15 Perfect Addition Worksheets For Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten teachers often struggle with finding ways to engage their young learners.

They want to create activities that are fun and interesting, but they also want to ensure that the children are learning something too.

Kindergarten is a great time for kids to start learning new things.

15 Perfect Addition Worksheets For Kindergarten Students

The curriculum at this age is very broad, allowing them to explore topics such as science, math, art, music, and language.

There are lots of ways to get started with teaching your students.

One of the easiest ways is to use worksheets. These are a great way to introduce new concepts and reinforce old ones.

There are plenty of free printable worksheets available online, or you can make your own.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some brilliant math worksheets for kindergarten students, in particular worksheets which focus on addition. 

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next math lesson with your kindergarten students, read on and see our list of 15 perfect addition worksheets!

1. Number Line Addition Worksheet

First on our list is a simple yet very effective addition worksheet. Titled “Number Line Addition” this worksheet has the questions down the left-hand side of the page. 

If students are struggling to answer the questions correctly, the worksheet provides a “number line” designed to help students work out the answer. 

We like this worksheet because it promotes independent working.

Once you’ve explained how to use the “number line” it might be an idea to encourage your students to try to solve the questions themselves before seeking your help.

Encouraging this with kindergarten students can really help instill life skills for the future.

2. Domino Addition Worksheet

Next up on our list is another really simple addition worksheet. This one is called “Domino Addition”. It’s ideal for younger students who may not have mastered basic addition facts. 

This worksheet uses dominoes to show the concept of adding numbers together.

If students need any extra support, there are spaces provided where they can write the answers.

It is a great worksheet that can really help your students improve their addition skills. 

3. Color By Number Worksheet

The third addition worksheet on our list is titled “Color by Number”. This is a great activity for older students who are able to understand the basics of addition.  

It encourages students to think about color when counting, helping them to learn the concept of addition. 

At the top of the worksheet students will find a variety of colors and numbers associated with that color.

They are asked to solve the addition problems and color each section with the color associated with that number. 

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, the picture should reveal a sunny day with two fish swimming in the sea.  

4. Finger Addition Worksheet

As the name suggests, this worksheet uses finger addition to help students with basic addition math problems. 

The sheet has 10 large boxes, each with a math problem inside which students need to complete. 

In each box there are a set of hands holding up an amount of fingers, students need to count and write down the number of fingers and solve the problem. 

We like this worksheet as most kindergarten students use their fingers to add and subtract, so this worksheet helps them to practice doing addition. 

5. Hot Cocoa Addition Worksheet

The Hot Cocoa Addition worksheet would make a great math activity for students to do around Christmastime. 

This is a simple yet effective worksheet in which students are asked to find how many marshmallows are in each mug of cocoa.

They do this by adding the two sets of marshmallows together.

Marshmallows are a holiday tradition, and they can help instill the holiday spirit in the children that you are teaching. 

6. Winter Addition Worksheet

Much like the previous worksheet, this one has a winter theme. 

Students are asked to count the winter items, add them together and complete the equation.

The items include snowmen, ice skates, and teddy bears with scarfs. 

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, students could color the worksheet in, the best ones might even go on a display board!

7. Summer Addition Worksheet

Staying with the seasonal theme but this time the worksheet is all about summer. 

This simple worksheet asks students to count the summer themed objects, add them together, and write the answer in the box provided.

This worksheet would be perfect for getting your students excited for summer, but could also work as a homework assignment. 

8. Picture Addition Worksheet

This picture addition worksheet can be used in a number of ways, either as an activity in the classroom, a homework assignment or for parents who homeschool their children. 

The worksheet is simple enough, it asks students to add the images on the left-hand side, then draw a line to the correct answer on the right-hand side. 

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, it might be a nice activity to ask the students to color in the pictures. 

9. Olympics Math Worksheet

The Olympic Games come round every four years, and as such are considered a special occasion.

If you’re thinking of celebrating the games with your students in an Olympic year, this worksheet would make a great activity. 

The sheet is divided into three different tasks.

The first is to add up the scores for each athlete, the second asks students to write down the total scores for each player.

The third task involves cutting out the athletes and pasting them in the correct order. 

10. Addition Coloring Worksheet

Our tenth entry on this list is similar to the Color By Numbers worksheet further up this article. 

On the left hand side student’s will find a key with colors assigned to certain numbers.

They are tasked with completing the addition math problems and coloring each section in the corresponding color. 

Once they’ve finished, students should have a picture of a fairy sitting on a flower with a lovely sun shining down on her. 

11. Simple Addition Worksheet

This Simple Addition worksheet would make a perfect activity for those learners who need to practice addition. 

As the title suggests, this worksheet is a lot less complicated than the others on this list. 

The worksheet has six basic addition problems for your students to solve.

We love this sheet as it has pictures corresponding to the numbers in each problem, which gives students visual stimuli if they need it. 

12. Sweet Candy Addition Worksheet

Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love candy. 

This is a simple yet effective worksheet that asks your students to count the amount of candies in each box, write the number of candies in each box out and add these two numbers together. 

This would make a great filler exercise for those quick learners, or even a good homework task. 

13. Addition To 10 Worksheet

The Addition To 10 worksheet is aimed at younger students who are just starting out learning how to do simple addition calculations. 

As the name might suggest, this worksheet covers sums up to the number 10. 

There are 14 addition problems to solve, each getting slightly harder as you move down the columns.

If you have students who are a bit behind the rest of the class, this worksheet would make a great activity for them. 

14. Spotted Butterfly Addition Worksheet

We really like the simplicity of this worksheet. 

The worksheet features 6 math problems to solve featuring butterflies.

Students are asked to draw the number of spots on each wing of the butterfly, in order to help them visualize the correct answer. 

If you have students in your class who prefer visual stimuli, this worksheet would be a great way to get them thinking about and solving basic addition problems. 

15. 1 To 10 Numbers Practice Worksheet

Whilst this isn’t strictly an addition worksheet, there are some elements of addition woven into the worksheet’s math problem. 

In this fun exercise, students are asked to count the number of flowers in each box, then color in the correct number at the bottom of each box.

They can also color in each of the flowers whilst they count them.

Since the theme of this worksheet is floral, this would make a great math exercise to tie into Spring.


These 15 addition worksheets are all fantastic resources that we hope will inspire your students to learn more about addition.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are thousands of worksheets for kindergarten students available online. 

It’s important to remember that not every student learns in the same way, so don’t feel pressured to use one of these worksheets exclusively.

They could be used in combination with other schemes of work. 

There are many ways that students can learn, so whatever method you decide to use, we’re sure you’ll find something here that suits your needs and the needs of your students.

Helena Waters