A Selection Of 15 Excellent Social Studies Worksheets For Different Grades 

Recent years have seen a growing interest in the field of social studies, which includes the likes of social skills, communities, cultures, traditions and religion, US history, world history, and civics and government.

And in our haste to teach such subjects as math and science, we must not forget to teach kids about human society and culture.

Teaching social studies gives young kids a better understanding of how society works, how it can develop and change, and their own role and duties as a citizen.

And to that end, this article provides the links for a selection of 15 excellent worksheets for teaching social studies, across a range of different levels of ability. Here goes.

1) A-Z African American Visionaries Poster

This colorful worksheet features a cartoon representation of a whopping 26 different African American visionaries who’ve played a significant role in society.

The child picks which visionary they want to research, heads over to Google and sees what they can find out.

They can then write a few sentences summarizing the visionary’s work.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

2) 5th Grade History Of Easter Reading Worksheet

Holidays provide an excellent opportunity to catch a student’s interest in a worksheet and keep them engaged.

This worksheet pushes children’s reading skills, and also helps them to increase their vocabulary with the help of a short glossary to the right of the passage.

And there are questions to check the child’s comprehension of what they have just read.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

3) Preschool Who Am I Worksheet

In every neighborhood, there are people who serve important roles in the community, and before they even start school, preschoolers should be learning about them.

And to that end, this worksheet provides clues to different roles, and the child is to guess the title of the role (e.g., dentist, doctor, etc.).

And because it’s aimed at preschoolers there are some nice colored images as clues, too.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

4) How to be a Good Citizen Worksheet

This is such an important worksheet.

It explains to students what it means to be a good citizen and the importance of every individual’s duty in society.

It also gets students to explain what it means in their own words, and gets them to identify which citizenship behaviors they already carry out.

And it gets them thinking about what else they could do to be a good citizen.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

5) April Fools’ Day History Worksheet

This is a worksheet of two halves.

The first half gets kids reading about the origins of April Fools’ Day and how it grew to be a memorable part of everyday Western culture.

Then the second half is even more fun, and they get to write about the funniest, most wacky April Fools’ Day prank that they’ve ever been a part of.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

6) Crossword Puzzle: American Civil Rights Movement Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on a pivotal moment in US history and it is aimed at 5th through 8th graders.

It  tests their knowledge of some of the key players and events of the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

And it’s in the engaging form of a crossword puzzle. The worksheet features two historical photos and 10 different clues, and it tests their spelling at the same time.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

7) Declaration of Independence Worksheet

As free citizens of the United States, it’s nice for students to go back in time, effectively, and imagine being there when the US was declared an independent country, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

This fun little worksheet starts off with a reading exercise on the subject before asking the student to fill in the blanks of two sentences.

Then at the bottom there are the names of 5 sines of the declaration  with the letters of their names jumbled up, and the child is tasked with identifying them.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

8) Local Government and Municipalities Worksheet

The theme of this worksheet is local government.

The child is to read a short 2-paragraph passage on local government, followed by answering a few questions that check their comprehension of the text. 

There’s also a list of typical municipal services, followed by a fun related word search for them to do, testing their spelling.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

9) 5th Grade Learn About Ramadan Reading Worksheet

In social studies, it’s important for kids to learn about different cultures and religions, whether it’s one they subscribe to or not.

This worksheet is all about the Islam tradition of Ramadan, a tradition observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community.

The sheet features 7 different questions on the subject, and the pupil is tasked with heading to Google and researching the answers.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

10) Women’s Suffrage and the 19th Amendment 5th Grade Reading Worksheet

This is a great worksheet to pull out for Women’s History Month. The sheet is composed of a passage of writing concerning the women’s suffrage movement from the middle of the 19th century through to the passing of the 19th amendment in 1920. 

It is designed for 5th grade literacy levels, and it tests the child’s comprehension with the text with a few questions to answer at the bottom.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

11) The Bill Of Rights Worksheet: Summarizing the Amendments

Ten amendments to protect personal freedoms, called the Bill of Rights, were added to the Constitution of the United States in 1791.

This worksheet asks pupils to read an extract of primary-source text of the first 10 amendments, and they are then to summarize two amendments using their own words.

Developing both their social studies skills and their English and communication skills.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

12) Understanding Cause and Effect Worksheet: The Life of Anne Frank

It’s also important for kids to learn about social studies outside of America, and that’s where worksheets like this one come in.

There’s a passage for the kids to read about the life of Anne Frank, a Jew living in Germany who chronicled her days hiding from the Nazis during World War 2.

The pupil is required to refer to the passage to complete a chart identifying cause and effect.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

13) Preschool Manners Worksheet

What could be more important to learn as a person in society than to be polite and thoughtful and considerate.

And one of the central tenants in that has to be the use of good manners and common courtesy. 

This worksheet features several different images, and the preschooler has to look at each and determine which picture represents good manners or bad manners respectively.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

14) 5th Grade Famous Women In History Worksheet 

It’s just great for kids to learn about great inspirational figures in history.

And during Women’s History Month, you get to focus on Famous women in history.

In this worksheet, there are the names of 7 different famous women in history.

And in the 6 statements below, the pupil has to match each one of the 7 famous women listed with their specific accomplishment.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

15) Why Do Citizens Vote? Worksheet

The right to vote, and voting implications are an important concept for kids to learn both in America and elsewhere in the world.

The opportunity to vote means that you get to have a say in who runs the country and thus the political landscape for the entire country, with implications for everybody in every walk of life.

In this worksheet, the pupil must read a passage on why people vote, and answer some questions to confirm their comprehension on the subject.

It’s aimed at 4th and 5th graders, and there’s a short glossary of terms in the corner of the sheet.

To access this worksheet, simply click on this link

Final Thoughts

So, here we have an excellent selection of 15 different social studies worksheets that cover the most important things that kids should learn in the field of social studies.

These worksheets predominantly work on the kids’ understanding of social issues, but some of them also test the child’s reading, writing and researching abilities. 

As a result of working on social studies worksheets such as these, youngsters will not only be more well informed about the society that they are growing up in, but they will also be more aware of their rights and liberties, and how to be a good citizen.

Thanks for reading!

Helena Waters