in classrooms worldwide, this board allows us to brainstorm, problem solve, and have some fun. 

Struggling to come up with ideas of what to incorporate into your whiteboard this April? Don’t worry as we are here to help!

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best April whiteboard ideas that can help teachers and students alike generate new ideas, improve communication, and increase productivity.

Whether you’re a student, educator, or professional, these ideas will inspire you to think creatively and achieve your goals. 

So, grab a marker and get ready to explore new horizons with these innovative April whiteboard ideas.

Great April Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

1. Easter Egg Hunt

April is, of course, the month of Easter. Therefore, it’s important to celebrate this in any way possible. One method is to use your whiteboard and create fun interactive games with your students. 

One idea is to create a virtual Easter Egg hunt on your classroom’s whiteboard.

This involves writing clues on the board that help lead students to hidden eggs, dotted around the classroom, or the school. This activity can help encourage critical thinking, skills, and teamwork.

Oh, and it’s great fun! 

You can start by drawing a large Easter basket in the center of the whiteboard and then write “Easter Egg Hunt” above it. You can also use stickers if you prefer.

Then, draw a series of smaller baskets or Easter scenes around the edges of the whiteboard. Inside each basket can be a clue leading to where the hidden eggs are. 

Divide students into teams, giving each a different colored marker, so when they find an egg, they can mark it off with their colored marker. The team with the most eggs at the end of the game wins!

2. Fun Activities (Hangman)

There are so many fun activities you can incorporate into a whiteboard. One is the classic game of Hangman.

The aim of this word game is for each student to guess the word that the game’s master (teacher or another student) has thought of. They do this by guessing the letters in the word or phrase.

Every time the guesser guesses a letter wrong, part of a picture is drawn. Okay, we’ll stop here.

This may sound too morbid for a classroom, so instead of a hanging scene, you can draw something else associated with April, such as a flower, the Easter bunny, or you can go off topic and draw a spaceman.

Back to the game – the picture becomes completed when the person guessing has run out of guesses.

This can be a fun and educational game, allowing you to incorporate certain things associated with April.

Ask your students to think of words related to the month of April, such as “Spring,” “Sunshine,” and “chocolate.” You can make it easier by writing the category of the word or phrase on the board, too. 

This is a great way to get everyone involved as you can go from one student to the next. Or, you can make teams to make it more competitive.

If someone guesses the word or phrase correctly, congratulate the student, or award a small prize, such as a sticker. Then, start a new game. Easy and fun!

3. April Flowers

As we mentioned before, April is when Spring really gets into gear and we are treated to a shower of beautiful flowers.

And, it is these April flowers that can be incorporated into a whiteboard idea. 

This idea involves having an Easter flower whiteboard display in a classroom. One thing you could do is create a large flower made up of smaller flowers on the board using different color markers.

You and your students could draw a large outline of a flower on the whiteboard and then divide it into sections.

In each section, ask the students to draw a different type of flower that is associated with Easter, such as daffodils, lilies, or tulips. 

This allows students to get their thinking caps on or even do a little bit of research into what kind of flowers and plants grow during April.

Alternatively, you could create a garden scene on the whiteboard with a variety of Easter flowers and plants. You could include Easter eggs and bunnies in the scene to add to the festive atmosphere.

This doesn’t have to be interactive; it can simply be a pleasant scene for the whole class to enjoy at all times.

But, if you want your whiteboard idea to be more interactive, you could create a “growing” Easter flower display on the whiteboard.

You could draw a large pot or vase and then draw stems and leaves coming out of it. On each stem, your students can draw a different type of flower that grows taller as it goes up the stem.

This would create a dynamic and eye-catching display that could be added to as the days go by.

Something everyone can look forward to each day and a reminder of how everything is growing throughout April as summer fast approaches.

4.  Religion

As Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is important to remind your classroom of such. One way is to tell the tale of Easter using your whiteboard.

Whilst many kids focus on the Easter Bunny and the chocolate given to them, there should also be a focus on the religious aspect of the holiday.

This whiteboard idea allows you to timeline the events leading up to Easter, teaching your students of what happened.

You could start with Palm Sunday and draw a picture to represent Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.

Then, you could draw pictures to represent the Last Supper, the betrayal by Judas, and Jesus’ trial and crucifixion.

Next, you could draw an empty tomb to represent the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

Finally, you could include a message about the importance of the resurrection and what it means for Christians.

Make it more interactive by asking your students what they think is happening in each scene. You can also create a short quiz to test them about this important holiday.

You could also create a word search or crossword puzzle on the whiteboard that includes religious Easter vocabulary, such as “resurrection,” “crucifixion,” and “salvation.”

This could be a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about the religious significance of Easter.

Another idea is to draw a large cross on the whiteboard and ask the kids to write down things they are thankful for or ways they can help others, as a way to connect the religious message of Easter with positive actions in their daily lives.

5. Leaving Winter Behind – Spring Bunnies 

There’s no doubt that bunnies are a big part of Spring, Easter, and April. That is why they make the perfect whiteboard theme for this time of the year!

If you want a whiteboard theme or bulletin board to put up at the start of Spring and leave throughout the Easter holidays, this design is a great one to consider. 

For the background, simply color it in blue (you can use markers or board paper). Then, place strips of green around the bottom fringes of the board to represent grass.

Title the board with “We Are Leaving Winter Behind!” and add decorations associated with Spring. We suggest using bunny and egg shapes.

This is where you can get your students involved to cut out shapes or think of things associated with April to go on the board.

They can create whole bunnies and glue on bunny ears and tails and even arrange the board themselves, including the grass, clouds, and sun in the sky.

This is a great way to remind everyone that winter has gone and warmer, sunnier days are ahead. In other words, it’s a sure-fire way to bring positive energy to the classroom! 

In Summary

April is a favorite month for many as it waves goodbye to winter and welcomes sunnier, warmer times.

Whatever April means to you, we hope these ideas have helped you come up with a whiteboard theme for you and your students to enjoy.

Helena Waters

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