10 Best Aesthetic Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

Sometimes in the classroom, having an orderly and aesthetic classroom and whiteboard can really help your kids get into this sort of rhythm with their learning.

10 Best Aesthetic Whiteboard Ideas To Try Today

Whether your whiteboard simply looks nice, looks organized, or can simply help the kids visualize their day or learning, their day at school is guaranteed to be boosted.

In this article we have suggested a few aesthetic white board ideas that you can try out, with hope that it may inspire you to change the way you present your whiteboard.

We guarantee that you will see a change in how your classroom operates when you start setting this example.

Keep reading to learn more aesthetic whiteboard ideas and more in our article below.

Aesthetic Whiteboard Ideas

Below we have listed some of the best ways you can make your whiteboard more aesthetically pleasing to give you peace of mind and your pupils.

1. Have The Whole Week Planned Out

Get some masking or wire tape to divide your board up into the five working days of the week. Monday, Tuesday, so on.

Then, assuming you have at least a vague idea of what your week of teaching will look like, write the main activities of that day in the square adjacent to the relevant day of the week.

Maybe its sports day on Tuesday, or Friday is assembly day. No matter what is going on that week, even if it’s a pop quiz, it can be good to have these things listed on your whiteboard.

This means that when your pupils come in on a Monday they can easily see the board, their week, and what they need to look forward to as well as plan for.

This means that you can pull up the pupils who may forget things and show them that it was on the board since Monday, also allowing kids to plan in advance, something that is a vital skill later in life.

2. Change Your Whiteboard Design Depending On The Season Or Holiday

Whether it’s December and Christmas is coming up, or it’s the first day of spring, it can be a fun idea to align your whiteboard designs with the seasons or holidays to create a really aesthetic whiteboard design.

This can help your kids learn when holidays are but also the kinds of aesthetic that go with each holiday or season. Daffodils in spring, snowmen in December, Turkeys for Thanksgiving, etc.

It’s a great way to get kids excited for the changing weather, season, and the holidays around the corner.

It also helps them get an understanding of time, and when in the year they may be, something useful in later life for sure.

3. Use Fun Borders

While simple this hack can really boost the aesthetics of your whiteboard and help you pupils feel a little happier and calmer, depending on the border you chose.

A fun trick is to match the border of your whiteboard with your portable whiteboard, adding the same border to the latter.

This can make things look really cool but also shows the kids that they are the same.

There are loads of fun borders you can find online that are pretty cheap, and it can be a fun way to make your whiteboard less boring and help your pupils be interested and remaining attentive to the information on the whiteboard itself.

It’s also a clever move by adding aesthetics to your whiteboard without taking up any real estate on the whiteboard itself.

4. Use Sticky Notes To Build Community

Kids love sticky notes, and they love writing their ideas down, whatever they may be.

A fun way to get kids involved with each other as well as the whiteboard as part of their learning experience, is to create a topic for each day, and invite the kids to answer or add ideas to the board.

For instance, you could have ‘Wednesday Wins’ and get your pupils to write down something good that happened to them that week.

This can be a fun way for kids to learn about each other and connect with each other, and can also help you get to know your kids better too.

As well as all this, this helps build community among the kids like a forum board does online, they feel connected to each other and like their voices are being heard.

5. Keep It Clean

5. Keep It Clean

Sometimes an aesthetic whiteboard is simply one that is clean.

When you have marks on your whiteboard, writing that hasn’t been rubbed off well enough, dent in the board, etc, this can really distract kids without them even realizing.

When your whiteboard is perfectly clean, and your pens are bright and fresh this will certainly help your kids remain focused.

A good way to keep your whiteboard clean is to invest in some whiteboard cleaner or even some whiteboard microfiber cloths.

These tools will ensure that all your whiteboard is clean and perfectly white ready for the next lesson or day.

It can be fun to give your pupils this responsibility by creating a whiteboard cleaning role where the kids can take responsibility for this themselves.

6. Write Up The Focus Of The Day

You could add a ‘Focus Of The Day’ to your whiteboard, which can help your kids understand what they may be focusing on each day.

This could simply be a subject like ‘Science’ or it might be something else like ‘Sports’ or something related to a recent event such as ‘Remembrance’ on Veteran’s Day, for example.

You could even do this for the whole school week so your kids know what to look forward to, or alternatively you could simply do a ‘focus of the week’ or something like this, it doesn’t always have to be a subject but could simply be something like ‘Friendship’.

A fun way to get the kids involved is to let a class member write this on the board themselves, making it as fancy as they want.

7. Question Of The Day

During break time or when the kids are just chilling and not being taught, it can be fun to throw a question up on the whiteboard, making it look as aesthetic as you want, perhaps something you could do while you are having lunch.

Either way, you could ask the kids what their favorite film or TV show is, who their favorite person is, their favorite subject.

Again, this does well to build community but also helps the kids feel involved and engaged, and also helps you learn about them. What’s more aesthetic than kids enjoying themselves?

8. Use Tape For Handwriting Guidelines

With a younger class of pupils handwriting can often be an issue and is often something we are tasked with improving as teachers.

One fun way to do this is to make handwriting guidelines on your whiteboard, and letting kids come up and practice a word, rubbing it out so another can have a go.

Just make a long rectangle on your board with equal dashes in between, this will let kids know where to write and help them to keep it all in line.

Kids will enjoy having a large whiteboard to write on and the guidelines will help them feel confident in front of the class. Once one kid has had a go we are certain the rest will try too!

9. Attach Magnets To Your Whiteboard Gear

Whether it’s your Whiteboard rubber, whiteboard pens, or whatever else you might use on your whiteboard, it can be fun to attach magnets to them so that they can stick to the whiteboard itself.

This will stop your classroom getting cluttered and can look quite fun.

This could allow you to hang all sorts of things off your whiteboard such as organizers for you to put other things in, maybe even a pen tray instead of having a magnet on each pen.

10. Add Normal Magnets To Your Whiteboard

While you can magnetize random things and put them on your whiteboard you can also just use normal fridge magnets you have collected to decorate your whiteboard as well.

A fun thing to do can be to allow your kids to bring in their own magnets that they have collected.

Magnets are cheap so they won’t have any trouble buying them, but they could collect them from a new state or country they have been to or just bring in some fun ones they have found while getting around.

This is both aesthetically pleasing and gets kids involved.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has helped bring you some ideas of how you can make your whiteboard more appealing visually.

Allowing your kids to engage more with the work on the board, or just to help the board become more of a community tool, helping the kids engage with each other as well as their learning.

A good looking whiteboard can help kids focus but it can also just help brighten their day in a small way.

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