About Us

With schools finally starting to get back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s becoming more vital that we get children engaged in learning again. Imagine being able to have the best half of a year off of school for reasons you don’t quite understand - you wouldn’t want to go back either! 

Due to this disruption, teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to get children entertained in classrooms enough to engage and learn. That’s where I would like to help. Hi, my name is Helena Waters and I was a teacher for 40 years before retiring last year. 

During my time as a teacher I dedicated the majority of it to making classrooms as fun as possible, with educational parties, fun activities, and low cost entertainment that made the children excited about learning. 

I taught children of all ages, from preschoolers to high school students. Now, with the pandemic having uprooted everything that children once knew about school and learning, I think that the need for my ideas is bigger than ever. 

That is why I created School Sparks, a place in which I can write down and share all of my ideas on how to get students excited about going to school again. I hope that you’ll find some useful within a school setting, even at home too! 

I think that the most important thing, after two years of staying at home, is to reintroduce learning as a fun time rather than a necessity. If more schools implemented fun into their classrooms, we might not hear so much about how ‘school sucks’.