15 Super Sequencing Worksheets for your Classroom

Sequencing is an important skill that contributes to a student’s ability to understand what they read.

By learning to sequence, students will be able to identify the key components of a story – the beginning, middle and end.

As well as this, it allows them to be able to retell the story and events in the order that they occurred.

15 Super Sequencing Worksheets for your Classroom

Not only is sequencing helpful for story comprehension, it is also useful for solving other problems across different topics and subjects. 

We have provided you with 15 of the best sequencing worksheets to utilize in your classroom.

These worksheets will make room for your students to approach sequencing in an imaginative and interactive way so that they are able to retain everything they have learned in the long run.

Here you will find a list of sequencing worksheets at various levels of difficulty. We have also included some holiday themed worksheets for those special times of the year. 

1.3-Step Sequencing Worksheet

Introduce the concept of sequencing to your students using real life examples. This worksheet gets students to sequence the order of which a plant grows.

They can cut out the supporting images and stick them down in the correct order. 

These images are also a great coloring activity to add a little extra flair to the worksheet. 

2.Kate’s Breakfast – Story Sequencing Worksheet 

If your aim is to focus on story comprehension then this worksheet is the one for you. Students are provided with a short story that they must read before they complete the task.

Within the worksheet there are also plot points that you can cut out so that your students can put them in the correct order. 

Your students will have plenty of fun recollecting the order in which the character of the story made their breakfast. This is excellent sequencing practice!

3.Hot Cocoa Sequencing Worksheet 

This worksheet talks through the steps needed to make hot cocoa. This may be something that is familiar to your students.

Students must cut out the images and then stick them down in the correct order of events. 

Why not add a more interactive element to this activity and see if they can make their own hot cocoa with their parents and guardians at home using these instructions. 

4.How To Brush your Teeth Sequencing Worksheet 

Everyone knows just how important it is that children know how to brush their teeth correctly.

Using this worksheet you can teach children all about personal hygiene techniques as well as ensuring that they are learning the concept of sequencing. 

This is a cut-and-paste worksheet. We love these worksheets because not only are they great and interactive ways of engaging in a topic, but it is also a good way to expand a student’s fine motor skills. 

5.Sentence Sequencing Worksheet 

This sequencing worksheet is great for students in 3rd grade. It allows them to have more freedom when exploring sequencing.

Students are able to make up their own story and write down the sequence of events. 

As well as this, students are prompted to draw an image to go alongside their sentences and events.

If you have any artists in your class we would highly recommend using this worksheet to nurture some inspired storytelling.

6.What’s The Order? Story Sequencing Worksheet

This worksheet will make sure your students are using context clues from the images to be able to put them in the correct order.

Students will have to use their imagination to work out what the images are telling them and put together the story themselves. 

This is a great exercise for your younger students as they will not be required to write any sentences but only to number them. 

7.Coding Adventure Sequencing Worksheet 

Sequencing isn’t only relevant for storytelling but for other topics and subjects as well. In this digital age it is important that students understand things such as coding and algorithms.

When it comes to these topics it is usually better to introduce them sooner rather than later in order for students to fully assimilate the knowledge. 

Students must cut and paste the arrows in the correct place in order to direct the bird to the nest. We love this imaginative take on sequencing! 

Holiday Sequencing Worksheets 

Everyone loves a good holiday theme and that doesn’t have to stop at the classroom door. Bring some holiday magic to your curriculum using these holiday themed sequencing worksheets.

We have displayed these in consecutive order from Valentines to Christmas!

8.February Math Valentines Sequencing Worksheet

Use this worksheet during that lovely time of year, Valentine’s Day.

Students will love engaging in this cut-and-paste activity exploring the sequencing of making someone a Valentine’s gift.

This level of sequencing is great for kindergarten students. Give them an extra activity by asking them to color the images that go along with the task.

You could also display these in your valentines themed classroom. 

9.Easter Sequencing Worksheet

Get ready for the Easter bunny with this sequencing worksheet. Students love Easter and you may find an air of excitement in the room around this time of year.

By making your worksheets themed, you can ensure that your students get work done whilst still feeling the magic. 

Read the story aloud together in class so that the students are familiar with the sequence of events.

When the story is finished students can then engage in this cut-and-paste activity. 

10.May in Kindergarten – Spring Sequencing Worksheet 

If you have been teaching your students about the seasons then this is a great sequencing worksheet for exploring spring.

Bring the magic of spring to your classroom by reading this story together and then asking your students to engage in the cut-and-paste activity. 

You could also explore other stories about spring with your students in order to further practice their sequencing skills. 

11.How to Carve A Jack-O-Lantern Sequencing Worksheet

See what your students know about carving jack-o-lanterns by using this mixed up instructional guide.

Students will need to cut out the instructions and then put them in the correct sequence of events.

There is also an opportunity to encourage teamwork within the class by allowing students to complete this activity in pairs. 

Why not get your students to take this task home and see if they can carve their own jack-o-lantern? 

12.October Math Pumpkin Sequencing Worksheet 

This worksheet is similar to the jack-o-lantern worksheet above, however this comes with instructional images that your students can color in and display.

Once they have read the story and completed the sequencing, students can color in these images any way they like. From this you will have some wonderful artwork to display during the fall month.

As well as this artistic activity, they will also be exploring their sequencing skills. 

13.November Math Thankful Sequencing Worksheet

We all know how exciting thanksgiving can be. It is great to explore thanksgiving in the classroom as well as at home to truly understand the importance and meaning of this special holiday.

However, maintaining and developing your students’ sequencing skills is just as important. 

This worksheet explores how the family might cook thanksgiving dinner and the order in which it happens.

With this worksheet, students will be able to engage in a cut-and-paste activity relevant to thanksgiving. 

14.How to Build A Snowman Sequencing Worksheet 

Get your students excited about a winter wonderland with this sequencing worksheet.

Students will be required to cut out the images and paste them in the correct order.

This particular worksheet covers instructions for how to build a snowman.

Once they have completed this activity, why not send them home with it ready for their next snow day? They could even share pictures of the snowmen they have created at home! 

15.Christmas Sequencing Worksheet 

Some would argue that Christmastime is the most exciting holiday of them all. I’m sure you have experienced the tireless energy in the classroom just before Christmas break.

While it is a magical experience, it makes it very difficult to get any teaching done.

The best way to encourage learning during this time of year is to make your activities holiday themed. This worksheet does just that. 

Students must look at the images provided and finish the sentences in order to complete the Christmas story.

It explores the wonders of gift giving as well as teaching them those all important sequencing skills. 

Final Thoughts

These worksheets will help you approach sequencing in a variety of ways including reading comprehension and even beginning to look at coding.

Sequencing is a skill that translates across many subjects and topics including math and science.

It is also a skill that children will find themselves using across all walks of life. 

We hope you enjoy using these worksheets in your classroom and are now feeling inspired and confident about teaching sequencing to your class. Have fun with sequencing!

Helena Waters