16 Great Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets For Elementary School Students

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘regrouping’ before. Regrouping means taking two or more sets of numbers and combining them into one set.

16 Great Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets For Elementary School Students

For example, let’s say you want to subtract 7 from 12. The answer would be 5. If you wanted to regroup those numbers, you’d take the original 12 and add 7 to get 19. Now, you can subtract 7 from 19.

Regrouping is a useful math skill because it helps students practice their subtraction skills. Students who regroup often perform better on tests and exams.

In addition, regrouping also helps students develop important mathematical concepts such as place value and order of operations.

There is some debate around the teaching of the regrouping method, as some students prefer not using it.

In this article, we’ve pieced together what we think are 16 great subtractions with regrouping worksheets for elementary school students.

So if you’re looking for some handy worksheets for your students to complete, read on and check out our list!

1. More On The Floor Subtraction Worksheet

When teaching students about subtraction, a handy poem sometimes used to illustrate subtraction is as follows: 

“More on the floor? 

Go next door and ask for some more!

But don’t forget to pay it back!”

This worksheet uses this poem to illustrate how to subtract using regrouping. There are 8 math problems for your students to solve using the regrouping method.

This poem is one that the children won’t forget, so it is definitely a good place to start.

2. Subtraction With Borrowing Worksheet

When it comes to learning how to do subtraction math problems, sometimes there’s nothing better than using a pencil and paper!

This worksheet has a total of 14 subtraction math problems for your students to solve. They’ll need to understand the concept of borrowing from the first and second column of numbers in order to solve these equations. 

Luckily, though, the first one on this worksheet has been done for them and has clear workings out, so they can follow this to help them solve the rest. 

3. 4-Digit Subtraction Worksheet

If your 3rd graders are flying through their work, and need a bit of a challenge then we’d suggest this 4-Digit subtraction worksheet.

It’s been specifically designed for 3rd graders who need to be challenged!

The worksheet asks students to try to solve a total of 20 math problems using the regrouping method. 

There are no frills or colorful pictures on this one, but that doesn’t make it unfit for purpose! It might not be the prettiest of worksheets, but it has lots of information to help the kids learn.

4. 3-Digit Subtraction Worksheet

If the worksheet above is too difficult for some of your students, but you don’t want them to feel left out you could try this worksheet. 

Whilst this one has been designed for 2nd graders, it could also work for some of your lower ability 3rd graders.

This worksheet asks students to solve a total of 25 subtraction math problems with regrouping tens. It is the perfect worksheet for keeping your students busy.

5. Subtraction Coloring Worksheet

If you have a student who loves coloring and likes to use their imagination when working out math problems, then this worksheet will be perfect for him/her.

This worksheet is divided into sections and each section has been assigned a color. 

Students are asked to solve the equations then color each section in the corresponding color.

They should get a lovely picture of a horseshoe if they have colored in each section correctly! It combines learning math with being creative, and this makes the teaching process much more enjoyable.

6. Follow The Trees Worksheet

We absolutely love the concept of this worksheet, and we’re positive your students will too!

We’d recommend this worksheet for grades 2 and 3, or even lower ability grade 4 students. 

The worksheet requires students to guide the bear back to his cave, but there’s a twist! The bear only follows trees that have sums with 3 in the tens place. 

Each tree has a mixture of either addition or subtraction math problems, and students will need to use regrouping in order to solve them. 

7. Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers With Regrouping Worksheet

This is a simple yet effective worksheet that asks students to solve 12 subtraction math problems. 

They have a choice of whether to use regrouping or not, although there is plenty of space for students to demonstrate their workings out. However, there are some problems which will require them to use borrowing. 

8. 2-Digit Borrow Subtraction – Beginner Worksheet

This is another great beginner worksheet that allows students to practice solving subtraction math problems with borrowing. It’s ideal for those students who struggle with understanding how to borrow.

This worksheet is printed on graph paper, making it easy to see each column and complete any workings out. 

9. Subtraction Fun Worksheet

Next up we have this fun and colorful worksheet from education.com!

This great worksheet has been designed to help your 2nd graders understand 2-digit subtraction. 

They’re tasked with guiding Larry The Lizard back home by solving a total of 10 subtraction equations which require the use of regrouping. 

There’s plenty of room on the worksheet for your students to show their calculations to demonstrate how they got the answer. 

10. Sunshine 3-Digit Subtraction Worksheet

Our next worksheet would make a perfect subtraction exercise in the summer for your students!

This simple worksheet requires students to solve 12 subtraction math problems using regrouping. It’s aimed at higher ability second-graders or third-graders. 

Each of the equations is contained within a shining sun, and once completed these could be colored in and used on your display boards. 

11. 4th Grade Subtraction Math Worksheet

Our 11th entry on this list is aimed at the 4th grade.

This worksheet has a total of 25 4-digit equations to solve using borrowing. We’d recommend using this one when you need to gauge how well your students have understood the principles of subtraction and regrouping. 

12. 4-Digit Subtraction Worksheet On Graph Paper

Up next is a 4 digit subtraction worksheet on graph paper. 

Much like a couple of other worksheets on this list, this one has no colorful pictures or frills, just a collection of 15 subtraction math problems to solve. 

Like number 11 above, this worksheet would make a great assessment tool when it comes to providing your students with a grade. 

13. Domino 2-Digit Subtraction Worksheet

The next worksheet on our list is a domino style subtraction worksheet for 2nd graders. 

There are 9 2 digit math problems for your students to solve, each inside a domino shaped square. 

This could be a useful worksheet for students who need the equations neatly laid out and printed clearly. 

14. Treasures Under The Sea Worksheet

This brilliant worksheet would be ideal for 2nd or 3rd grade students, it’s a lot of fun but challenging at the same time!

The Treasures Under The Sea Worksheet has a blend of addition and subtraction with regrouping problems for your students to solve. 

Each equation has an associated color, students must solve the math problem, find the answer in the color key and color in the character in that color. 

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, they should have a vivid image of aquatic life and a treasure chest!

If you want to celebrate your student’s hard work, this worksheet would be excellent on a display board once completed!

15. Out Of This World 4th Grade Subtraction Worksheet

If you’re on the hunt for a fun and challenging subtraction worksheet for your 4th-graders, look no further than the Out Of This World Subtraction Worksheet. 

This 3-digit subtraction worksheet would make a great extension exercise or a fun activity at the end of the school year. 

Students are tasked with solving each equation, and finding the answer in the color chart. Once they’ve done this, they’ll need to color each section in that color. 

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, it should reveal a picture of a space rocket blasting through the stars!

16. 5 Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Our final entry on this list is a 5-digit worksheet offered by math-salamanders.com!

This is a particularly tricky column subtraction worksheet designed to test your 4th-grade students on their ability to use regrouping when subtracting. 

The worksheet has 18 equations for your students to solve. 

The 5-Digit Subtraction Worksheet would make an excellent assessment tool for when it’s time to grade your students!


And there you have it! Our rundown of 16 Great Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets for Elementary School Students. This list is by no means exhaustive, there are plenty of resources available online.

We hope you’ve found this list helpful in your search for fun and challenging worksheets every student is sure to enjoy completing.

Happy Teaching!

Helena Waters