15 Super Fun Springtime Worksheets For Preschoolers!

When Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have long since passed, it’s great when spring comes around because it gives us all something really pleasant and fun to look forward to.

The sun comes out a bit more and it’s not so cold anymore, and flowers start to bloom and animals thrive.

And who wouldn’t want to share all that with the young kids?

And you can help preschoolers prepare for their schooling days by getting them to do fun worksheets based on the theme of spring time.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with links to 15 different springtime worksheets for preschoolers that are completely free to download and use.

Here goes!

1) Spring Flowers Sight Words Games Worksheets

What better way to make learning fun and engaging than by getting the kids to play a fun game.

You can use these worksheets to form a brightly colored game board with a spring flower theme.

Each child rolls a die, and moves forward that many spaces on their turn.

On each spring flower that they land on, the child tries to sound out the word.

This way, when they hit kindergarten they’ve got a head start on recognizing sight words.

In order to access these worksheets, simply click on this link

2) Rainbow Snack Mat Color Matching Game

One of the most colorful things you sometimes see during spring time is a big beautiful rainbow.

And with this engaging activity, preschoolers get to build on their love of knowing different colors by applying them to a printed rainbow worksheet. 

But this time instead of using crayons or paints to color their picture, they get to use snacks such as skittles, fruit loops, or M&Ms, and they get to eat them afterward!

In order to access these worksheets, simply click on this link

3) How To Grow A Plant Sequencing Worksheets

Spring is such an excellent time for teaching about planting seeds and growing plants and flowers.

And this is an excellent set of worksheets for teaching it to preschoolers…

The pack is made up of two printable books, and they include several different activities.

The best of these activities for preschoolers is to color in the cute cartoon images representing the various stages of planting a seed and growing a flower.

Then they have to put the pictures in the right order.

And there’s also a sequencing activity where they get to use children’s scissors and paste the pictures in the correct order.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

4) Springtime Sudoku Puzzle Worksheets

These 6 worksheets feature some very nice bright and bold images of spring time, including flowers, bumble bees, watering cans, shining suns, butterflies, and more.

Although it uses the same principles as regular Sudoku, it doesn’t require the child to know their numbers (it has images instead), and the grids are much smaller.

It teaches the kids to follow verbal instructions, and to use their logic.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

5) Spring Kite Alphabet Craft – Beginning Sounds Activities

When kids start to learn which letters represent which sounds, this really has to be drilled in and repeated as often as possible.

And these kite activity worksheets are a really fun way of doing so…

There are 26 sheets in the set, and on each sheet, there’s a diamond shape of a kite emblazoned in a particular letter of the alphabet, both in uppercase and lowercase.

And also on each sheet are 6 bow shapes, each featuring a picture of an image whose name starts with the same letter as on the kite.

The children fill in the missing first letters, color in the pictures, and do some cutting out to make a kite!

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

6) Count The Bunnies Number Tracing Flashcards

This set of worksheets features 11 flashcards, each representing the numbers zero through to 10, with numbers displayed in large bubble writing, making up most of the room on the flashcard.

And there are colorful pictures of bunnies on each flashcard.

The child is to count the number of bunnies of each flashcard, and then trace the dotted line inside the image of the figure. This way they learn to associate the amount with the figure. 

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

7) F Is For Flowers Handprint Craft Worksheets

Learning a language involves learning the individual letters.

And this set of worksheets provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the letter F.

This F is for flowers worksheet requires that the child make a green handprint for grass and stems, then use their fingertips to paint the different remaining parts of a bunch of flowers.

The worksheets also have the child tracing the letter F several times in both upper and lowercase.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

8) Bee Hive Number Recognition Activity

This fun and colorful number recognition activity is fun and engaging for preschoolers.

A teacher or parent has to cut out the pictures of adorable cartoon bees, each emblazoned with a number between 1 and 10.

Meanwhile on the main worksheet, there’s a big picture of the beehive, complete with circles dotted around it featuring different figures.

The child is tasked with sticking the bees onto the matching spot on the main worksheet.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

9) Springtime Alphabet Puzzle Worksheets

This bright and colorful set of worksheets really gets kids’ attention and engages them.

Each worksheet features beautiful spring themed pictures, with rain drops, flowers, and cute cartoon characters of ducks, chicks, and frogs.

The worksheets are designed to be cut into strips, each with a letter of the alphabet positioned at the bottom.

The child is then charged with the task of putting the strips into alphabetical order to complete the picture puzzle.

The first worksheet features uppercase letters while the 2nd sheet features lowercase letters.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

10) Spring Count And Trace Worksheets

This set of 10 worksheets features brightly colored spring themed images.

The first features one image, the second two images, the third three, and so on.

The child is to count how many of each image are present on each sheet.

Then there are 3 traceable figures at the bottom of each sheet, and the child is to trace the correct figure.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

11) Spring Themed Counting Worksheets

This is a whole set of worksheets, featuring 5 different spring themed counting activities.

This includes counting ladybug spots (1 through 10), counting caterpillar segments (1 through 10), counting raindrops (1 through 10), counting flower petals (1 through 10) and adding butterflies (1+1, 1+2, and 2+2).

These worksheets are very cute and friendly looking, and young preschoolers love working them.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

12) Spring Nursery Worksheets

In this bumper pack of spring themed worksheets, preschoolers can work on such things as numbers 1-10 recognition, letter recognition including both upper and lower case letters, comparing quantities, fine motor skills, and recognizing shapes. 

What’s more, all the images are deliberately uncolored, so when they’re done with the work, they also get to color all the pictures in as well!

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

13) Spring Number Order Puzzles

This set of 3 worksheets is designed to help teach kids the numbers 1 through to 20.

All three worksheets feature bright and beautiful spring themed pictures with flowers growing in the sunshine.

The sheets are divided into rows, and on the first two worksheets these rows are numbered 1 through to 20.

The child has to put the rows into numerical order to create a complete picture. 

For the third sheet, the adult, or child can freestyle their own sequence.

This could be numbers or the alphabet, or the letters of a child’s name. 

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

14) Spring Tracing Worksheets For Preschoolers

In order for children to become adept at such tasks as writing their name or writing the answers to questions on worksheets, they must first develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

And that’s where worksheets like these come in…

There are 4 worksheets in the pack, and each sheet features a large, easily recognizable picture.

These pictures are drawn with dotted lines so that the kids can trace over them.

They are all spring themed and include a flower growing in a pot, a pretty butterfly, a garden snail, a spotted ladybird and a bumble bee.

And once the tracing is done, they get to color the pictures in.

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link

15) No-prep Spring Worksheets For Preschool

In this 8-page pack of free spring themed printables, there are 2 color by code worksheets, a labeling activity, cut-and-paste counting fun, dice games, tracing, beginning sounds, and of course coloring. Lots of fun!

To access these worksheets, simply click on this link. Requires registration.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a great excuse to bring out worksheets that are engaging, and that kids enjoy working on, and with this selection you can achieve exactly that.

Thank you for reading!

Helena Waters