10 Best Activities To Promote Diversity In The Classroom To Try Today

We all know that diversity is something to be celebrated, but how do we promote it in the classroom?

If you’re looking for some fun and engaging activities to help your students understand and appreciate different cultures, then you’ve come to the right place.

Best Activities To Promote Diversity In The Classroom To Try Today

From cultural dress show and tell to creating a cultural passport – these inspiring ideas will spark joy, curiosity, and learning in your class. So let’s get started!

Why Is Diversity In The Classroom Important?

Diversity is essential in the classroom for a few reasons. First, it helps to foster understanding and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives.

Second, it helps to promote creativity and innovation. And finally, it can help to reduce the amount of bias that students may experience in their classrooms.

1. Start An Open Dialogue

It’s important to create an open dialogue in your classroom in order to promote diversity.

Encouraging students to ask questions and share their opinions can help create a safe space for them to speak openly and honestly about issues that may be uncomfortable for some.

Start by having honest conversations with your students about different cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

Ask questions that require thought-provoking answers. Once you have an understanding of the different perspectives in your classroom, use this information to discuss topics such as immigration, race and ethnicity, national politics and more.

Make sure to create an environment where all opinions are respected and no one is judged for their beliefs.

You can also encourage students to research topics on their own or work together in groups on projects related to diversity.

This will help them gain a better understanding of different cultures while also helping them develop collaborative skills.

2. Build Connections With Other Students

Building connections with other students is an effective way to promote diversity in the classroom.

By inviting kids from other classrooms or schools into your space, your students will be exposed to different backgrounds and experiences.

This is a great opportunity for them to make meaningful connections while also learning more about different cultures.

Start by introducing kids from other classrooms into yours during story time, lunch, or recess. This provides them with a chance to socialize and get to know each other better.

You can also plan group activities or events where students from different schools can participate together.

These activities can help break down barriers and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome.

Finally, encourage your students to take initiative and reach out to peers from other classrooms or schools on their own.

This will help foster relationships between diverse groups of people and create a sense of understanding among them.

3. Observe Holidays From Around The World

Another great way to promote diversity in the classroom is to observe holidays from around the world.

Holiday celebrations are wonderful opportunities for your students to learn about different beliefs, traditions, and values that are important throughout the world.

It’s not necessary to limit your class festivities only to holidays that have been broadly or commercially celebrated in your region.

Instead, you can also focus on celebrating the seasons in your class while learning about different holiday traditions from around the world that occur during that time.

For example, you could discuss Chinese New Year, Islam’s Ramadan or Latin America’s Day of the Dead.

You can make this activity even more engaging by having students dress up in traditional clothing related to these holidays and do a show-and-tell with their classmates.

This is a great way for them to get an understanding of what it looks like for people from other cultures to celebrate these special occasions.

You can also have students do research on their own time and present a report or presentation on their findings.

Whatever you decide, your students will be sure to find this activity both enlightening and interesting!

4. Cultural Dress Show And Tell

One of the most fun and easy ways to promote diversity in your classroom is to have a cultural dress show-and-tell session!

Have each student bring in one piece of clothing from their culture, or even just a style that is popular in their culture.

This could be anything from traditional Japanese kimonos to Mexican sombreros or American baseball caps.

You can then have each student explain why they chose this particular item and what it means to them and their culture.

This activity is great for getting students to understand how people around the world express themselves through clothing and also teaches them about different cultures, religions, and countries.

Plus, it’s an opportunity for students to connect with each other on a deeper level as they share stories about their own cultural traditions.

5. Have A World Music Dance Party

If you’re looking for an exciting and fun way to promote diversity in your classroom, why not have a world music dance party?

This activity is a great way to get students moving and grooving while also introducing them to different cultures from around the world.

Have each student bring in a song from their culture or country that they can share with everyone.

You can use this as an opportunity to discuss musical styles, instruments, lyrics, and more. Then turn up the volume and let your students have fun!

This is a great way for students to learn about other cultures and celebrate diversity in the classroom. Plus, it’s certain to be an absolute blast!

6. Create A Classroom Collage

Creating a classroom collage is a great way to promote inclusivity. By sharing photos of all your students, you can create a sense of belonging and acceptance throughout the entire class.

Start by having each student bring in a photo from home or take one with their phone if they are comfortable doing so.

Once you have all the photos, arrange them into a collage on your wall or bulletin board.

You can even print out the pictures and let students decorate it together as part of an art project!

It’s important to remember that everyone is different and unique, and this activity will help showcase that in a fun and creative way.

7. Create A Cultural Passport

Creating a cultural passport is an excellent way to promote diversity in the classroom. This activity can be done both virtually, with a virtual field trip, or physically in the classroom.

To create a physical passport, have students draw and color pictures of different places they would like to visit, along with some facts about each place.

For a virtual passport, use images and videos from online resources to help guide students through the virtual field trip.

8. Host A Multicultural Day

One of the best ways to promote diversity in the classroom is to host a multicultural day.

This can be done both virtually and physically by having students present information on different aspects of their own cultures.

If your classroom is not particularly diverse, have each student choose an area of the world they’d like to focus on and research.

Then have them create brochures or posters that highlight various aspects of their diverse backgrounds, the areas their ancestors are from or the region and cultures which they chose to study.

Finally, have them present these virtually or in person for your multicultural event.

You can also add food into this activity by having each student share a picture of a dish and recipe unique to their culture, so the other students can make it at home with their parents!

9. Explore Diverse Literature, Art, And Music

Exploring diverse literature, art, and music is a great way to introduce students to different cultures in the classroom.

Start by making sure you have access to a wide variety of books from different cultures. Look for titles that feature characters from various backgrounds, or books that tell stories from a unique perspective.

When it comes to art and music, try playing songs from different countries or regions and have students guess where they’re from.

You can also look for artwork created by artists of color and explore the stories behind their work.

10. Be Willing To Address Inequality

No matter how much we strive for an inclusive classroom environment, it’s impossible to eliminate inequality altogether.

It’s important for educators to be willing and prepared to address any form of discrimination that may arise in the classroom.

This can be done by responding quickly and effectively to any instances of unequal treatment or behavior.

Start by creating a safe space for students and teachers to openly talk about issues of discrimination without fear or judgment.

Make sure everyone is aware of the school’s policies on diversity and inclusion, so they know what kind of behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.

By being willing to address these issues head-on, you can create an equitable learning environment where everyone is valued equally.


Promoting diversity in the classroom is essential for fostering an inclusive environment and helping students develop a more global understanding of different cultures.

These activities can help create meaningful learning experiences that will stay with your students for years to come.

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