17 Totally Awesome Shape Tracing Worksheets For Kindergarten Students

How would you like to teach your kids about shapes without having them struggle through boring math lessons?

Shape tracing worksheets are a great way to get your children interested in learning about geometry. They also provide a fun way to practice their fine motor skills.

17 Totally Awesome Shape Tracing Worksheets For Kindergarten Students

Shape tracing is a simple concept that involves drawing lines over a blank piece of paper to create a specific shape.

The idea is that children can trace the outline of a picture or object they see in real life. This helps them develop their spatial awareness and visual perception.

Shape tracing worksheets are ideal for teaching young children about basic geometric concepts such as angles, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and polygons.

These worksheets are also useful for practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

We’ll be taking a look at 17 totally awesome worksheets for shape tracing, so if you’re stuck for ideas for your next math lesson, read on!

Trace And Count The Shapes Worksheet

First off we have this wonderful yet simple trace and count worksheet. 

Students are asked to trace and color each of the shapes on the worksheet to reveal an image. There are four images in total, and they range from a truck to a house. 

Once students have done this, they’re then asked to count each of the shapes they see, the worksheet has a key at the top to help them, and write down how many of each shape they can find. 

As we have said, this worksheet is simple, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for the students.

Shape Trace Worksheet

Much like our first entry, this is a simple yet effective worksheet aimed at preschoolers or lower ability kindergarten students. 

It asks students to trace around the four fundamental shapes in geometry: square, circle, triangle, and rectangle. 

This worksheet could be used as part of a wider lesson focused on basic geometric concepts as it is a great starting point for a lesson.

It is the perfect worksheet for kicking off a lesson, and setting the tone for your students.

Trace And Color Shapes Worksheet

Third on our list is a Trace and Color worksheet designed for kindergarten students to get them thinking all about 2D shapes. 

There are five shapes in total for your students to trace out, we like the fact that each of the shapes has a small star which marks the start and end point for your students to trace out the shape. 

Once they’ve completed the tracing, they’re free to color in the shapes however they like. So, not only does it teach the children about shapes, it also allows them to be creative too.

The finished product could be used as part of a colorful display for your classroom!

Star Shape Worksheet

As you might have guessed from the title, this entry in our list is all about stars!

There are four separate star- shaped activities, each slightly more challenging than the last. 

The first section asks the students to color in the star, the second is a basic tracing exercise, the third asks students to connect the dots, and the fourth leaves them to their imagination to draw a star!

There are multiple activities included in this worksheet, so it is perfect for keeping the children busy. 

Line Trace Worksheet

This Line Trace Worksheet is a bit of a curveball in our list as it doesn’t contain any shapes. 

Instead of a focus on shapes or geometric patterns, the purpose of this worksheet is to get your students practicing their fine motor skills and get them ready for writing cursive. 

There are five lines to trace, each slightly more difficult than the last. 

Different Sized Shape Tracing Worksheet

Next up is a variety of different sized shapes for your kindergarten students to get stuck into!

There are four main shapes each with varying sizes for your students to trace. This will help them recognize different shapes and work on their fine motor skills.

Once they’ve finished the tracing aspect of this worksheet, they could color in each shape as an extension exercise. 

Following Directions Shape Tracing Worksheet

Our seventh entry on this list might be considered a challenge by some students. 

This worksheet is designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination and perceptual motor skills. 

They’re tasked with completing the second shape and making it look like the first. There are six exercises to finish, each a bit more difficult than the last. 

Trace, Color, And Connect Worksheet

This simple worksheet is designed to introduce your students to rudimentary math shape concepts. 

The worksheet is split into five shapes, each with a different exercise.

First off students are asked to color in the shape, then trace the outline of the shape, and finally connect the dots to reveal the shape. 

This would make a perfect starter activity for higher ability students. 

Shape Tracing Worksheet For Kindergarten

Much like most of the other entries on this list, our number 9 worksheet is designed to help students recognize some basic shapes to build a foundational understanding of geometric shapes. 

There are 9 shapes on this worksheet, and students are tasked with tracing around each shape. There are some slightly more challenging shapes on this one, like pentagons and hexagons. 

Draw & Trace Worksheet

Draw & Trace Worksheet

This shapes worksheet asks students to first trace around the five different shapes. Once they’ve done this, they’re asked to draw the shape freehand. 

This should help them recognize different shapes and also develop their fine motor skills. 

This is a perfect worksheet for kindergarten students who are studying different shapes. 

Trace The Circles

As you might have figured out from this next one, the focus of the worksheet is circles!

This worksheet is designed for preschoolers and kindergarten students to help them draw the perfect circle. 

Your students are tasked with tracing out a circle 12 times, staying on the line each time. 

Geometry Patterns Worksheet

Our number 12 is a worksheet designed to really test your student’s understanding of geometric shapes. 

It will also help them with their fine motor skills and pattern recognition. 

Students are first asked to trace out each of the shapes in the sequence. Then they need to examine the sequence and draw out the shape that comes next. 

Reveal The Picture Tracing Worksheet

Like the name of this entry suggests, students are tasked with tracing out each shape in order to reveal the picture. 

This will help them recognize shapes and patterns in a more abstract way. 

Once they’ve traced out each shape, the picture should be of a house with a fence and stars. 

This would make a perfect worksheet to color in, and once finished, pinned to a display board. 

Trace The Lines Worksheet

We absolutely love this worksheet!

It gives you and your students the opportunity to explore how shapes can be combined to make new shapes or pictures. 

Students are asked to trace the lines in the picture, most of which are geometric shapes combined with each other. 

Once finished, the picture reveals a hot air balloon flying on a summer day. 

Kindergarten Shape Tracing Worksheet

Our 15th entry on this list is another great worksheet for helping your students learn about shapes. 

This worksheet features 10 different shapes, ranging from a circle and square, to more complex shapes like a heptagon and diamond. 

To help your students understand the shape they’re tracing, each shape has a start and end point, along with directional arrows. 

This would make a perfect add-on exercise for a lesson focused on geometric shapes. 

Trace The Pattern Worksheet

Much like number 5 on our list, this Trace The Pattern worksheet is designed to help your students hone their fine motor skills.

Students are tasked with tracing the pattern, with each pattern becoming slightly more complex. Some patterns are zigzag shaped, whilst others are block-like. 

This will help them develop the ability to move their fingers whilst gripping a pencil more precisely. 

Trace The Shapes Worksheet

Last but no means least we have this simple yet very effective Trace The Shapes Worksheet. 

Featuring a selection of the fundamental geometric shapes, such as a square, rectangle, and oval, this worksheet asks students to trace these shapes four times. 

It’s designed to be used in a preschool/kindergarten setting as it will help these students develop their awareness of different shapes and their fine motor skills.


And there you have it! 

Understanding and recognizing geometric shapes is a key skill for all kindergarten students to have. It sets them up for learning more complex math in middle and high school. 

Hopefully, these 15 totally awesome shape tracing worksheets for kindergarten students have helped you find something to use in your classroom. 

Happy Teaching! 

Helena Waters