All About Me Poster Ideas

All About Me posters are a great way to get to know your students, as well as get them to think about their own self-identity and get to know one another. This makes it much easier for them to make friends as they gain confidence – and they’re a great class project! 

All About Me Poster Ideas

So, if you are thinking about having your class make All About me posters, here are some great ideas for you to try out! 

What Information To Include

Before you decide on how you want the All About Me posters to look, it’s a good idea to think about what information you want to ask your students to include on their posters.

It’s a good idea to avoid asking any personal questions like addresses or family members – instead focus on the student’s personality and favorite things. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Food
  • Favorite Subject
  • Favorite Sport
  • Words That Best Describe Them 
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color

To really get them thinking, ask them what they want to do when they grow up and why – do they want to become a doctor? Do they want to travel to lots of different places? Have lots of pets? 

Once this task is done, it’s time to make the All About Me posters – so check out the options below and try out your favorites! 

Self-Portraits Books 

This idea has your students make self-portraits of themselves and turns them into books. They can fold their self-portrait to one side and read all the information about themselves they have written inside. 

This 3D All About Me poster is a fun arts and crafts project for your students to work on and you can also help them out by making the face templates in advance.

This depends on just how old your students are and how handy they are with scissors! 

Poster Hats 

This All About Me idea doubles the poster as a fun paper hat for your students to wear around the classroom. 

You will need to print off the template and your students won’t be able to do much to it outside of filling in the blanks, drawing a self-portrait, and a little bit of coloring.

However, once the hats are done, they’re easy to wrap around your student’s heads and they can then start introducing themselves to one another.

It’s a great ice-breaker when you have a lot of students who are new to the class – and once the activity is over, you can use them to decorate the walls as conventional posters! 

Mixed Media All About Me Posters

All About Me posters are a great crafts project to try out with your students, so why not have them make mixed-media self-portraits for fun? 

You can get them to use lots of different materials including paint, pipe cleaners, wool, tissue paper, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, glitter, stickers, and so much more!

It’s a fun project that will get them to express themselves creatively and you can tell a lot about a student by what materials they choose to use! 

Of course, underneath you can add an All About Me sheet filled with their questions and answers. This will go great with their self-portraits! 

Add Photos

A lot of classic All About Me posters use self-portraits drawn by the kids themselves. However, you can also add photographs of your students too! 

Ask them to bring in photographs from home to add to their All About Me posters.

These don’t just have to be classic portrait pictures, but also photographs of their pets, of them doing their favorite activities, eating their favorite food, going to their favorite places, and more! 

Of course, not all students will have spare photographs to bring in – but if you have a camera, you can take some pictures yourself to stick onto the posters! 

Numbers Activity

This All About Me poster idea uses numbers to help turn this crafty project into a math one too! It takes important numbers in each student’s life (such as their birthday, their age, and how many pets they own) and hides them behind sticky notes with mathematical equations written on them.

The answer to the equation equals the number underneath. 

This poster idea also doubles as a great group exercise. You can pull up a poster and as the class works through the equations, they can then guess who the poster belongs to! 

Of course, this means that this All About Me poster idea is better suited for older students than younger ones. 

Rainbow All About Me Poster

For much younger children, this rainbow-themed All About Me poster is much easier to do. It’s also interactive as you can flip the colored strips of paper over to read the information on them.

Each strip has a question on one side, and the child’s answer on the other. 

It’s a great craft project plus it’s super colorful and easier for younger children to do on their own. You can also add some extra mixed media to give it texture – like cotton wool for the cloud or colorful wool around the edge! 

Final Thoughts

So, those were some great ideas for All About Me posters. These types of posters are a great activity to do with your students and there are lots of fun ways you can make them.

Take a look at the ideas above, pick out your favorite, and give them a try with your class! 

Helena Waters

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