3rd Grader Writing Worksheets – The Top 15!

Teaching 3rd graders can be a little tricky sometimes, especially when we’re teaching them writing.

3rd Grader Writing Worksheets - The Top 15

Writing tasks have long been thought of as boring to children, so you’d need to think about introducing worksheets to the classroom or household that are fun and informative. 

This guide has thought of this, and we’ve decided to compile our top 15 worksheets for 3rd graders that can improve their writing and teach them more about the subject. 

What Is A Writing Worksheet?

A writing worksheet is any type of sheet that’s designed to help students learn how to write in a certain way.

They can be used by teachers and parents alike to teach kids how to write better, but they can also be used by students themselves to practice writing skills. 

What Are The Top 15 Choices Of These Worksheets?

There are many things to choose from when it comes to worksheets, but you need to remember their ages and capabilities. So, we’ve thought of the following:

[1] Writing Prompts

These prompts are very simple and usually involve just one sentence. They are great for helping kids get started on a piece of writing.

Writing prompts work by asking kids to write a short story using only those words provided.

Example: “I like my teacher because she helps me with my homework”.

Storytelling prompts are similar to writing prompts, except they ask for a more detailed story. 

[2] Grammar Practice

This is where kids will read sentences with grammatical errors and then correct them. It’s a good idea to do this after reading a story or book because it helps reinforce what they learned from the text.

Grammar practice sheets are great for practicing grammar rules such as verb conjugation, pronoun usage, prepositions, etc.

Example: “The dog jumped over the fence”.

[3] Sentence Completion

Kids will fill out a blank space with words that make sense within the context of the sentence. This is another useful tool for reinforcing what they learned while reading. 

Sentence completion sheets are often used in conjunction with other types of worksheets. For example, a sentence completion worksheet could be paired with a spelling worksheet.

Example: “My favorite food is (pizza)”.

[4] Vocabulary Cards

These cards will contain vocabulary words that kids should know and use in their writing. Vocabulary cards are great for helping kids understand new words before they start writing.

Example: “To play basketball, I need to wear shoes and socks”.

[5] Story Writing

In this case, kids will create a short story using pictures and/or illustrations. You can use this in conjunction with writing prompts or any other worksheet.

[6] Letter Formation

Kids will write letters and practice forming different letter combinations. This is almost the start of learning cursive by placing letters like “l” and “e” next to each other and joining them up.

[7] Spelling Practice

Kids will spell words correctly and check their work against the spelling list provided.

[8] Reading Comprehension

Kids will read a passage and answer questions regarding the content. For 3rd graders, you’d want to make this as simple as you can. 

[9] Penmanship

Learning how to form correct letters and words using a pen. Create a challenge of a letter being formed by dots and allow the student to join the dots in one movement of the pen.

[10] Word Choice

Kids will choose which word would best fit into a particular situation. The worksheet will have several words to place into a sentence with only one that makes sense. 

[11] Phrases & Proverbs

Kids will find phrases and proverbs that apply to a specific topic and write them down. This is almost the opposite of word choice, where the students draw the phrases from the text rather than the other way around.

[12] Riddles

Kids will solve riddles and write the answers down. 3rd graders can still use basic riddle worksheets.

[13] Word Games

Kids will play games like Scrabble and Trivia Crack and write down their answers. Although this isn’t the most popular choice among teachers with worksheets, it is effective as it makes things fun.

[14] Word-Searches

Kids will find words in jumbles. This helps them to recognize words and letter formation before they copy the word from the game to their paper.

[15] Crossword Puzzles

Kids will complete crossword puzzles and record their answers. Again, it’s important that you understand the limitations of your classroom.

How To Use Them

3rd Grader Writing Worksheets - The Top 15

Teachers can use these worksheets at home or during class time. Parents can use them too, especially if they’re looking for ways to help their child practice his or her writing skills. 

You’ll notice that some of these worksheets require pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc., so you might want to keep those handy as well.

But, don’t worry; there are plenty of other options available.

You could always print off copies of these worksheets and laminate them. Or, you could even cut them up and tape them together to make your own version. 

Why Are These Worksheets Useful To 3rd Graders?

One thing that sets these worksheets apart from others is that they focus on the basics.

Kids will often have trouble remembering all the rules of grammar and punctuation, but these worksheets will help them remember what they need to know.

Another reason why these worksheets are helpful is that they allow students to practice their skills without having to be graded by an adult.

Teachers can also use these worksheets to assess student progress over time.

Which Worksheet Should I Choose?

It’s recommended to use a mix of the choices above to always make lessons fun and enjoyable, whilst not becoming dull and predictable.

If you’d prefer to stick to one type of activity, then you may want to opt for the ones that involve handwriting specifically, as these worksheets arguably offer the most benefit. 

However, if you’re looking for something more creative, then you may want to try the worksheets that include activities such as drawing, coloring, rhyming, and playing games.

Why Is It Useful Teaching Writing To 3rd Graders?

The main reason why teaching writing to third-graders is useful is because they’re already quite proficient in reading. However, many kids struggle when it comes to writing.

This is because they haven’t yet developed good habits when it comes to writing, which means that they tend to rely on copying instead of creating.

This is where worksheets come into play. They give kids a chance to practice their writing skills by completing tasks independently.

They can also learn how to spell correctly and develop better sentence structure. They can even improve their spelling and vocabulary through crosswords, word searches, and jumble games.

How Can You Make Your Own Worksheets For Third Grade?

3rd Grader Writing Worksheets - The Top 15

You might think that you’d prefer to create your own worksheets for third graders. You can do this by simply downloading free templates online.

But, if you’re short on time, then using ready-made worksheets is probably the best option. This way, you won’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect template.

Why Are These Worksheets Better Than Traditional Teaching?

Now, you may ask yourself: “What makes these worksheets different from any other?” Well, here’s the answer:

These worksheets are designed to teach kids about the basic elements of writing. This includes things like using correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Some of these worksheets also encourage kids to write creatively, while others simply provide them with blank spaces to fill in.

These worksheets are also great for practicing writing skills that aren’t always covered in school, such as cursive writing or letter formation.

How Do You Use Them In Third Grade Classroom Settings?

Teachers can easily incorporate these worksheets into their lesson plans. They can either be used as homework assignments or as part of a class project.

For example, teachers could assign students to complete a series of worksheets related to a particular topic.

Or, they could use them to help students practice their writing skills during independent work time.

In addition, some of these worksheets can be used as an alternative form of assessment.

Teachers could use them to test students’ knowledge of certain topics, or to assess their ability to apply what they’ve learned in class.

How Often Should Teachers Use Worksheets?

One thing that you need to keep in mind when planning out your curriculum is that not all children will benefit equally from worksheets.

That’s why it’s important to know how often you should introduce them. Some kids will respond well to having worksheets available at every lesson. Others will find them distracting.

If you want to avoid this problem, you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure that you don’t overload your students with too much worksheet material.

The Bottom Line

We hope our list has been of use to you and your third-graders when you’re trying to teach them writing.

It’s critical to know though, not only how to use these worksheets, but the best way to use them.

Remember to choose the best times by planning ahead and knowing the most ideal time to utilize them.

Helena Waters